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Fandom Deltarune RP?

Son Nellie

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I've played the game, I'm good playing anyone canon in exchange for Rouxls Kaard(obvious by my name). I might not be that good since I haven't RPed here in AGES, but ye. I can do characters from either chapter. I have a few rules though.

1. Please be nice when OOC
2. I can't do heavy angst, it makes me cry
3. Don't spam if I'm not replying straightaway. This is a school account, so I'm probably doing school things
4. Communicate with me. If I do something you don't like let me know and I can go back and fix it.
5. Please try to have fun.

I can play any gender for any gender
I'm 17, but will RP with anyone regardless of age
Ask me questions about my characters! I love to infodump about them!
Be respectful of my rules (above)
Don't be afraid to take the RP somewhere unexpected
No preset plots. I like to have lots of wiggle room in RPs

Now, I need to tell you about the OC I use for Deltarune, don't I?

Name: Nellie
Pronouns: She/They/Zim
Age: Unknown
Species: Darkner

Nellie is thicc and weird LMAO.png
Occupation: Assassin/Rouxls' Shop Assistant.
Backstory: She is a former member of a fallen creed of assassins, who, at the start of Deltarune, works for King as his Royal Hitwoman. In the time Rouxls has been in the Castle, they have become close friends, and are (potentially) mutually pining for each other.
Items based on her: THawk Steak: (short for Tomahawk Steak) A steak cut in the shape of Nellie's tomahawk, served with steak sauce to look like the blood of her targets. Heals 90 HP. $60 in Rouxls' shop.
Creed's Cloak: A white, hooded cloak that adds +7 defense. Obtainable by defeating her in battle peacefully.
Tunic Shreds: Shreds of Nellie's tunic that have woven themselves into a scarf. Equip to Ralsei for + 10 ATK Obtainable by beating her with violence.
RouxlsTear: The tears of Rouxls Kaard solidified into a blue and silver necklace. It's only spoken about and cannot be obtained by the player.

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