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Realistic or Modern death//reDefined | An Urban Fantasy Adventure - Character Sheets - Open



Meowston Churchnip
Here is the template for your character sheet.
The main setting for this roleplay will be in a fictional city within America to start (hint hint). Characters can originate from any other nation, however.

Feel free to use any level of bbcoding if you desire!!

Reminder the current date at the start of the roleplay is: September 11, 2027

Character Sheet Template

Personal Identification

Middle Name:


Photo for ID: (Can be image, drawing, or detailed description)

Personal Information

Country of Origin: If USA, please add state as well.

Background Information:

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name:
Relation to Applicant:

Academics (I'm not sure if ACT and SAT are global. If not, use any college entrance exam score you use in your own country!)

Highschool or Previous College GPA:
ACT score:
SAT score:
Tentative incoming major: Required
Tentative incoming minor: Optional

Application Essay

In as many words as you like, please answer the following prompt:

If anything were possible, even that which defies the natural laws of our world.
How would you make your legacy known? What impact would you leave upon our earth?
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{Personal Identification}

Middle Name

December 23, 2008
Photo for ID

character 3.jpeg
{Personal Information}

Country of Origin

Montana, USA


Juniper is a free spirit, she tends to do what she wants, when she wants, and manages to convince others that this is very ok. Emotions are never lacking for her, she tends to wear her heart on her sleeves, and in her eyes. Juniper loves to enjoy life to the fullest, always wanting to find the best in a situation, and to make everyone see it like that as well. Forceful is a good word to describe her, when she gets excited, or her mind is set on something, it takes a truly calm force to pull her back down to Earth. A little naïve in ways, she has a very child-like soul, and more times than not you might find her climbing trees dreaming of a far away world.
{Background Information}
Juniper was born to Robert and Ellie Lockley, virologists located in the backwoods of Montana near the R Mountain lab. She grew up running the forest in the spring, hiking and berry gathering in the summer, endless preparations of fall, and always the fun of the snow. It was a freeing childhood being homeschooled, having whatever schedule Juniper wanted to set, but it also left her longing for more. Her family was extremely intelligent and she felt lacking in so many ways next to them; while she could daydream a whole day away she couldn't tell you exactly what her parents were talking about no matter how they tried to include her.

Finally when browsing the web Juniper had an amazing idea, maybe it wasn't her that wasn't smart, maybe she just needed better schooling. So, she applied to a private school in upstate New York, and somehow she was accepted! Her parents excited for her all but helped pack her bags, and at age 14 Juniper was off on her own for the first time. Life in private school was nothing like she had experienced before, complete rigid structure, harsh punishment, and very little room for creativity-outside of the preassigned classes of course. To top it off the students that went here were some of the one percent; while she hadn't realized she lived an extremely privilege life, it was nothing compared to the people here.

It took a long time to settle into who she was to be, but embraced the skills she did have. The worlds she had been dreaming of her whole life were just one capture away; with the high tech equipment offered from the photography classes there was nothing she couldn't capture. Her writing skills improved as she began working on the school blog, and eventually heading the yearbook committee. She even made a couple of friends, mostly art enthusiasts like her, but they encouraged Juniper in ways no else would have. Juniper passed with honors in most classes, but she would never be the geniuses her parents were, and always felt as if she was failing them in this way. Unwilling to go home with just the accomplishments of high school, Juniper had to achieve something better to take back to them- even if that something went against what her soul begged her to do. It was not secret Juniper wished to leave the rigged world of schooling, go back out to the wilderness of her home, and maybe find if her skills could get her through there. Yet, upon a recommendation from one of her private school friends, a couple of amazing referrals, her overall good grades, and one of the most amazing essays she has ever written, Juniper got her application of to Fracture Academics!

{Emergency Contact Information}

Emergency Contact Name

Ellie Lockley
Relation to Applicant


Highschool or Previous College GPA

ACT score
SAT score
Tentative incoming major
-She thinks she can help bring joy to people through being a nature based psychologist-
Tentative incoming minor
-She is quite an accomplished photographer, having had her art in galleries in the city even, this is her true passion in life-

{Application Essay}

In as many words as you like, please answer the following prompt:

If anything were possible, even that which defies the natural laws of our world.

How would you make your legacy known? What impact would you leave upon our earth?

"If I could make my legacy on this Earth be anything, I think it would be to give everyone the happiness, and complete freedom to be who they want to be. Give people the expectation of no expectations. And finally I wish I could take the darkest parts of the world and make them bright, beautiful, and inclusive to all, no matter the starts they have in life." - Juniper Lockley
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"Nothing is real unless it's real to me."
Personal Identification

: Nari Symone Dyer

Birthday & Gender :


Personal Information

Country of Origin: CA, USA

Nari possesses a dark and mysterious aura to herself. Her brooding attitude leads her to bouts of self sabotage and occasional mild depression. Her deep desire for power, success, and intimacy manifests her self destructive tendencies and excessive independent behavior. Born a highly intelligent and naturally powerful leader, her novice understanding of the concepts has her operating as conceited and bossy. She has a great fascination with psychology, mysticism, death, and the afterlife. Due to such unconventional interests, this can drive some shallow minds away. Having been constantly shelved into learning--she is a history buff and fun fact expert. Analytical and a bit of a perfectionist, she can come off as a bit nit-picky or judgmental of others and herself. Very observant of interactions and vibes, she can come off a bit aloof, cold, and unnecessarily honest when communicating. With a past filled with a lack of empathy, she has created a shell of protection over her true identity and inner self. Within this armor is a vulnerable child longing for close valuable relationships and true acceptance. A gentle nature lays beneath the beast that only shines ever so often. This softer side is more evident when she is surrounded by ecological environments, specifically water. No matter the intentions, she may always seem a if she's hiding something as she believes others are as well.

Background Information:
Nari grew up in rural town of Northern California. Raised by two emotionally separated parents--her mother the homemaker, and her father the business tycoon of the city-- Nari never knew of a healthy home environment. Nari's mother constantly pushed her to accommodate her feelings of jealousy, anger, and depressions while shaming and guilting Nari for expressing her own. High expectations and a push for perfection loomed over Nari by her parents. Failure by her was met with extreme disproval and emotional distress.

Her father, strict and organized, owned a financially successful lumber factory. He brought his buisness mind into the home, never really removing it when it came to his parenting. He believed in working hard, staying busy, and always striving to improve ones self. Therefore, he conducted many activities Nari participated in school: The Debate Team, The STEM program [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math], and a part-time job as a hostess in a restaurant cafe.

Under constant pressure and scrutiny, Nari turned to expression through art. Specifically black abstract and obscure charcoal paintings. Ghastly yet elegant smudges of grays and blacks came together to form a physical interpretation of her pain. As creative hobbies and impractical endeavors were frowned upon by her parents, she hid this talent. As she turned 18, the grasp her parents had on her would be turned loose with resistance and she'd finally go on to be admitted to Fracture Academics.

[Charcoal Painting]

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name:
Nassir Dyer
Relation to Applicant: Father


Highschool or Previous College GPA: 4.0
ACT score: 32
SAT score: 1500
Tentative incoming major: Religious Studies
Tentative incoming minor: Art

Application Essay

If anything were possible, even that which defies the natural laws of our world.
How would you make your legacy known? What impact would you leave upon our earth?

Response: My biggest concern would be with our natural environments. I'd want to leave this world with others knowing about the constant push for environmental consciousness and change I was able to instill into the masses. They will know I was not all talk-- but rather action in its purest form.
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The Pastamancer
Personal Identification

Name: Peter Fairday

Birthday: December 3, 2008
Gender: Male

Photo for ID:
Personal Information

Country of Origin: CA, USA​

Peter is a jovial, laid back, and empathetic person, who loves seeing people laughing. One of his favorite types of jokes are that of absurd self confidence, as he despises hurting others intentionally that hadn't hurt him or the people he cares about, however that doesn't mean His laid back attitude has had a poor effect on his grade however, once he is invested in something, he puts everything into his passion, he is the type of person to see it through. Especially when it's towards people who says his food tastes bad.
Background Information:
Being born to a middle class family who ran an in the walls diner, he's been surrounded by food and cooking, thankfully, his interest in the culinary arts developed very early on, when he saw his Mom cooking spaghetti. It was tasted absolutely awful, no exaggerating it tasted like sour paprika and paper, it was no wonder why because she used chili jam in the dish! But seeing his Mom joyfully smile while standing over the stove relly inspired him to bring himself to the kitchen, where he discovered his love for cooking. As helping around the kitchen was a blast, preparing ingredients, making customers smile, making his Mom delicious food to rile up her up and crank out dishes with her terrible cooking skills was always a mixed bag to say the least, the best moments were when my Dad and my Mom had a cook off to see who can bring out the worst tasting dish ever, Dad always won, no surprise there. "To be the best, you need to also be the worst at what you do." He always said with pride. Unfortunately, during one of these duels, while she was cooking up what she described as "Her worst dish ever." She suddenly collapsed, and fell, we took her to the hospital, and the doc said she had a a congenital heart valve defect, said it was incurable. Two months later, she was pronounced dead...

What's the point of all the good food in the world, if it's not fun to cook anymore. I had a thankfully my Dad was there to support me, I wasn't gonna let her love of cooking down. Of course, he couldn't teach me absolutely everything, saying "There's some things I can't teach you... well I can but that's no fun, you should work under my friends for a bit will yah? You'll enjoy the experience." Was the last thing I heard before my journey of becoming a Culinary Genius, being mentored under many experts in many culinary fields, he learned and took many cooking techniques and recipes from all over the world, from many culinary experts. French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Spanish, German, Turkish, Thai, Mexican, and many more, as his cooking expertise only grew even further from there. Stealing techniques from many Culinary Artists. After returning, he challenged his Dad to a cookoff... and he still lost again! But, he knew he was catching up to him. Returning to his home, he realized that despite the insane skill he has gained in the Cullinary arts. He doesn't have any official credintials, so he had to gain find a way to be official acredited as a Chef, unfortunately, every school he applied to denied him, until he got accepted by Fracture Institution. He really hoped this place had a decent Gastronomy Class, as he's interested in learning a little bit of Molecular Gastronomy.

Emergency Contact Information
Emergency Contact Name: Richard Fairday
Relation to Applicant: Father

Highschool GPA: 2.1
ACT score: 25
SAT score: 1190
Tentative incoming major: Gastronomy
Tentative incoming minor: Sociology

Application Essay
In as many words as you like, please answer the following prompt:

If anything were possible, even that which defies the natural laws of our world.
How would you make your legacy known? What impact would you leave upon our earth?
If I am to leave a legacy, I wish to be remembered creating a new type of dish, made of pasta if possible. It's similar to the desire of inventing a new color. Every observable color has been assumed to have been discovered, yet a good while ago, a new color was discovered. I want to do that for my cooking, as I firmly believe there's an untapped potential in the noodly goodness of pasta.
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I invoke the cursed spell, Power Word: Cringe
Personal Identification

"Right so, lets make it quick."

Forename: Mike
Middle Name: Lance(alot)
Surname: Anderson

"You know thats like eatting the cookie part of a Oaero and leaving the cream right? Are you that much of a savage?"

Birthday: 20/04/2002
"Haha, yes, the weed day, very funny."
Gender: Male, he/his

Photo for ID:
"What? Surprised I look like as normal dude? Bruh."

Personal Information

Country of Origin: Canada, Ontario

Personality: Look, this guy, he talks abit. And by abit, I mean a good bit, but he tries to stay on track and be thoughtful if hes talking over folks but if you let him, he wont shut up about something if you let him. Tangents are his bread, butter and jam. And hes good at going off on them if he knows something about anything because he happens to have this wierd factoid about something that happened a LONG time ago that may be relevant to this point or simply just cool to know,ish. Sometimes they are myth related, like how the Evil Celtic Queen medb was killed by a solidified piece of cheese tossed from a sling because the guy ran out of stones and it was the only thing he had left.

...But yes, he is more than happy to share info, if you let him. But hes a very good listener besides, perhaps too well, perhaps bordering on being snoopy...

His love of history comes from his mother, who is a Historian in her own right and may have named him after a certain knight of the Round Table... Hopeing he'd be somewhat chivalrous, amd halfway decent with an Olive branch.

Background Information: A graduate from a college already going back in to further his career, yea, no fancy big backstory just him coming in to become a true desireable Information protection and Cyber security dude with a decent slice of history learnig so he can indulge in the crap he actually cares for.

"I worked for abit, got good at it, but needed more schooling and with a toss away "Please accept me I am but a poor boy from a poor family" i managed to get into this dig. Don't ask me for computer help, unless you feed me first. First, not after, I don't do promised favors after being burned a few times man."

He in truth was kind of a bad kid during his highschool years and really, really, really wants to forget it all for his own sanity's sake. That aside, hes kind of just a normal dude, single mom, from abroad, has a shadowy past he'd like to forget about. Nothing that speacial really.

(Additions shall be made later on once more is dragged out via the dog's own mouth. Nothing earth shaking but perhaps pertinent.)

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name: Millie Anderson.
"I'm Millie Anderson, Mike!" -A very bad parental based pun utilizing her last name. Typically to the withering of her son who is often nearby when used.
Relation to Applicant: Mother.

Highschool GPA: 2.5
College Graduate GPA: 3.6
"Look I didn't give to much of a damn throughout the Highschool years okay? Bit of a bastard during high school, rather not remember it, much better now alright?"
Tentative incoming major: Cyber Security and Technology.
Tentative incoming minor: History
"The future and past all in one yea? I mean, yea gotta look in the past right? It's where the juicy weird stuff is."

Application Essay
If anything were possible, even that which defies the natural laws of our world.
How would you make your legacy known? What impact would you leave upon our earth?

"Oh jeez your laying it on abit deep huh? Like, this the start of some wierd isekai game or something? Or maybe like those Pokerman games? Pokerman mystery dungeon was my game dude...

...Oh yea shoot I should answer.

If I could do anything? Anything at all? i'd rewrite history, fix a few things that have happened that kinda put things seriously out of wack, I mean sure it's easy to say you kill a big evil dictator or something but.. Well.. Sometimes it's hard to say these things aren't lesser evils, or simply because the world is just naturally shit. You don't know everything and... Well.. Theres lots of things that need to be PROTECTED rather than going around deleting people. The library of Alexandria, a proper record of the Druidic celtic faith instead of everything that was bastardized by Christians who were conveniently the only ones around who did that sorta thing called writing for posterity.

So yea, protecting is better than taking life into your hands, horrible shit happened int eh past, you have to move forward. Forgive, but never forget, not out of spite but learning from it...

...Or is that a Canadian thing..? Sorry."


New Member
Samantha Sun-Hi Park

Personal Identification

Middle Name: Sun-Hi
Surname: Park

Birthday: 6th of October 2008
Gender: Female

(Artwork by Liya draws)

Personal Information

Country of Origin:
NYC, NY, USA (Korean-American)

Samantha is often off in her own mind, thinking about the existence of humanity, the vast expanse of space, how to solve the destruction of natural habitats and climate change. In other words, she’s a very profoundly thoughtful, existential person who may come across as aloof in her moments of deep thought. But don’t let this scare you away, when not thinking about how we’re all just tiny specs floating on a giant rock that‘s spinning in a hugely under-researched and undiscovered plane of existence, Samantha is a very friendly, sweet and empathetic person who, just as she is thoughtful about our existence, is just as thoughtful about people. Whenever you need help or a shoulder to lean on, Samantha is the one who should come to mind first and foremost. She’s an incredibly good listener, understanding that sometimes people don’t need advice, they may just need the company of a listening ear, a hug and a few perfectly placed witty jokes to make them smile.

Background Information:
Samantha was born to a very wealthy, astute and respected entrepreneurial mother, Stephanie, and a stay-at-home dad, Chang-Ho, in Manhattan, NYC. Samantha was always expected to be on her best behaviour when her mother was around. Perfection is paramount to her mother's family and for Samantha it was no different. Keeping up appearances and showing off was a norm to them and it was seen as odd to stray away from this. Samantha’s mother was very rarely home, usually off travelling on business trips. During these times, Samantha would spend time with her father, visiting aquariums, zoos, parks and eating out at their favourite restaurants in Koreatown. The support of her father and fun they had in these moments defined much of Samantha’s loves: animals, nature and good food.

When her mother was in town, Samantha would be required to attend all her engagements with her to keep up the appearance of a perfect, wealthy and tight-knit family. Dinner parties with guests like business partners and wealthy politicians were a regular occurrence. So were speeches and business engagements. Perfection was not limited to Samantha's childhood, it was an expectation that she would grow up to be a business woman, following in the footsteps of her mother, or to be a successful doctor. Naturally, this meant she needed to perform well in school and recieve good grades. Samantha did achieve good grades, not with the intention to appeal to her mother's desires however, but to follow her dream of being a zoologist or a wildlife biologist.

Her father, Chang-Ho, wanted the best for Samantha, disagreeing with the way his wife demanded perfection from their daughter. Their relationship was wearing thin by the time Samantha was around 17 and, preparing to leave his wife one day, Chang-Ho got a job so that he could financially support himself and his daughter. Everything came to a head a few years later when Samantha was applying for college - upon finding out that she was looking for majors in anything other than business or medicine, her mother was furious and demanded that she switched her choice. Both Samantha and her father were devastated, but angry at the way Stephanie had treated them both. Chang-Ho made the decision to divorce his wife and move out with his daughter, initially moving them both into his mother’s house while they looked for their new home. Now, with the support of her father and his side of her family, Samantha was free to make her dreams a reality and study to go into the career she is most passionate about rather than appeasing her mother’s vision for her life.

Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name:
Park Chang-Ho
Relation to Applicant: Father


Highschool or College GPA:
ACT score: 30
SAT score: 1500
Tentative incoming major: Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation
Tentative incoming minor: Animal Behaviour

Application Essay

In as many words as you like, please answer the following prompt:

If anything were possible, even that which defies the natural laws of our world.
How would you make your legacy known? What impact would you leave upon our earth?

If I could do anything that defied the natural laws of our world, I would solve the destruction of the animals' natural habitats and resolve climate change tomorrow. Humans' days are numbered, but that is not what I am most concerned about - animals had no play in this mess, yet they are the ones suffering the most. We are on track to disaster, we cannot live without animals; our ecosystem is designed in such a way that all animals, including us, are symbiotic in one way or another. If we don't divert the rails, the train will crash.
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