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Realistic or Modern death//reDefined | An Urban Fantasy Adventure - Lore - Open



Meowston Churchnip

Plot Teaser

October 11, 2027

Once you're done reading this, hopefully you'll have accepted that the higher powers are lying to us. I mean, the rumors have practically become a reality before our eyes. They may have scrubbed the internet of any concrete evidence, but they can't remove the memories from our community.

Think back, everyone. Remember #LedoJane had that picture of the guy who brandished a full sized car over his head.

Then #Jimbo137 witnessed a coworker sapping electricity from the restaurant's power breaker and siphoning it into his phone.

None of these posts exist anymore, nor do the people who uploaded them. They're gone without a trace--but their legacy won't be lost. They risked their lives to bring us information about what is happening in our city. They brought to light the evil which is slowly seeping its ugly corruption into our streets....Fracture Academics.

Sure, you can brush me off as a lunatic--confusing urban legends with reality--but none of us can deny the video which was posted to our subleddit a month ago. Those weren't props being shoved into that van. Those were real human corpses. There's some stuff you can't just fake, and a bloodied body with half its brains blown out is one of those. I'm sorry if this is grotesque, but people have to know that this is serious. And it's happening right before our very eyes. I'm a student at Fracture Academics. I know my own campus when I see it.

If you're a skeptic, hopefully I've at least raised a brow, but regardless, let this be my testament that I am not afraid to kick the hornet's next. Since I've gone public with this, I'm likely going to disappear, but I hope I've become big enough name in our community that my disappearance would at least raise a few red flags. This is my public statement to everyone reading this. If anyone starts posting contradictory ideals on my account...IT IS NOT ME. I've been taken like everyone else. But maybe then I'll at least be able to learn the truth of what's going on. If this is my last post, remember me, but more importantly, remember that there's something weird happening out there. And we the people deserve to know what it is.

Stay vigilant. Stay safe.


Blue Springs

Blue Springs is an active and ever-growing city in the upper Midwest region of North America. What started as nothing but a dense forest gradually became one of the most technologically productive cities of this age. On the outskirts, this city is surrounded by beautiful reserves of nature--where as its interior is separated into an upper and lower tier section. Unfortunately, this city wears its financial segregation with pride. The upper section is decorated with smoothly paved roads, clean sidewalks, respectable businesses, and well-off people. The lower section houses the more productive side of Blue Springs, and naturally, it’s darker side just the same. Most of the city’s population resides within the southern section, where the general architecture is ill-kept compared to the upper end. However, its state is far from unacceptable. It is often said that Blue Springs operates on two hearts rather than one, as one tier is dependent on the other.

Map of Blue Springs:

Coming soon!!

Fracture Academic District

The Fracture Academic District is found on the outskirts of the northern end of the city. It is a segment of Blue Springs dedicated to one of the world's most prestigious secondary educational institutions. The campus is highly exclusive, being that only the best and brightest are accepted onto its grounds; however, Fracture does not share the same view that Blue Springs does on its financial segregation. Anyone who shows unique promise--be it in ingenuity, raw grades, sports, or some unknown factor determined by admission--can be admitted into its elusive halls. And significant privileges come with said admission.

The Academic District is less concerned with general course work, as it is with personalized growth paths for its students to undertake. In their first semester, all students, no matter their year, are placed into a provisional course where they are given an opportunity to explore the breadth of opportunities the academy offers. Once chosen, students are then placed into a highly specialized curriculum which provides pertinent coursework, labs, research, and on hands job-level training. This continues until graduation, after which the world becomes that student's oyster.

In of itself, the academic district is an ecosystem which contains any necessities any student might require--free of charge for anyone admitted. Such amenities include but not limited too, dorms, dining, shopping venues, entertainment, and athletic opportunities.

Map of Fracture:

Coming Soon!!

What to Expect

death//reDefined is an urban fantasy adventure which encompasses a few sub-genres such as supernatural powers, mystery, and a partial school setting. This is not a short term roleplay. If you plan to join the roleplay, please do so with the intent of participating for the entirety of an arc (or longer if you're having a lot of fun!!). One last warning is that this roleplay plans to be somewhat mature/dark at times. If this is something you are not looking for/or are not comfortable with, then this might not be the roleplay for you.

All players will be an incoming college student at Fracture Academics. Although the base setting for this roleplay is an academy, the bulk of the story will not be entirely focused around a school experience. Player characters can expect to experience a blend between the supernatural, fantasy, and slice of life elements.

Finally, the story will begin on September 11, 2027--the start of the first semester.

If you have any questions, or wish to show your interest, please comment within this thread!!


1. I am looking for moderate to advanced players. I do not require novels for every post, but please be capable of writing solid paragraphs with decent grammar. One-liners or half-assed responses are not allowed.

2. All RPN rules apply. I am mostly looking for players who are 18+, but please at least be 16. The story of this roleplay will include continued instances of dark/mature themes.

3. Only one character will be allowed at the start of the roleplay.

4. Be capable of posting at least twice a week--or at least give some notice if you are going to be busy with school, a vacation, etc. Story events will often include decisions and actions that will influence the story. Being AFK for frequent, extended periods of time can impede everyone's progress if your character was being relied upon.

5. Just be chill. We are all here to enjoy a fun roleplay. Be respectful of your fellow players.
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