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DC Universe: Shattered World [Interest Check]


broken like glass

DC Universe: Shattered World
It's the year 2033. Human civilization is at it's peak, technology is beginning to take a leap in advancement, and the heroes are wrapping up their work in trying to assure world peace and end high crime for good. Many Leagues and teams have evolved, earning new recruits and retiring old members. Heroes, such as The Batman, are looking to retire soon, now that the world is beginning to stabilize in harmony and peace. Iconic heroes have bore children. These children, destined to fill the roles of their parents, grew up. Some had joined organizations that belonged to heroes, some went independent, others started a group of their own. But now, however, evil is back on the rise. The idea of retirement had been quickly scrapped, and now it's in the hands of the old heroes and new generation to band together and fight this danger. The government, seeing how the heroes promised peace but could not deliver, are now debating whether or not the existence of such metas and heroes are even necessary.

By now, technology had the capability to battle metas, thanks to the partnership of Stagg Industries and LexCorp. With these two powerhouse companies funding their R&D facilities to work hand-in-hand, new weapons had been developed to combat evil metas and standard criminals. And now that both companies were negotiating with the United Nations, giving an ultimatum to ban metas in return for the anti-meta equipment, the line is becoming thin for our heroes. They must prove their worth, or else be exiled and imprisoned.
Summary, Rules, and More!!!
ø The year is 2033 and many iconic heroes have aged linearly according to time. That's 14 years in the future. So, if we were to assume that Bruce Wayne (for example) is 45 in the year 2019, he would be 59 by the time these events occur.
ø Many of these heroes are looking to retire, but are inevitably pulled back in due to the unexpected rise in crime.
ø Some of these heroes decided to have children, and they will become involved in this struggle for peace as well.
ø The U.S. Government—and world government [UN] for that matter—are considering legislating a ban on all metas, or at least putting heavy regulations on their activities.
ø LexCorp and Stagg Industries have teamed together to develop new tech and weapons for law enforcement, with minor civil R&D tech being made here and there.
ø Wayne Industries and Queen Consolidated have band together to help improve the infrastructure of society. This is the start of hovering cars, more efficient and clean energy sources being used, new personal tech, etc. (Think of this as the beginning to what would be seen in Batman Beyond)
ø OC characters are encouraged, but Canon characters will be accepted as well. And remember, you have the choice to be a descendant of a hero/villain! I am not forcing it upon you!
ø For the start of the RP, characters will be limited to three cities: Central City, Metropolis, and Gotham. Each city will have a daily story arc, and characters will have personal story arcs occasionally. Slowly, we will move into the overall story arc, but I'd like to see what happens first. If this happens to survive long enough, we will eventually begin to branch out towards other locations (such as Atlantis, Xebel, Different cities and even countries, maybe even planets . . . . . . I'm looking at you Mars . . . .). So, yes, this will be open-world/free roam for the most part.
ø Villains will be allowed, but you must converse with me if you are planning to make a story arc.
ø Organizations and Teams such as the JLA, Young Justice, Teen Titans, and others will be available for characters to join. Different "sub-teams" will be assigned to players by random (think of Beta Squad and what not from Young Justice).
ø Anything goes in this RP. As long as your character is reasonable for their depicted status, age, and ability, I will more than likely accept them. I don't want ten Dr. Manhattan's buzzin' around, and if people begin to get out of control with making powerful characters, I will end it. Remember, even non-supers can be badass (think of Batman).
ø NO Insta-Killing!!! And NO controlling others' characters!!!
ø I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PUT LIMITS ON YOUR CHARACTER!! Limits help detail where your character is at in this point in time! Plus, limits can help pave the way for character development!
ø Let's try and keep romance and that sort to a minimum. I won't outlaw it because it can generate certain dynamics and atmospheres between characters, but I don't want it to be a #1 objective.
ø Characters can fall between the ages of 9 - 200 years old.
ø BE REASONABLE! If you're going to make a 12 foot metal dude who is an absolute tank, don't expect me to believe that he's walking around Metropolis and fighting crime. A side character? Maybe.; given the situation. But a main character? Absolutely not.
ø I like diversity! So please, don't flood the character sheets with dozens of Kryptonian applications. Mix it up, eh?
ø For now, I will be working on the Lore and Character skeleton. So if you are interested, or have any questions, comment below! Or maybe you want to call me a big, stupid-head? Or maybe you want to suggest an idea? I don't really know. Whatever you comment is whatever you comment.
ø Oh, and I am looking for a few Co-GMs (2-3 if you want specifics). So if you'd be interested in being one, I'd prefer you PM me, but you can also drop a comment and notify me.
ø Once this gets enough notice, I'll release the skeleton. The Lore will drop immediately after I'm finished with it.

DC Universe: Shattered World Character Sheets!
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Always Happy
I'm absolutely interested my friend! Just for an age comparison, if Bruce is around 59 at this stage, would Dick or Jason be in their late twenties, early thirties? Just asking because I plan on playing Jason Todd (Red Hood) should he be available. :D


The Sop
Hmm, I'm Interested, mostly about having my OC around with the canon character. But roleplaying in Discord is a turn off for me... I'm not sure I'm gonna join, but I want to observer a little.


Always Happy
Oh right...I must have misread that. Sorry about this fella but I don't think I'd be able to roleplay if it's not on the site. Great idea, and I hope it works out well for ya but I'm afraid I'll have to rescind my interest. :(


Always Happy
So you'll do it on the site? If that's the case, I'll join then!
I think there's very few people that would be comfortable with the idea of roleplaying off site. :D

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