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Fandom DC Universe: Shattered World [Interest Check]


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And now, the moment you've all been waiting for (lol, probably not), I present to you:
The DC Universe: Shattered World Character Sheets!

(a link will also be found in the intro post. I'll post the OOC tomorrow. Sorry for my unfinished characters. I wanted to have a complete model for y'all to refer to if you needed any help, but things are starting to pick up right now [in me life], but I'm sure it will die down by the weekend. anyways, hope y'all enjoy!)​


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idk if I should make Isroh a character sheet and have him be a side character or make Rai instead. Rai can be really REALLY scary. Better be glad she's a good guy. Imagine a tanky fighter that also has the capability of jumping on people and wrecking them.

I do often have fun interactions with Rai and superman characters soley because she's basically the superman of hell.


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Curious but what are the rules on immortals?
Ghosts and elementals and magic folk
Also what would Superman be doing since I don't think he physically ages?


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I would be interested if it's still open, if yes I would play a swordsman that can sense attacks that are directed at him. (if the last part is op in your eyes then I could leave it out) @Peri-winkle


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Hey everyone. So I feel the need to explain my absence. Recently, my father and I had to put my dog down, and I've just been recuperating since.

For those of you who are still wondering, yes, this is still open, and, yes, I will be returning. Starting characters must be down by 2/10/19, but I will be starting the RP by 2/5/19 or 2/6/19.


broken like glass
Curious but what are the rules on immortals?
Ghosts and elementals and magic folk
Also what would Superman be doing since I don't think he physically ages?
Immortality is acceptable, just make sure there are weaknesses, obviously.
Superman would more than likely be retired, and his son would rise to take the mantle of Superman. Kon-El would adapt a new alias. With this new joint-operations project, however, the OG Supes may make a comeback. It relies mostly on what the user chooses to do with the Super family I suppose, as long as it's reasonable.


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Hello there, I am very much interested in your concept here, but I would like to create a villain for a plotline. I would like to be a meta that the government hires to "fight fire with fire." The character would primarily work to hunt other metas, willing to kill without remorse. Imagine a mercenary that exclusively works for the government to take out metas. The concept also revolves around the merc being a monstrosity in a way. Let me know if this would be possible. If not, I would not mind being a hero as well. Just let me know. :)


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Update: I’ll be releasing the starting thread for a few locations today, as well as finishing up my characters. Also, I’ve decided that Atlantis will be a starting city, however I’m limiting it to only be accessed by Atlantans for the beginning.


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What do you think of these appearances for my villain character? Elite Sultan Costume
1950s Mature Middle Aged Man Smiling Business Suit Tie Happy Amused Funny Face Expression Photographic Print at AllPosters.com
If you are wondering why he is white, he took the 1001 Nights gimmick when he turned into a criminal because he loved the stories when he was a child and loved the extravagant lifestyles sultans lived and wanted to live that for himself. He used to be a reoccurring foe of Wonder Woman until she retired, with him following shortly after and opening up a new Arabic themed casino in Gotham. But then, he gets drawn out of retirement after he hears of a new "imposter" taking his place and making a mockery of his "glorious legacy". His whole plan is to show the world their is only one true "sultan" and to completely outdo and destroy his successor.

What do you think so far? Also, here is a image of what his average henchman looked like. http://www.longislandcostume.com/images/royal-sultan.jpg
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The more the merrier my friend! Do you have any potential ideas for your character? :)
Oh do I! I was considering two, actually. One human, the second ... other. Just what sort of 'other' I am trying to flesh out. I'll post up a WIP in an hour or so.

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