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Fandom Death Note - The Next Era: Calm Before the Storm


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  • Basic overview of Death Note
    In the year 1989, a future psychopath was born: Light Yagami. He had a loving mother, a housewife, and a stringent but still caring father, who was the head of the NDA (Japanese FBI essentially). He had a sister born a few years after him, Sayu, and he grew up happily. Nothing could have prepared him for the tragedies to come.

    When he grew into his high school years, he was declared a genius. He was the highest scorer on all standardized tests, popular, but he was bored. The only things that defined him were his intellect, his seemingly eternal boredom, and his passion for justice. He wanted criminals caught at all costs. He believed they were human stains that would be swept away with his hurricane. But he, a lowly high school senior, did not have the means to do that. And he couldn’t betray his family….or could he?

    Until the day he found a magical notebook: a Death Note, originally owned by a Shinigami: Ryuk, a Japanese god of death. He explained to Light the rules of the Death Note, anyone whose name Light wrote it there would die after 40 seconds of a heart attack, unless otherwise specified. You could specify the date, time, and method of death, as well as the actions leading up to it up to 23 days prior. And all because he had touched the notebook in the first place. OOC NOTE: there’s a whole bunch of rules for the Death Note you can find on the wiki, but most of these most likely won’t come into play. If they need to, or if you are confused, DM me and I can get you an answer.

    Light started going promptly on a mass murdering spree, now having the chance to as the infamous “Kira”, and aided-yet-not-aided by Ryuk, while avoiding the ire of the NDA. Well…not for long. A world-famous detective who could supposedly catch any criminal, known only as L, soon caught onto him, and led him into a trap to determine his location and limits by posing as a convicted criminal by the name of Lind L. Tailor, which Light killed.

    This cat and mouse game would continue for 3 years….until Light finally killed L…by getting another Shinigami, Rem, to write L’s true name (as Shinigami can see everyone’s names and lifespans) in her own Death Note, on behalf of her eternal love, pop star Misa Amane. Light himself would only finally get his just deserts 4 years later, when L’s “successors”: Near and Mello, finally exposed and hunted him down. Though, in the end, his name was written in the book by Ryuk: fulfilling the promise that the Shinigami had made to him on the first day they met.

    Now….a year after that, Misa committed suicide, Light and L, Near and Mello (yes, Mello died as well here), are all dead. However….it seems a new somebody is in town, the new Kira. And it seems history might just repeat itself, now, wouldn’t it?

    - Light: The main villain protagonist of the original series, can be any gender here. They’re a genius, in their first year of college, but oh, are they bored! They want so much more to life than just mediocrity. They have a intense desire for justice, for it to be fullfilled, and it seems that as the story goes on, their desire for that only gets warped and twisted beyond the point of no return. They seem to be popular and attractive, but they do not care for it. They seem to think of people only as tools, except for their family. They’re highly arrogant, and are the definition of the term “god complex”. They only care for their family, even if their father is involved with the police force, their mother is a scatterbrained ditz, and their sibling is about as clueless as it can get. HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU LISTEN TO “HURRICANE” FROM THE MUSICAL. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE JAPANESE OR ASIAN.

    - L (TAKEN BY ME): The main anti-hero protagonist of the original series, can be any gender here. Similar to Light, they are a genius, but they are much more famous prior to the start of the story. They are a world-famous detective, able to catch any criminal who crosses their path, and police forces from all over the world have begged for their attention. Upon hearing of “Kira”, they instantly set out to find a battle plan, though they are unaware of the existence of Shinigami until much later in the story. They are always on par or a step ahead of Light’s thinking, more rational, less arrogant, and perhaps a wee bit more intelligent. They seem to have an intense craving for sweets, but do not sit in a weird way like in canon. They are mostly quiet and keep to themselves, rarely going outside. HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU LISTEN TO “SECRETS AND LIES”, “THE GAME BEGINS”, and “THE WAY IT ENDS”. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE JAPANESE, BUT MUST BE SOME SORT OF ASIAN (BIRACIAL).

    - Misa: The supporting villain protagonist of the original series, MUST be female here. She is very outgoing and is shown to be quite popular due to her career. She attracts a large crowd while visiting Light at his university campus. She is hyperactive, impulsive, and otherwise childlike, evidenced by her tendency to speak in the third person. Despite being considered idiotic by many, Misa is shown to have moments of intelligence, such as when she successfully tricks Kyosuke Higuchiinto revealing himself to be the Yotsuba Kira. She is very careless in her acts as the Second Kira, which leads to her being arrested and put in confinement. As she likely didn't know the Death Note could manipulate victims, she mailed the Kira tapes herself but failed to remove her fingerprints and left easily-found DNA on the envelopes. She also completely ignored Light's order to stay away from him (as he was already suspected of being Kira) and thus was seen in his company — narrowing down L's suspicions as to who was the Second Kira. MUST BE JAPANESE.

    - Ryuk: Ryuk is different from most Shinigami in that he does not want to simply pass time away in the Shinigami Realm but find something to relieve his boredom, and he is unaffected by the mocking he receives from other Shinigami for it. Ryuk regards Light as "interesting," specifically due to his experiments and the loopholes he discovers regarding the Death Note's rules and instructions, occasionally discovering abilities of the notebook even Ryuk did not know existed. Though he finds Light interesting, he does not care whether Light lives or dies and does not actively assist him. At times, he withholds important information from Light and only assists him when he has something to gain from it. As his only purpose in dropping the notebook was because he was bored, most of his actions are primarily motivated by wanting to see something interesting, as he sees Light's use of the Death Note and the way humans react to it as truly entertaining. Ryuk is intelligent, but Light's ability to understand his desires easily makes him able to be manipulated.

    - Rem: While Ryuk takes amusement in everything in the Human World, Rem is almost the exact opposite, viewing most humans with contempt. Also, while Ryuk is ambivalent to Light's success or failure, Rem actively assists Misa. This makes her equally as guilty as Ryuk of not displaying 'proper' traits for a Shinigami to have. She is even willing to sacrifice her life to defend Misa, as evidenced by her threat to kill Light should Misa die before her time. For Misa's sake, however, she still assists Light in his schemes. She develops a heavy romantic attraction to Misa, but am also open to platonic here. CAN BE ANY RACE. AND SHE WILL NOT DIE IN HERE UNLESS SHE CHOOSES TO.

    Doubling can and will occur, these are just the main roles. If you want to join with a role that isn’t on here, and you think it will be big enough/important enough to, DM me! Also, just to clarify, these are baselines/markers/attributes your character should have/the basic plot for them, by no means is this a full picture! These characters are meant to be parallel, not canon.

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