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Fandom demon slayer rp partner search!!

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✦about me
heyyo! my name is ben (she/her or they/them). I’ve been roleplaying for about 4 years now. i consider myself a literate/novella roleplayer, but I also mirror. i’m a highschool student, so my responses may be later on into the day once i’m home, but when i am home, i tend to respond quicker than not.

  • please be literate. 2-3 paragraphs at minimum, and i’ll be good! I just ask no one liners, please
    • what I consider literate:
      • at least 2-3+ paragraphs per post
      • good grammar/punctuation
  • for replies, take as long as you need on them, just please don’t ghost me without a reason why! if you’re struggling and need a break, that’s completely okay! just let me know.
  • i'd prefer to rp in dms/discord only, please
  • no ERP, but fading to black is fine. if something might be a little more steamier, just ask me about it first and everything'll be okay!
  • please no powerplaying.
  • i don’t really mind the age of my rp partner, just as long as the rules are followed

✦what i'm looking for
RP wise, i'm just looking for a (hopefully long term) Giyuu/Shinobu based rp. i'm open to trying out other characters, but i'm most comfortable with Giyuu. Shoot me a dm or leave a comment if you're interested!

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