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Realistic or Modern DC'S TITANS - a comic book roleplay, cs


"all i do is finesse, man."

Full Legal Name:
Alias(es): (can include their sidekick name, or a current alias they use)
Identity: (Public or Private)
Moral Alignment:


Physique: (small description, including Height)
Scars: {if applicable}
Body Modifications: {if applicable}
Distinguishing Features:

Persona: (about one paragraph of a personality summary)
Vices/Virtues: (Three or four of each, personality traits or bad habits/good habits)
Fears: (at least one)
Motivations: (at least one)

Powers: (For powers and skills, please include weaknesses to your character's abilities. Even them out if possible to the strengths, or completely nerf your character for now. They can grow their abilities over the narrative).
Status: (in hiding, underground vigilante, normal life, outside of New York)
Weapons and Equipment:
Base of Operations: {if applicable}

(please include at least a paragraph of your character's background, including their childhood and how they came to be a teen titan. Please include how they dealt with the aftermath of Metropolis, as well as the last five years.)

interest check; here. | ooc; here. | lore; here.​
a comic book roleplay.

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"all i do is finesse, man."
by ZAYN, Taylor Swift
    Richard John Grayson.

    Dick, Richie, Mowgli (Orphanage).

    Robin (formerly), Nightwing.

    Wayne Enterprises, Haly's Circus (formerly), Teen Titans (formerly), Bat-Family (formerly).

    Dick's identity remains a secret.

    Lawful Good.


    Twenty six years old.

    Cisgender Male.



    United States of America.

    Chair at Wayne Enterprises, Philanthropist, Playboy, Vigilante.


code by birth of venus.
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Symbolic Animal of Gallifrey

    Full Legal Name:
    Cassandra Cain
    Nickname: Cass
    Alias(es): Black Bat (not a name she chose),
    Affiliation(s): League of Assassins (formerly)
    Identity: Private, nobody knew who the Black Bat was
    Moral Alignment: complicated and fluctuating
    Age: twenty six (but her lack of height means that people think she’s younger than she actually is)
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: asexual
    Citizenship: it’s complicated
    Occupation: prisoner
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Four Thousand Club

  • Full Legal Name: Ottara DeLamb Markovia
    Alias(es): Tara, Terra
    Affiliation(s): League of Assassins (Formerly)
    Identity: (Public or Private)
    Moral Alignment: Neutral

    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Citizenship: Markovian/American
    Occupation: Hermit
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Pencil Neck Geek

  • Full Legal Name: Roy William Harper Jr.
    Alias(es): Speedy, The Red Arrow
    Affiliation(s): The Titans, The Outsiders
    Identity: Private
    Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Citizenship: American
    Occupation: Middle school archery coach

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Proverbs 17:9

: Princess Koriand'r
Alias: Kory, The Starfire
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good (at least on Earth)
Role: The Foreigner
Age: Twenty Nine
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heteroflexible
Race/Ethnicity: Tamaranean
Citizenship: None on Earth...or anywhere else anymore...
Occupation: Vigilante
Base of Operations: Formerly TItan's Island. Now, nowhere.

: Radiant gold
Wardrobe: She wears a distinctive long-sleeved crop top, hot pants and knee high boots, all in matching purple with white and green accents. Given how instantly recognizable she is, Kory rarely bothers to wear anything else. She has been known to wear swim suits or t-shirts and shorts when going out 'casual' in public (her ideal of casual in private is being nude).
Distinguishing Features: Golden skin, emerald eyes with no discernable sclera, and distinctively long auburn hair make her instantly recognizable. To those who know her, she has an innocent lack of guile and genuine emotional openness that is equally striking. Her smile is breathtaking.
Body Mods: Although generally covered up by a sleeve, she has 'T4L' tattooed on one arm, a fit of sentiment she's never regretted.

: On the surface, Koriand'r radiates uninhibited joy. She likes new things, finds something to enjoy in everywhere and everyone she encounters, reflecting the Tamaranean tradition of openness. She's an unfailing optimist to her core, or at least she always has been. Mixed with her historically innocent candor was the deep, righteous rage of a warrior and victim who'd suffered slavery and betrayal. Yet she always returned to her cheerful demeanor once the fight was done, playful and fun and full of joy once more.

The divisions between joy and rage are fractured now. Her twin failures, failing the Titans and finding her people annihilated, have indelibly marked her relentless spirit. She perseveres anyway but xenophobic remarks that once might have been shrugged aside now score the alien princess with the guilty conscience. When people rebut her optimism, she's left behind meeting refusal with even more optimism in exchange for empathy and a sharing of mutual pain. At long last, Koriand'r has grown up. Bitter experience hasn't made her wise yet but someday it will. If further loss doesn't push her off the cliff into everlasting fury.

Positive Traits: Positive; friendly; noble; empathetic; courageous.
Negative Traits: Angry; naive; guilty; insecure; uninhibited.
Likes: Sunlight, the feeling of flight, immigrants, new experiences, beaches, campfires, being driven in a car, holidays, her friends more than anything.
Dislikes: Cruelty, anti-alien or anti-immigrant sentiment, 'red tape', having to drive a car.

Hobbies: Koriand'r likes things that involve spending time with people. Parties and clubbing are wonderful. So is music. She also practices meditation, which she picked up as a way of bonding with Rachel but has come to treasure during the darkest times of the past few years.

Quirks: Despite familiarity with Earth, Koriand'r still has little conception of what too much eye contact is and strangers often feel like she's staring at them. She tends to be so warm, open and friendly that strangers feel like she's coming on to them. And her relative unfamiliarity with Earth means she does all sorts of things others might consider quirky, from eating food 'wrong' to using the wrong honorific or form of address in conversation.

Motivations: Koriand'r's primary motivation is to help fix up the Earth, Metropolis, the human race in general and the Titans in particular. This motivation is superficially driven by "it's the right thing to do!" but it's really driven by profound guilt and loss. She failed her team, her friends, and the man she loves and she would do anything to make up for that profound mistake.

She's also driven by a desire for home. Earth was more of her favorite tourist spot than a home before, but now Tamara is gone. Most of her experience in space consists of enslavement and invasion. Koriand'r spent enough time in the United States to pick up on its theoretical 'land of immigrants' history. Now she wants to make it her home as well. Which means learning Earth customs, laws and how to fit in, no matter how impossible her alien appearance makes that.

Fears: Captivity and enslavement. Failure. Letting down her loved ones. Letting down Dick Grayson most of all. She's also come to fear herself. Koriand'r has long known she has a temper, compared to her teammates, but the last few years have frayed her self-control. Privately, she genuinely fears she's one bad day away from actually killing someone and maybe three bad days away from no longer regretting it.

Tamaranean Physiology
: Starfire's powers are largely derived from her alien physiology; her body constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy, which can be used for a variety of purposes.
• Energy Absorption: She can also absorb the myriad radiation types from other lifeforms. Her species being powered by the Ultraviolet radiology given by stars and suns. She once used this application of her power to weaken a group of Kryptonians who otherwise required solar radiation to maintain their superhuman abilities.​
• Enhanced Vision: Due to her alien physiology, Kory has a better eyesight than the human race.​
• Flight: Starfire possesses a flight capability which leaves a distinctive energy contrail behind, looking as if it is coming directly from her hair. She's capable of flying into space as well as limited FTL travel, able to survive vacuum.​
• Starbolts: The solar absorption experiments performed on her by the alien Psions granted her the amazing power to channel and project that same energy into destructive blasts called "starbolts". Starfire also has the power and ability to unleash all her stored energy into a pseudo-nova blast. It is believed to be as hot as the sun itself, and so only used in dire situations. These are typically channeled through her hands, though she can fire more precise, concentrated star energy from her eyes.​
• Superhuman Durability: Moderate invulnerability to all conventional sources of damage.​
• Superhuman Strength: She's immensely strong, capable of lifting many tons and other feats of prowess.​
• Linguistic Assimilation: She is also capable of assimilating other languages through physical contact with another person. She learned English by kissing Dick Grayson.​

• Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Starfire is a skilled warrior, armed and unarmed, owing to her training under the Warlords of Okaara as well as years of superheroics.​
• Piloting: She's learned to operate spaceships, plot a course and navigate through the reaches of space. She's also theoretically capable of driving an automobile but dislikes doing so.​

• Her emotional state can affect her powers, making them unreliable particularly when she's distracted.​
• Allergic to metallic chromium. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't make her sneeze starbolts but it does produce a serious allergic reaction.​
• She has no citizenship on Earth. Even if she had some legal pretext allowing her to stay in America before, the last five years have likely erased that. She has no house, no immediate source of income, and may technically be considered an illegal alien meaning she has virtually no rights.​
• Kory is obviously not a conventional human, given her skin and her eyes. It would take an extraordinary disguise to hide who she is. This makes casual stealth, infiltration and even normal anonymity impossible (and would make it a lot easier for others to hunt her down based on sightings).​

Tamaranean by ancestry, royalty by birth, Koriand'r was raised a celebrity and grew up with all eyes on her. Her older sister's illness elevated her own position to heir to the throne. She succeeded at every undertaking, studied the arts of combat under the Warlords of Okaara and even overcame her sister Komand'r's attempt on her life. Victory was hers, the latest success in an unbroken line of accomplishment.

That's where it ended. Koriand'r experienced six years of slavery at the hands of her sister, when Komand'r returned with the strength of the Citadel. Sentenced to an execution, she was 'saved' only to be captured by the Psions, a race of sadistic scientists who experimented upon her. Koriand'r survived, greatly empowered by the torturous tests, only to be bested by her now-stronger older sister. Only chance gave her an escape, a chance that took her to Earth.

She found a world that had never known anything like her. Feared, mistrusted, Koriand'r found little refuge on the third planet from the Sun until she met Dick Grayson. She fell hard. And for a time, she found a place in the universe as a member of the Titans. Despite her royal training, she yielded to the younger boy's experience and familiarity with Earth in all things. Their relationship had its share of misunderstandings and pain, owing to the vast cultural differences between them, but she held fast through it all. She knew her heart and it belonged to Dick Grayson. And it belonged with the friends she'd made among her teammates. Together, they were unstoppable.

Until the Battle of Metropolis stopped them. For the first time, the Titans failed. She failed. All of her great power, her starfire and strength, and still people died. Lots of people died. The city died. Garfield, sweet Tara, Jaime, her allies and best friends and teammates died and there was nothing she could do to stop it. In the end, she didn't. Darkseid's attack stopped and to this day she doesn't know why. Tamaranean optimism and faith had carried her through slavery, experimentation and years of superheroic battle but nothing in her upbringing had prepared Koriand'r for this devastation.

So she fled. Starfire righted one of the downed alien ships and fired up its engines for space, deaf to Dick Grayson's pleas for her to stay. Koriand'r abandoned him, the Titans, Earth itself as she fled for a home she hadn't seen in nearly a decade. Tamara.

It took her years to find it, thanks to the stolen spacecraft's damaged FTL and incomplete stellar maps. Koriand'r's heart, faith and hope slowly recovered as she was caught up in one misadventure after another, giving her opportunities to wield her powers and make a difference. She fought off pirates, rescued lost ships, and even saved a planet from imminent meteor strike. By the time she reached her homeworld, Koriand'r at last felt like a Princess once more. She was done with impossible wars and hopeless defeats. Among her people, she would find real solace and healing.

Instead, Koriand'r found Tamara a blasted radioactive cinder.

She never did find out who did it, or why. No beacons, no satellites or markers or warp trail signatures remained to give her any idea if any of her people had survived to flee. Koriand'r instead carved an immense monument to her people on one of Tamara's still intact moons and left an inscription that would tell any returning Tamaraneans where she'd gone. For there was now only one place left to go.

Back to Earth. Back to a world she'd abandoned when it needed her the most. Back to the Titans, or whatever remained of them. Back to a man she'd rejected, whose last glimpsed expression spoke of the heartbreak her flight had caused. He would need healing and she would heal him. She had to.

Only he could heal her now.


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Pencil Neck Geek

  • Full Legal Name: "Christopher"
    Alias(es): Project Kr, Superboy, Nuclear Lad, Metropolis Kid, Prince Power, Raver (Names Pending)
    Identity: Top secret
    Moral Alignment: Lawful Good

    Age: 2
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Possibly heterosexual, further research needed
    Citizenship: Off the records
    Occupation: Government-funded superhero

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chaotic warrior princess
Full Legal Name: Rachel Roth.
Nickname: Rae. Space witch.
Alias: Raven.
Affiliations: Titans (formerly). Azarath (formerly).
Identity: Private.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic...good?

Age: 23 years old.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Pansexual.
Citizenship: American.
Occupation: Librarian.

Persona: To say that Rachel is lonely would be an understatement. In her twenty-three years on Earth she has never really found somewhere she belonged. The Titans were the closest thing she ever had to a real family, and even they eventually abandoned her. Though she is a powerful sorceress feared by many and gives off the impression that she doesn't care, she is just a scared little girl on the inside looking for someone to accept her because she can't accept herself. Garfield and the other Titans brought out a much more relaxed side in her, cracking jokes and even laughing while the boys played pranks on one another. The only person to ever make her feel truly loved was Garfield, and his life was the price he paid for trying to love someone so unlovable.

Rachel fears herself and what she is capable of, and to protect everyone from herself she pushes them away with a cold, dismissive attitude and angry glares. It is easier to be alone in complete solitude than to worry she may hurt those she cares about. The softer side of Rachel that the Titans brought out is gone, she made the mistake of letting her guard down once and refuses to let herself take any more lives. It's a lonely existence, but to protect the world from the evil lurking within her being alone and bitter is the only option.

Vices: Closed-off, emotional, insecure, stubborn.

Virtues: Loyal, intelligent, passionate, strong-willed.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drinking tea, researching her powers, studying.

Fears: Herself. Rachel fears that she will never be able to fully control her powers since they were born from Evil.

Motivations: To rid the world of her father and evil like him.

In the dimension of Azarath, the demon Trigon and priestess Arella welcomed their daughter Raven. The hybrid daughter of a demon and one of his cultist followers, Rachel was born for the sole purpose of world domination, a pawn to be used. As she got older, Arella began to question Trigon and sent Raven to Earth to protect her from her father for as long as she could. Rachel was raised by her adoptive mother Michelle and had a relatively normal life, though she never seemed to fit in anywhere. Whatever sense of normalcy and safety Rachel had was ripped away when her adoptive mother was killed by followers of Trigon, trying to kidnap the young girl and force her to open the portal to release her father from his dimensional prison. Fortunately, Rachel was able to use her powers and escape, leading her directly to the Titans. The half-demon has struggled her whole life with her identity and where she truly belongs. The Titans had been the closest thing to a family she ever had, they'd helped her gain control of her powers and find her sense of self. With the Titans, she'd almost felt like she belonged.

Just when she thought she'd found happiness, everything was ripped away from her in the battle of Metropolis. She had fought so hard to protect a world that she could never really fit into, unleashing all of her unexplored and untamed abilities to defeat Darkseid and save her teammates, but there were consequences that she couldn't have foreseen. The shockwave of magic she'd unleashed had taken Garfield out with it, he'd bee standing closer to her than any of the other Titans, because he was always by her side, even when she didn't deserve it.

While no one handled the aftermath of Metropolis well, Rachel handled it perhaps the worst. The day after Gar's funeral, Rachel cut all ties with her friends and former teammates. With an overwhelming amount of grief and anger, her powers were more uncontrollable than ever. Her powers manifested in violent outbursts, causing destruction wherever she went. She hid in her one bedroom apartment for the first year, only leaving when she absolutely had to for food, spending most of her time sleeping to avoid the harsh new reality. After she'd run out of money, Rachel started working at a local bookshop to get by. Having a job helped her depression, even if only a little. It felt good to have a purpose again, even if it was only to stock books. Since Metropolis, Rachel has refused to use her powers. She's heard some of her fellow teammates have continued their vigilante justice despite it being against the law, but Rachel has no desire to go back, even though she does miss her friends. The price of using her powers is one she can't cope with yet.

Hair: Rachel's hair is an unusual dark violet in color, and though she kept it short for most of her life she has let it grow out past her shoulders. It's easier to hide that way.

Eyes: A piercing violet that glow white when using her powers.

Physique: Rachel stands at 5'7, and though she is quite slim compared to other heroes, she has a decent amount of muscle from her time as a Titan.

Body Modifications: After the disbanding of the Titans, Rachel got a small tattoo from her favorite book.

Distinguishing Features: Pretty much everything about Raven stands out. Her pale skin further contrasts her purple hair and eyes.

Faceclaim: Segovia Amil.

Powers: Raven is a powerful empath who can sense and manipulate the emotions of others, she can also absorb the pain of another to heal them. She is also able to control her soul-self, which manifests as a raven that can act as a shield, fight, and teleport herself and a few others. She is able to fly and perform mostly shadow magic.

However, since her magic is controlled by emotions, she has never been able to get a full grasp on her powers. This became all too clear in the battle of Metropolis when unleashing her untamed powers against Darkseid ended with the death of her boyfriend, Garfield Logan. No matter how hard she tries, her powers always seem to cause pain and suffering. While her powers are immense, so are the consequences to using them.

Status: Rachel is currently laying low and blending in as a librarian in Boston, refusing to use her powers since the battle of Metropolis.

Skills: She is somewhat trained in the art of hand-to-hand combat thanks to Robin, but she rarely uses that skill.

Base of Operations: Titan's Tower (formerly).

© pasta
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Meme Man

DEX builds are superior



Full Legal Name: Jason Peter Todd
Nickname(s): J.P., Corpse, Undead Psychopath
Alias(es): Red Hood
Affiliation(s): Himself, Titans(Former), Bat-family(Former), Outlaws(Former), League of Assassins(Former)
Identity: Private. People have learned that digging for information about a masked man with no qualms of making people suddenly disappear isn't a great idea.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Jason is willing to go to that dark place if needed, he'll make the tough decisions and be the bad guy so others don't have to.
Role: The Rebel

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Vigilante, Mercenary, Assassin, Orphanage worker


Hair: Jason's hair has been drastically changed since he became Red Hood, opting to shave the sides and back down completely while reducing the length of his bangs and top significantly taking on a more militaristic style. When he was working abroad toppling governments and hunting down terrorists his hair would often become greasy and dirt caked due to the nature of his work, despite favoring the rough look it afforded him it probably wouldn't do him any favors looking like ponyboy straight out of the outsiders, so he took to keeping his dark brown hair in check again when he returned to more civilized lands.
Eyes: Dark Brown.
Physique: Jason is what most people would envision when thinking of an elite member of a special forces branch. 6 feet Tall, Athletic, and incredibly defined, he makes Dick look like a wet noodle while still managing to maintain his dexterity and agility, despite his height and build he possesses a deceptive amount of speed. his strength is impressive even for someone of his size, often tapping his rage to augment his already high degree of muscular power.
Scars: Scars mar his torso and extremities, smaller scars mark his face and jaw, although most of his facial scars have healed there are still patches of discolored skin where they once were.
Body Modifications: None.
Distinguishing Features: None.
Preferred Style: Jason dresses exactly how anyone who knew him would expect him to, sticking to boots, worn jeans, leather, band T's, and sweatshirts. his "Tough guy" attire is mostly reflective of growing up in Dick's shadow and not wanting to be second fiddle to the first Robin. he refuses to wear shorts due to the scars that mar his legs and favors long sleeve shirts that cover his arms, although he will switch to short sleeves and sleeveless shirts during warmer weather.
Ethnicity: Irish-German
Face Claim: Richard Harmon

Persona: The Jason Todd everyone sees is the one that doesn't need anyone, the quick to anger tough guy, the bitter cynic and pessimist, the asshole. Ever since he was a kid with his father in prison and junkie mother, Jason had to eke out a survival on his own. Trust was rewarded with a knife in the back, and any sign of weakness was pounced upon without hesitation in the ghetto's of Gotham. His reputation as a cold-hearted pragmatist evolved from growing up in one of the worst cities of the world, his anger and rage came from his time on the streets, mostly at those around him, his parents, and the world itself. it wasn't fair that other kids got to live normal lives while he had to worry about where and how he was going to get his next meal and if his mom had blown the little bit of money they had on more drugs, it bred a resentment for those who had everything that he didn't.

Even when he was taken in by Bruce Wayne his distrust and furtive nature remained, looking back one of Jason's greatest regret's was how he treated Bruce, Alfred, and Dick. His disrespect and lack of empathy probably hurt those he was closest with more than he could have ever known. The Jason no one see's is the Jason who cried at night, the Jason that threw himself at danger after coming back from death, hoping that something would end the wasted life he was living after he pushed everyone away and let them down in the worst way with what he became after being given a second chance, letting his anger, rage, spite, and pain control him into trying to kill the people who loved him. Even after being forgiven Jason still punishes himself, believing that he was to far gone to go back, he couldn't change, so he stayed away that he wouldn't drag other people down with him. Both Jason's are motivated by fear. Fear of being alone, of letting everyone who believed in him down again, of not being strong enough to protect the people who he cares about.

Hobbies: Although focused mainly on his crime fighting, Jason began volunteering at a struggling boys home after making a generous anonymous donation, he has become an older brother figure to most of the boys in the orphanage. Besides his volunteering Jason does enjoy tinkering on mechanically or electronically complex projects that reminds him of his time spent with Bruce and the small projects they would do.

Outside of work Jason enjoys playing guitar as well as karaoke despite never admitting to liking the latter, usually he has to be good and drunk before stepping up to the microphone. Sports are also something he quite enjoys, never one to turn down shooting hoops or hitting the ice for some hockey or just a casual skate.
Quirks: Jason feels like he has to set himself apart often being the biggest, loudest, and meanest in the room, leading him to be ultra competitive in almost everything he does, blowing even casual things like card games or darts out of proportion if he losses or under preforms.
-Dying alone, his first death at the hands of Joker and childhood abandonment left him with deep mental scars. Bruce's disappearance and his self-enforced isolation have worn down on Jason considerably.
-His rage, Jason's control over his emotion's has never been good, his short temper and difficulty controlling his anger have caused him to do unspeakable things in the past.
-Vengeance, what drove him before has returned, swearing to avenge all who fell during the battle of Metropolis, he won't rest until he gouges Darkseid's eyes from his skull and uses his eye sockets as a personal urinal. For now however he'd have to settle for cleaning up Gotham in Bruce's stead, one bullet at a time.
-Redemption, Jason has done a lot of wrong in his life and maybe he could be forgiven by the people he wronged, probably not, but it won't stop him trying to show his old friends that he could do something right for once in his life. It would take time for him to change his ways, but his intentions could change now.
Likes: The smell of spent gunpowder, Tarantino movies, Tinkering on his weapons or electronics, A good burger, Heavy metal, Rainy days.
Dislikes: Clowns, Dick Grayon's attitude, Lots of people condensed into small areas, Rom coms, Pop music, Taking orders, Loud noise, Sports cars (everyone knows muscle cars are better).

Powers: Even before he took a dunk in a Lazarus pit, Jason was tough, surviving the Joker's torture up until the bitter end. After Jason returned to life his durability was increased greatly, he is still mortal and far from invulnerable, Jason is still one tough son of a bitch, and it takes a lot to kill him. Whether this a side effect the pit or just from pure grit and refusal to die is unknown, the fact is that its hard to put Jason down for good.
Status: Underground Vigilante/International gun for hire
-Hand to hand combat (expert): Being trained by the Batman and some of the best members of the league of assassins has left Jason with a wide and deadly arsenal of techniques and martial arts styles to choose from. Unlike Dick, Jason favors techniques and styles that value over the top violence and brutality to end a fight as quickly as possible instead of the "flashy shit" that he claims Dick utilizes.
-Movement: Jumping from rooftop to rooftop since age 12, Jason has learned how to move effectively in almost every environment he's in, something Batman and the league improved upon.
-Expert Marksmanship: To say that Jason is a crack shot would be an understatement, Jason is adept at handling most firearms and can outshoot most people besides the likes of Floyd Lawton, Slade Wilson, and David Cain, with enough practice he could eventually compete with them in terms of accuracy and precision with a firearm.
-Bladesmanship: Although not his first choice of armament, Jason can utilize cutting instruments of various sizes to deadly effect.
-Explosives usage: Ever see someone make a bomb out of a roll of toilet paper and a paper clip? Even if you hadn't Jason can make various IED's and handle orthodox explosives with ease.
-Over-aggression: Jason can very easily take things too far, his aggression and willingness to fight can lead to him biting off more than he can chew when a confrontation occurs.
-Emotional instability: Jason is quick to anger, and once enraged he becomes uncontrollable, especially when something that easily upsets him is exploited. Once he loses control it is extremely hard for him to regain it, leading to him acting irrationally as well as him going on rampages without a care in the world.
-Hard to work with: Jason doesn't like being told what to do, he also doesn't handle criticism too well, and is all too happy to start arguing even on a mission. He also has a habit of going off on his own and lone wolfing if he doesn't like how a mission is panning out, putting others and himself in unneeded danger.
Weapons and Equipment:
-The Red Hood: Jason's namesake helmet contains a comprehensive suite of AR overlay in real-time, biological monitoring, electronic warfare and ECM packages, round counters and inventory tracking of whatever he has on him, and passive/active sonar systems that can map out various locations and forewarn him of hostiles, something he likes to refer to as "Wall hacks.". Plus its like 10 times more bad-ass than Dick's stupid Domino mask.
-Jason's Sunday Finest: The suit that Jason employs was customized and retrofitted heavily to his taste, opting to add custom cut ceramic SAPI plate inserts along the torso of the reinforced Kevlar/Polyethylene woven outer shell and adding numerous pockets, mag pouches, and reinforcement to the suit. Unlike Bruce and Dick, Jason's suit although heavier has much more comprehensive ballistic protection without sacrificing mobility. The jacket is mostly there for style, but Jason had it tailored to have deeper and extra pockets for whatever gear he might need. He added the his own Bat symbol in an effort to atone for his sins and reconcile with those who he wronged, as well as make sure the legacy of Batman is never forgotten.
-Tools of the trade: Jason's collection of firearms is impressive, his loadout and gear change between missions and the nature of whatever he's doing. He does keep multiple standard weapons for general use, the firearms being dual Sig M18 pistols, a heavily customized AR-15, dual Colt M45a1's, an HK M110a1, a Beneli M1014, an HK mp5, multiple grenades, and at least one knife.
-Red Death: A suped up motorbike which, you guessed it, is colored red.

Base of Operations: multiple safe houses and resupply points located around Gotham.

The story of Jason Todd is not a happy one, born into extreme poverty with a petty criminal as a father and heroin addict for a mother, young Jason learned of the cruelties of life at a very young age. his father's imprisonment and mother's continued neglect left him alone in a crime ridden neighborhood in the slums of Gotham, Jason turned to petty crime early on in life, joining street gangs of other forgotten and abused children and stealing whatever wasn't bolted down in their neighborhood whenever the opportunity presented itself, he peddled drugs, he did it all just to scrounge enough money together to provide for himself and his quickly ailing mother. Jason's mother OD'd shortly after his 12th birthday and Jason was truly alone, after a day of numbness Jason found the batmobile parked in an alley. An opportunity too good to pass up, Jason began to steal car parts from it and even managed to get a tire off before being caught by Batman. Instead of being beaten or arrested like he expected he would, Batman took the boy in and adopted him. At first being sent to a boarding school for troubled kids under the patronage of Bruce Wayne, it didn't work out however and after Dick Grayson's departure for the Titans, Bruce chose Jason to become the second Robin.

Bruce feared that Jason's anger and rage would eventually drive him into the criminal element, after his training period ended and on their first official mission tracking down Two-Face, Jason learned that Dent had not only killed his father, but Bruce had known and didn't tell Jason, going on a rampage Jason tracked down Dent by himself, but stopped himself from killing him, much to Bruce's unspoken pride. Jason became one of Bruce's most enthusiastic and talented students, he was also easily the most troubled out of all of them, morally ambiguous and unafraid to use extreme violence, his brash and impulsive nature quickly lead to Jason butting heads with Bruce much the same as Dick had, joining the titans for a short time with Dick, although they were kind and he became fast friends with Gar Logan and Vic Stone, his violent nature and over-the-top aggression was too much even for them. Maybe he felt he had something to prove, maybe because Dick and Gar both had girlfriends or that he didn't want to be seen as the little brother everyone was nice too, but he left the titans and rejoined Batman when he was 15.

Jason's complications with Bruce reached a crescendo when they had tracked an man named Felipe Garzonasa down to his apartment, Garzonasa had pushed a girl to suicide after assaulting her, and Jason had arrived to the apartment first. Jason had savagely beaten the man and moments before Bruce arrived, hearing the man beg for his life after what he had done threw Jason into a rage, and before he could stop himself Jason threw Felipe off of the apartment balcony. Jason's violation of Batman's no-kill rule strained their relationship considerably, Bruce couldn't ignore the growing darkness in Jason and banned him from going out as robin until he could figure out what to do about Jason. A wounded and angered Jason struck out on his own.

He had recently discovered that his real mother wasn't the one he had grown up with, Jason tracked her down to Ethiopa where she worked as an aid worker, Although initially overjoyed it was soon revealed that she was providing medical supplies to the Joker, and turned Jason over to the clown. Jason was shipped back to Gotham where he was savagely beaten and killed when a bomb detonated after the Joker had told Bruce where he was keeping Jason. Bruce had arrived right as the bomb detonated. and buried Jason shortly after, his death profoundly affecting Bruce... but it wasn't the end.

Jason had been being observed by Talia Al Ghul during his time with Batman, recognizing his potential as a potential league member, but seeing how Jason's death broke Bruce and out of her love for him, stole Jason's body and revived him in the Lazarus pit. Nursing Jason back to health and helping him escape her fathers wrath, Talia sponsored Jason's further training in order to stall him from trying to return to Gotham, After learning that Batman had only imprisoned Joker after his death finished his training and prepared to return. Enraged by Bruce or any of his friends failing to avenge him Jason set out for Gotham on the warpath.

Jason created a new identity, The Red Hood, and took to the streets of Gotham with a vengeance, cutting criminals down where they stood without a second thought. he visited everyone he felt failed him in death, attacking the titans in their own tower, stalking the Bat-family and attempting to kill them. His return reached a crescendo when he kidnapped Joker and savagely beat him in the same fashion, using the Joker as bait to lure Batman out. Jason removed his mask after he had drawn Bruce in, finding it unbelievable that he allowed the clown to live after everything he had done, especially after he had taken Jason from Bruce. He gave Bruce an ultimatum then, telling Bruce that he would kill Joker unless Bruce killed Jason. Before he could pull the trigger, Bruce hit him with a batarang, and Joker managed to escape after detonating explosives that dropped the platform they were on into the bay.

Jason disappeared for a time afterwards, working in the shadows while he plotted vengeance, Doom attacked and directly afterwards Brainiacs invasion took place, although unconfirmed there were reports of a red masked man mowing down Brainiacs soldiers where the fighting was heaviest. Jason was present at the battle of Metropolis as well. fighting a one-man war against Darkseid's forces. he had heard over hacked comms that the Titan's were in trouble, despite his previous feelings he still considered them friends and tried in vain to help them. He watched Gar and Jaime die, he snapped during Metropolis, he didn't know if Kori, Dick, Rachel, Tara, or Roy made it out. He charged past them into the thick of Darkseid's army, everything just blended into red, and he kept killing until he ran out of ammo, then he switched to his blades until they broke or went dull, eventually he started ripping and tearing until he ran out of things to kill.

The aftermath of Metropolis and Bruce's disappearance rocked Jason to his core, he snuck into the Batcave and found his old Robin uniform made into a memorial and a voice recording, The message Bruce left for him broke Jason, Bruce had considered Jason one of his greatest failures for not recognizing the emotional struggles he dealt with and not getting him help, instead teaching him to fight and throwing him into danger on a nightly basis. Jason left the U.S. after Darkseid was miraculously stopped, selling himself out as an outlaw and hired gun, he wouldn't always work for the highest bidder however, bringing his own unique brand of justice. He toppled governments in South America, defeated warlords in Africa, hunted terrorists in the middle east, his work took him around the globe in a vain effort to kill the pain that losing the people he cared about brought about. After amassing a small fortune, Jason returned to the states to find Gotham a crime ridden haven for the dregs of humanity, deciding that the system had failed yet again, Jason moved back into Gotham and began to clean up the streets on his own despite Luthor's laws against vigilantism.

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Full Legal Name: Conner Kent
Alias(es):Super Boy
Affiliation(s):Cadmus Creation
Identity: (Public or Private)private
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Age: Physically 20 but is actually only 20 weeks old
Sexuality: Asexual
Occupation:Nothing at all at the moment

Hair:Medium length dark hair nearly black, with no facial hair.
Eyes: a vibrant sky blue.
Physique:Conner has a lean 6’0 frame with long arms and a fair amount of muscle with good definition
Scars: None
Body Modifications:None
Distinguishing Features: None currently

Persona: Coming out of Cryo Conner has spent his entire life being mind controlled and is a bit defiant, and unfiltered but that is to him having little human interaction, being unfamiliar with understanding others feelings and how he should go about things. He’s also hot headed and temperamental, finding it hard to control his emotions, he often comes off as confrontational due to his short temper and sensitivity.

His Emotional instability, and dealing with the fact he’s a living, breathing, weapon, a watered down copy of Superman created by the worst man in metropolis caused him to lean toward being more antisocial than outgoing, often sticking to himself until the team requires otherwise. His true desire is to live up to the expectations and use his powers to be the best hero he can, which he’s taking baby steps towards as he grows accustomed to the real world day by day. Believe it or not he’s more so angry with himself rather than anyone else and actually enjoys the simpler peoples company that he could mostly understand without becoming lost in their customs or slang.

Vices: Over confident in his powers, Defiant, lack of communication skills, Anger, insecure.
Virtues:Loyal, Determined, protective, Selfless,
Hobbies: he likes to spend his time training and learning more about himself and superman.
Fears: Becoming someone else’s weapon
Motivations: To be the best hero he could be, and live up to expectations.

• Super Strength- he is capable of lifting up two 3 tons without strain.
• Super leap - is the power of superhuman leap far exceeding that of a normal human being. It is a common ability of those possessing super strength, but lacking the ability to fly.
• Infrared vision - ability to see heat signatures.
• Invulnerability - impenetrable and indestructible anatomy, and be immune to all forms of physical harm and damage.
Super hearing - the ability to hear things from far away or at minute levels

Pretty much everything on this list could be weakened and even dispelled by a glowing green rock called Kryptonite, depending on the amount and composition of it he could even be killed or affected in different ways.
Status:Currently in Cryo
Skills:punching thinks and utilizing his powers to assist the team
Weapons and Equipment: nothing really
Base of Operations:


None hes spent his entire Life in a Cryogenic capsule.


chaotic warrior princess
Donna Troy
Full Legal Name: Donna Troy.

Aliases: Wonder Girl. Troia.

Affiliations: The Amazons. Wonder Woman. The Titans (formerly).

Identity: Donna's identity is more public than private considering she looks exactly like Wonder Woman and doesn't wear a mask, but since the ban on hero work she had tried to keep her identity as private as possible and changed her hero alias.

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good.

Role: The Warrior.

Age: 25.


Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Citizenship: Amazonian, now American.

Occupation: Vigilante. Photographer.

Hair: Dark coffee brown.

Eyes: A stormy blue.

Physique: Donna is incredibly athletic and stands at a tall 5'8.

Scars: A scar on her left collarbone from the battle of Metropolis.

Distinguishing Features: She is a spitting image of Wonder Woman.

Faceclaim: Marie Avgeropoulos.

Powers: Donna has all of the same powers as Wonder Woman, including flight, superhuman strength, agility, speed, reflexes, and durability. She also posses accelerated healing, truth-coaxing powers, and a psychic link with Diana. Donna is not quite as naturally strong as Diana and lacks some of her advanced powers, but the younger girl has always worked extra hard to be just as good as her sister.

Status: Donna tried to obey the new laws of no hero work, it lasted about a week until someone was in trouble and she sprung into action without even a second thought. She immediately fell back into the routine, though now she had to be even more careful not to be caught working as an underground vigilante.

Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, archery, weaponry, swordsmanship, and tactical analysis.

Weapons and Equipment: Lasso of Persuasion, Amazonian bracelets of submission, Amazon armor, and an Amazonian sword.

Base of Operations: Titan's Tower (formerly). Her apartment, currently.


Persona: Donna is a clone of Diana, and while they share many similarities at first glance, under the surface the two are very clearly separate people. The younger Amazon tends to be a bit more realistic than the ever optimistic Wonder Woman, while she isn't exactly pessimistic she tends to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It is much harder to gain her trust than her older sister's, she was not shielded from the world's cruelty on Themyscira like Diana was.

Donna is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends, willing to put herself on the line for each and every one of them, even after parting ways. However, once you've betrayed her there's no going back, her trust is a very fragile thing.

Vices: Stubborn, doesn't know when to quit, vengeful, self-sacrificing.

Virtues: Loyal, passionate, kind, fierce, diplomatic.

Hobbies: Photography, boxing, volunteering at the animal shelter, jogging.

Fears: Losing her sister. Losing her friends. Not being able to continue her hero work.

Motivations: To find Diana. To rid the world of Evil and rebuild Earth.

Background: Donna was created to be a playmate for the young Princess Diana by the sorceress Magala, who used a magical mirror to create a duplicate of Diana, though with her own personality. She was abducted by Dark Angel who mistook her for the real Diana, and cursed her to experience a cycle of countless tragic lives. Donna's most recent life began when she was orphaned by her birth mother, a teen mom who had given her up for adoption. After Donna's adoptive father was killed in a work-related accident, her adoptive mother gave her up for adoption again, unable to raise the young girl because of mounting expenses. Donna bounced around from foster home to foster home until her powers began to manifest at the age of sixteen.

Donna had very vague memories of her childhood, but she remembered Diana's face very clearly. It was a shock to see a face that looked just like hers in every newspaper article across the nation, and Donna set out to find her long lost sister. It was a much needed reunion for the two Amazons and Diana was more than happy to help her little sister find her way in the human world by getting her a place among the Teen Titans where she would be able to develop her powers more. The young Amazon got along with her fellow side-kicks easily and quickly found herself becoming a key part of the team due to her natural leadership. The Titans quickly became her family, and Donna was willing to do anything to protect them.

After the battle of Metropolis, Donna desperately tried to keep her teammates together but failed. While a bit discouraged, she continued her hero work underground and changed her hero name and costume to Troia to avoid suspicion. Despite everyone thinking Diana was dead, Donna began her own investigation into her sister's disappearance and began searching all over for the missing hero. Donna knew that her sister would want her to fit into the "real" world and make human connections, so she started attending NYU as a photography major to take suspicion off of her.

I have no idea where I'm going to be tomorrow. But I accept the fact that tomorrow will come. And I'm going to rise to meet it.
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    Nothing Ever Changes

    nico collins.


    Katy (WORK)

    Hey Babs, you doing okay? You
    left the station pretty quick last
    night and I just wanted to make
    sure everything was fine.

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  • Full Legal Name:
    Jason "Jay" Todd


    Red Hooded Ninja
    Red Hood

    Knight Crime Family
    Bat-Family (formerly)
    Teen Titans (formerly)
    League of Assassins (formerly)


    Moral Alignment:







    Vigilante (former criminal and assassin)
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« Roy Harper »
aka Arsenal
"Sure, I'd like to think I turned out okay... That I am the best me I can be. But if I can keep them from messing up as bad as I did? Why the hell not?"
Height: 5'11" Weight: 185 lb/84 kg
Eyes: Green Hair: Red
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single



I don't know where to begin. I suppose, for most of us, it starts when devastating alien invasion went from being in the movies to being in real life. It hit home, as it did with most everyone, when we lost Superman. If he could fall to this, what chance did any of the rest of us have? I'd already considered going dark once that... somehow got resolved, though the price was far higher than any of us dared imagine. First thing I did was disappear from the US. To Badhnisia. Never heard of it? Yeah, me neither until I looked it up. It's a small island nation in Indonesia. Brushed up on my survival skills there, spent some time thinking about my life. It didn't really give me any perspective, I got too restless. I'd spent too many hours being the vigilante to go sip funny drinks with umbrellas the rest of my life on some beach.

So, I went up through Eastern Europe and Western Asia, ending up in Bulgravia. Fell in with some wetworks organization. I still don't know much about them. Hell, I don't even know if they had an official name. Could have been where Amanda Waller got off to once public sentiment went against the whole vigilante thing overall, for all I know. After a little vetting process (part of which I'm sure I could be prosecuted for in at least a dozen nations) I began taking jobs from them. I was picky, at least at first. Choosing targets that I would probably have chosen even back in the States, if super-hero work was legal. Except, I didn't just knock them out or tie them up to present them to the authorities. I removed the problems. I was paid well for it, so I didn't have to lean on anything I'd earned before leaving the States.

This went on for awhile, then... well my target reminded me of someone I used to work with back home. I forfeited on the job, instead escorting her to a small airstrip and chartering her a plane out of the country. I don't know if she made it, I just knew I couldn't do this any more. The Titans, Outlaws, or what have you, were probably still doing what they'd always been doing, the right thing, even though it was technically illegal now, and here I was, being a paid killer. Didn't seem right.

So, this is probably very, very stupid, and I'm heading right into a country who hates what I do with one of the worst men imaginable in a position of extreme power... but... I'm going back.

God help me, I'm going back.

Roy is plagued by his past both recent and further back, and has fought his way out from the throes of addiction more than once, but inside, he's got a driving need to do the right thing, regardless of personal risk.
He's struggled in the past with various forms of addiction, and though he's made his way out of the substance abuse, the addiction to the adrenaline rush of the life of a vigilante is his current "fix". He can also be a bit of a showboat at times among his colleagues.
Roy feels obligated to help wherever he can, and often puts himself at risk to do this. He's fiercely loyal to those he gives his trust to, which has gotten even more guarded than ever before.
Other than training, he's a bit of a movie buff, focusing both on fictional action type movies and historical documentaries.
Losing someone he cares about. He's really gotten over his personal fear of death, figuring that'll eventually happen, but guards his life so that he can protect others.
Clearing the "red" in his ledger, atoning for past sins and reuniting and working with those he once called teammates and friends before.
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