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deranged, but so, so playful
Hey y'all, Donny here. Veteran Tumblr roleplayer looking to broaden my horizons and find new writing partners to help explore characters and plot ideas.

A bit about me and my writing/partner preferences:

Firstly, it's important to note that, as a Tumblr veteran, the kind of roleplay I'm used to is not one where I create a new character for a ready-made plot but, rather, the other way around. I have a (very short) list of (mostly) crime-oriented OCs which I've been developing for a good while now, and which I am looking to create plots and connections/relationships for. I'm very much into in-depth character development and tend to stick to the characters I create for a long time: I've had my longest-running character for roughly 10 years now, and he is still my absolute favorite to write. It should go without saying that they all come with their own little worlds, a well-thought-out bio, and a bunch of NPCs surrounding them. While there are, generally, arcs and/or certain plot directions that I'd love to explore for them, I also very much like catering my plots to specific partners/characters and coming up with things together. Likewise, I like writing with partners and coming up with plots that can potentially run for a very long time. I believe that I'm very good at developing characters and actively working to drive plots forward, and I'm looking to work on something with someone which could potentially run for years and years. I'll be leaving little summaries of my OCs as well as links to their full character sheets at the bottom of the post; if any of what's written here piques your interest, please check them out and HMU with any thoughts you may have.

As for me:
I'm in my early 30s and my timezone is GMT+2. I don't mind timezone differences when it comes to my partners, but I do ask that no one under the age of 21 approach me, as writing with minors makes me uncomfortable. Bonus points if you're over 25.

As such, it's important to note that I work two jobs and have a partner, pets and an offline social life, all of which goes to say I won't be available to RP daily. I'll try my best to post at least once a week, and there will likely be weeks when I'm available to post more often; but, as one of my jobs is freelance and the schedule tends to be a bit unpredictable, there may also be weeks when I won't be able to post as often as I'd like. Your understanding on this matter would be appreciated, and I will extend the same courtesy to you. With that said: I'm not looking to write with someone who takes several-month-long breaks in-between replies. It's just hard for me to maintain interest that way. It's also important to note that, despite of the above, I'm likely to be available daily for OOC chatting and plotting.

I've been involved with text-based roleplaying for the better part of 15 years - almost exclusively OCs and original settings and plots - and I consider myself to be an advanced-literate writer despite English being my second language. Though I'm no stickler and don't mind the occasional mistake here and there - we're all only human - I do ask that you be a literate writer, and that you proofread your posts before sending them my way.

When it comes to writing preferences, I mostly do third person, present tense. This is not a must for you if you prefer writing in past tense, but it is, nevertheless, a plus. I prefer quality to quantity and have been experimenting with doing more showing than telling and limiting my characters' internal monologue to a minimum, which often means my posts tend to be on the shorter side (normally 200-700 words/1-3 paragraphs). Though I've done novella-type roleplays before and can certainly produce much longer posts if the thread calls for it, I'd prefer not to go back to doing novella regularly, as I find that it disrupts the natural flow of dialog and is just plain exhausting. I don't mind the length of your replies as long as you give me something to work with. I do, however, ask that we exchange writing samples prior to getting into any serious plotting.

On that note: I'm an active plotter. There's little I love more than catering plots to specific characters or partners and getting into the real fine details of things (over time, of course). I try to work with the "yes, and" method as often as possible and rarely leave my partners hanging when it comes to driving the plot forward or working on character development, both IC and OOC. I expect you to be able to do the same. I'm sympathetic towards the occasional dry spell, none of us can be oozing with creativity 24/7; but if you consistently leave all the hard work up to me, I will get bored and drop our RP.

Likewise, I like seeing plots through. I get very discouraged if all we ever do is plot and chat OOC, but never actually follow through with writing. Don't get me wrong: I love chatting and plotting; I'll be sending you plot ideas, aesthetics, music, memes and art of our characters any hour of the day; but the main goal here is to write something, not only discuss it in theory.

Most of my characters are queer men and I'm potentially looking for someone to ship with, since I like a bit of romance on the side of a good plot - so it certainly helps if you're into writing mxm romance. With that said, however, I'm thrilled to write any sort of lost-lasting relationships for my characters: platonic, familial, antagonistic, etc., so romance is not a must.

On a similar note: most of my characters tend to be flawed. I don't have any particular triggers and like getting into the nitty-gritty of the human psyche/behavior/existence. I'll obviously respect any triggers or boundaries my partners may have but, as a general rule, if you're especially sensitive or easily triggered by themes common to the criminal genre (i.e. violence, substance abuse, etc.) - I'm likely not the right partner for you.

A bit about my characters:

The Mercenary, AKA Merc, is my longest-running character of 10 years and absolute fav, and the one I have the most motivation to write. He's in his early 30s, homosexual/romantic, and - you guessed it - a mercenary combat operative. Standoffish, thick, self-destructive, extremely dangerous and easily irate, he is also profoundly loyal, adventurous and far more sensitive and intelligent than he lets on. His themes largely include: crime, modern-realism, recent history, war, mental illness, generational abuse, nihilism, moral ambiguity, violence and redemption.

Job Edwards is a character I've had for roughly 5 years now and currently don't have a lot of inspiration for, but would love to know if he catches anybody's eye. He's in his late 20s, pansexual/romantic, a drifter with a heart of gold and some unpleasant supernatural abilities. He's my only character that can largely be described as a 'good guy' and is goofy, fun-loving, optimistic and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is, however, also a coward and has a tendency to run from his problems. His themes include: supernatural, horror, gothic Americana, loss, the afterlife, religion (particularly: Christianity) and coming-of-age.

Saul Shapiro is not exactly a new character, as he's modern-day revamp of an old historical character I haven't written in a long time - but the revamp has changed a lot about his character, and I've only been writing his modern version for a few months now. He's in his mid-30s, demisexual/biromantic, and is a kosher deli owner by day and the leader of a small, community-oriented criminal gang by night. Though he is fair-tempered, incredibly well-versed in diplomacy and tends to come across as something of a dork, he can also be very cruel and vengeful and has an underlying mean streak. Themes include: crime, modern-realism, religion (particularly: Judaism), prosecution, community, WWII, personal responsibility, transgenerational trauma, corruption.

Writing samples and full character sheets can be provided upon request. Please DM me if you're at all interested!

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