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Fandom Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) RP

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Action, Anime


Hi all!

My name is Taylor, and I’m a 24-year-old mademoiselle. ❤ In my spare time I enjoy writing (to state the obvious 🌚😂), working out, binging shows and anime series, the outdoors, spending time with my furbabies (I have four Bostons), playing videos on my PS4 & Switch, and artsy shit even though I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. 😩😂 After an off and on break (message me again if you haven’t heard back from me yet!!) to sort out some personal stuff and regain energy for delving back into the hobbies I love, I’m aiming to return to the RP world full time again. I hope to pick a few new partners/friends along the way. 😋❤

I loveeeee this series! I’ve only watched the first season (obviously lmao) and read to the ending of the Infinity Train arc, but I am more than willing to learn about anyone you would like me to play! Also....should a love interest be underage, aging them up to 18+ is a must. :) Js. Lmao.

✿I’d prefer if you’d be able to write at least a paragraph or two with decent grammar and punctuation. Don’t get me wrong, quality over quantity any given day of the week, but I’ll be content as long as you give me something to work with. (:

✿Be 18+, please. Although not necessary, I enjoy darker and more mature themes! Haha.

✿OC x Canon with doubling is my go-to rule of thumb unless dabbling in original-ish. Ships don’t interest me unless you're willing to do oc/canon for my side. Sorry. ): I’ll care about your side of the roleplay just as much as mine, though.♡If not even more so! We’ve all had those partners who seemingly give 500+ words for their side whereas you’re lucky if you receive 200. Isn’t that just the worst? Haha.

✿FxF, MxF, and MxM (and anything else)pairings are all welcome! I'll likely want FxF or MxF on my side, though.♡

✿I try my best to reply every other day at least. However, when it comes to my partner, I’m not in a rush whatsoever. All I ask is that they reply when they can and/or are motivated to do so. ♡

✿I’d prefer if my partner was able to contribute to the plot. ♡ I’m not asking for someone who will do all of the work. All I ask for is that my partners add their input so we can create something lasting and exciting.

✿I’m not going to force anyone into being my best friend or anything like that, but the friendlier and more courteous you are, the better. ♡ I love to tinker with the plot as we go along, and it makes the whole process so much easier when a partner is amicable. ♡ Also, I’m perfectly fine speaking elsewhere (Discord, email etc etc) so just ask if you’re interested).

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