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Realistic or Modern Delete Thread

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Hello Everyone,

I am on the search for another role-playing partner who would consider themselves to be "advanced" or "novella" level. By this, I mean I am on the search for someone who is able to write at least five-paragraphs per post and could keep up with my six to nine paragraphs on average. I am looking for someone who values details and descriptions and motivations, and enjoys building the characters as much as the world. I am also searching for someone who is not a ghost (eek!) so if you are the kind of person who enjoys collaboration and enjoys a partner who never ghosts or randomly disappears than I am your partner in-crime.

And that leads this post into the criteria of a story I am interested in, which is surprisingly "open" provided that there is some element of 'Gender-Bender' and/or 'Age-Regression' in the story. I do love an excellent kind of tragedy and thrusting ones' characters into hopeless situations where they are forced to adjust is interesting. I also love to explore the social dynamics of these changes, and seeing how characters respond to the brand new roles and expectations of those around themselves. I love to focus on the 'mundane' and the everyday life experiences of the characters' station in society. I love to focus on emotions, and less on physical.

Below are a couple of storyline ideas to inspire prospective partners, but if you had another idea along the same lines feel free to message! All Stories should be PG-13 and below, again focused on social elements!

Type of "Adjustment"Type of SettingType of Genre
Cross-Dressing Boy (and/or Girl)Academy for Young LadiesSlice of Life
Soul Exchange (Boy into a Girl)Estate of Young Lord / LadyMystery
Magical Change (Boy into a Girl)Middle-Class to Nobility HouseholdRomance
Age-Regression (Adult to Child)Middle-Class to Nobility HouseholdFamily

A couple of more "concrete" stories include:

- A young man with a debt larger-than-life and on the run from Loan Sharks happens across the daughter of a wealthier family. As one thing leads to another, she mistakes 'his' effeminate features for 'him' being a young lady in trouble and intervenes, and offers them a position at her mansion as a maid. It could be learned now, or kept hidden that the troubled young child is in fact a boy, and now has to cross-dress to keep appearances and earn the money that is required to square the debt. ... I think this follows a number of tropes from a number of anime, but of could would like to put a more personal spin onto the storyline.

- A young man has been enrolled into an academy for young ladies (by accident or some hilarious circumstances) and now has to pretend to be one of them until the year that 'he' graduates. For this story, I was also thinking of this being a private school for the wealthiest of young maidens. It would allow more leisure time for her to be swept up in the daily activities of upper-class ladies, and to learn how difficult it can be to keep those appearances up when 'he' begins to have a crush or two on one of 'his' classmates, and they are beginning to view 'him' more as a special kind of lady who is becoming increasingly popular?

- A young man has been soul-exchanged into the body of their childhood friend (a young lady) and/or the body of their fiancée. It could be more of a mystery with them wishing to learn what happened, and how to reverse this situation, as they also are swept up into the normal mundane activities of their female friend or betrothed which could include a host of more feminine lessons. From flower arrangements, to dresses and learning how to manage a household. For this setting I was thinking of more a historical kind of context such as the Renaissance where a boy in this situation would naturally want to change back fast?

- A young man wakes up one morning in an unfamiliar light-pink colored bedroom. It could be filled with stuffed animals, and lots of other feminine décor. As they flutter open their eyes they learn they are also now dressed in a light-pink colored evening dress that is of the most elegant design and that to their surprise they are now also female! From this point, the confused former young man has to learn what happened, and learns that they are now known by another name and identity now, and has to discover if this is another person's life or if this is the life they would have lived in a parallel world had they been born a girl?

- A combination of any of the above scenarios, but the young man in the aforementioned context also ends up with a far younger physical form. It could be an adult who ends up a fifteen-year-old, or a teenager who ends up an eleven-year-old, or a teenager or adult who ends up as a child. In either case, the character would now have to contend with the now feminine gender-roles as well as the expectations of being a child, and learn that one could be worse than the other, and it may not have been the one that they had first anticipated. I think this translates best into the soul-exchange or the magical transformation kinds of stories.


If you are interested than please send me a message with your ideas,

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