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Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
In this world countless battles have been fought. The nations have been apart of many wars between themselves, though they have allied in times of need or great danger. Since the beginning of recorded history, none know of greater threats then the Demonic beasts.2888417.jpg
Monsters of large size with violent tendencies that may have originally been regular animals at some point... The lands know demonic beasts are terrifying and destructive on the scale of natural diasaters. A example? The demon wolf Haemorsis is very much the same as a bloody tornado of fangs and claws... It destroys anything in its path.

These demons are not invincible however, throughout histoy people have successfully slain these foul monsters and been free of them for some time before appearing elsewhere on the world once more.
What was once a ancient technique designed as a peaceful solution to demonic confrontations became the precedent for humans pursuing power. Instead of slaying the Demon beast, seal it away inside a host or weapon. Learn to harness that monstrous power...d2sypcj-5a73c5ed-4f5b-4043-8410-1745ac3ffb83.png
Using rare magic (your either born with it or you find lots of white runes) one is able to trap and seal a demon into a host or object. One with this magic or extensive training with white runes is known as a Sealer. Amongst any with magic Sealers are often regarded as crucial or important in facing demons, most sealers have a bit of a reputation...
When people put you on a pedestal it's hard to remain humble, of course being born with the right mana doesn't necessarily mean that person will become a great sealer. Like everything in life one must practice and hone their skills.
The world has changed over time but the demons still roam as dangerous threats, that never seems to change...
Welcome to Gidguud, one of the largest cities within the lands known as karma. Under the authority of the Golden king, Darrius Wellford. The lands and people of Karma are protected by the Gold army.
Well versed in combat against humans,monsters and demons.
Should you choose to make a character they would not be in this army sadly...

Your character would be apart of the De-hunters Guild, mercenaries/adventurers for hire who mainly deal with demonic threats and sometimes criminal activity provided the pay is good.
Your character would be a skilled indvidual newly recruited to the guild...

Like most of my medieval fantasy worlds magic and monsters are about but every one only has one type of mana.
A brief example,
Alex has shadow mana and can manipulate shadows/darkness. No other magic unless Alex has a rune/magic gem or is a demon host of some kind.

Hoping for more than three people who can post a few paragraphs once or twice a week.
The rp is about the members of the guild doing jobs around the lands of Karma,
The main arc is about a coming war and the guild getting dragged into said war,
If the rp lasts long enough they eventually meet alien life so look forward to that I guess.

CS page Fantasy - The Dehunters guild// cs page
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I’d be down to play. Just lately my work schedule has been hectic, so trying to find the time to do a group RP is rather ambitious for me.

blue tea

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ah - tentative interest ! question ? are we allowed to make two characters, or is it strictly only one ???

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Depending on number of players will determine doubles or not. Id prefer one character each but if there's only three or four players yall can run two cs if you want

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
CS page is here and in the first post, have at it

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