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  • Okay just some standard rules.
    1. No over-powered characters. Like I said before, if your character is within reasonable limits of their age, capability, and status I will more than likely accept them.
    2. No anime face claims. I'll accept realistic, comic book art, and somewhat cartoonish.
    3. DIVERSITY . . . .
    4. You'll have two skeletons to either follow: you can choose the basic one or you can choose the more in-depth one.
    5. No "Little Miss/Mr Perfect"s
    6. REMEMBER: Limits!!
    7. You can use whatever coding you want.
    8. You can add more info. if you want
    9. Characters can be between the ages of 9 - 200 years old.
    10. More rules are probably set to come. If anything changes, I'll notify everyone.
    12. No controlling others' characters
    13. No insta-killing!
    14. If you read these rules, let me know by adding
    "stir fry" to the bottom of your character application.
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  • Superboy

    Artist: idk

    Full Name: Troy Jeremiah Danvers
    Kryptonian Name: Dek-El
    Nicknames: T-Roy, TJ, PB (most commonly)
    Alias: Superboy
    Species: Kryptonian-Apokoliptian Hybrid
    Affiliation: Young Justice
    Age: 16 years old
    Gender: Male
    Parents: Supergirl [Kara Danvers] - Mother ; Power Boy - Father
    Siblings: hit me up if you want
    Relatives: Jon Kent (Cousin) , Connor Kent (Cousin)
    Civilian Job: Unemployed

    Height: 5'10"/178 cm
    Weight: 139 lbs./63 kg
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Complexion: Medium
    Body Type: Ectomorph - Ottermode
    Body Features: Flat Feet , Freckles
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Solar Suit: Made from Nth Metal and the Apokoliptian fabric from his father's suit, Troy's Solar Suit is capable of harnessing and storing both solar energy and emotional energy. And because his suit is mainly Nth metal, it has the capacity to perform metamorphosis.
    ± League Approved Communications Ear Transponder v.5.1: A communications device, used amongst most heroes. Was supplied to him by the JLA, and can change frequencies to any League-approved frequency channel.
    House of El Command Key: His mother's command key. Made from Kryptonian metal, and designed by his grandfather, Zor-El. He wears it as a necklace in his 'civilian attire'.
    Normal Attire:
    t | t

    ± Kryptonian Hybridized Physiology: Because of his hybrid Apokoliptian/Kryptonian genetic structure under the effects of a "yellow" sun, Troy possesses the incredible power of both a Kryptonian and an Enhanced Apokoliptian. However, according to Batman's research, Troy's abilities have the potential to exceed that of his parents' due to his Human/Kryptonian hybrid cells. These powers include:
    + Solar Radiation Absorption: Troy's able to absorb the light and radiation of stars & suns, mainly those of the yellow stellar spectrum. His Kryptonian biology is constantly absorbing and storing energy from Earth's yellow sun, which in turn grants him incredible powers, such as superhuman strength, super-speed, enhanced senses, impenetrable skin, and even the ability to defy gravity. His Apokoliptian biological side amplifies his abilities.
    + Invulnerability: Because he is the offspring of two species with highly dense skin cells, Troy's body is nigh-invulnerable due to his superhumanly dense cellular and anatomical structure as well as his radiating bio-electrical aura.
    - Healing Factor: Troy possesses an accelerated "healing factor" enabling him to heal almost instantaneously from inflicted wounds such as cuts and scrapes.
    - Self-Sustenance: Troy has the capability of surviving in extreme environmental conditions without air, food, nor water. Such conditions would be foreign enviornments—such as exoplanets and other habitable planets—and the depths of space.
    + Superhuman Strength: As a result of his lineage, Troy possesses incredible superhuman strength and is capable of handling tens of thousands of pounds. He was able to lift a Typhoon-class submarine out of the water, when it was submerged 450m underwater. He's been able to use his incredible strength to jump incredible distances and land safely. According to Troy's mother, Supergirl, Troy is capable of easily pulling the weight of the Eifel Tower, which is 7300 tons.
    + Superhuman Stamina: Troy possesses a phenomenal amount of stamina. Despite Troy being able to lengthily go without tiring, he eventually does need to rest or relax.
    + Flight: Troy is able to manipulate graviton particles to defy the forces of gravity and achieve flight. Troy is capable of flying at High-hypersonic speeds, appox. Mach 11.
    + Enhanced Visual Perception: From being able to see through solid objects to visually perceiving objects moving faster than Mach 8, Troy's visual senses are keen and precise. He can focus on a multitude of different visual stimuli.
    - X-Ray Vision: Jon possesses the ability to see through solid objects, as well as see through flesh, to where he can see muscle and bone, heck, even the outline of a human's nervous system.
    - Electro-Magnetic Vision: Troy can see into all of the EM Spectrum. He can see and identify radio/television and any and all broadcast/transmitted frequencies, allowing him to avoid detection through radar or satellite monitoring methods.
    - Telescopic Vision: Troy is able to see objects from great distances. He was able to focus on the Cosmos One Space Station in orbit.
    - Microscopic Vision: Troy can also see extremely small objects and images down to the sub atomic level.
    + Heat Vision: His heat vision is powerful enough to singe even his mother's skin and cause considerable collateral damage to his surroundings. He has shown some degree of fine-control as he was able to use it to heat-weld two steel doors together when a leak was found in the Fortress of Attitude, and was the second ability to develop. So he's had much practice with it. His beams can be made invisible, allowing him to work undetected, and can be adjusted to affect matter on a microscopic level. Or, he can adjust them to be wider. When his heat beams get hot enough, they'll change color from red to blue.
    + Super Smell: On various occasions, Troy has demonstrated that his sense of smell is significantly enhanced to the point where he can smell odors across Alaska, which is 2,272 miles wide.
    + Superhuman Speed: Troy has demonstrated the ability to move, react, run and fly at superhuman speeds. He can use this power to disarm opponents, catch bullets or shrapnel and cross vast distances in seconds. Troy has also snatched a bullet fired from a sniper rifle out of the air while moving too fast for the shooter, Deadshot, to perceive what had stopped it despite having her scope trained on his target the entire time. Another demonstration of his speed was when he beat a teleporter to Metropolis. Batman had stated that it would take 100 seconds to get there, by teleporter, but Troy had clarified that it only took him 31 seconds, with the downside of getting wet.
    + Superhuman Agility: Troy is able to "rapidly respond or change by adapting his initial stable configuration"; simply saying, he's able to change his body's position efficiently and rapidly.
    + Super-Breath: Troy is able to project his voice at a high decibel level, which is strong enough to shatter all the windows in a twenty story building. In addition to that, Superboy is able to create hurricane force winds by exhaling air from his lungs. He can chill the air as it leaves his lungs to freeze targets. He can also reverse the process to pull large volumes of air or vapor into his lungs.
    - Arctic Breath: Through the exhalation of highly compressed air through a "valve" (his pursed lips), the temperature of said air is dropped drastically, creating a sub-zero temperature breath. His mother, Kara Zor-El, has even stated that it is extremely chilling.
    + Superhuman Hearing: Troy has displayed the ability to listen vast distances since an early age, especially through dense walls.
    + Emotional Energy Control: Inherited from his father, Troy carries the ability to harness the emotions of those around him, and his own, and manipulate them to his will.
    - Emotional Energy Projection: Feeling the emotions of others around him, he gains abilities depending on the emotion. He's unleashed bolts of red lightning when absorbing anger, and has healed others by absorbing love and sorrow.
    - Emotional Energy Constructs: Through the absorption of others' and his own emotions, Troy can create constructs made from said energy. Such constructs would include a protective shield, handwraps, and floor spikes.
    - Empathic Solar Flare: Troy has demonstrated the ability to immediately expel empathetic energy in gigantic bursts of explosive force. Jon's blasts are capable of causing widespread destruction, similar to a nuclear explosion. Upon discovering the ability, Troy had very little, if any, control over it. Now, however, he has trained to unleash the empathetic energy at will. Although, it does have its setbacks.



    Persona & Bio.
    Friends / Allies:

    Faceclaim: Romeo Beckham

    code by Ri.a
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Full Name: Will Zagreus Prince
Nicknames: Goes by just Will. Was formerly known as the demon slayer of metropolis
Alias: Right now it's just Vexx. May pick up the demon slayer name once again when the stigma wears down.
Species: Half Amazonian
Affiliation: Himself for now, gonna be forced onto the Young Justice team soon
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Parents: Diana Prince. He was the result of a one night stand and doesn't know his father.
Siblings: none
Relatives: ? no idea
Civilian Job: Was a professional Ice skater about to go Olympic and was in his prime... before everything went wrong.


Height: 6 ft 2
Weight: 170
Eye Color: icy blue
Hair Color: platinum blonde
Complexion: A nice pale color with just a tinge of a tan. Very clear skin as he is very on top of it with a skin care regiment.
Body Type: Muscular and athletic. He was about to be an Olympic athlete, what do you think he looks like?
Body Features: Nothing too extreme.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Equipment: 1548310708393.png
8 titanium blades that all look like Blade G. Hiltless, razor sharp and deadly from any angle. They are so sharp they must be picked up telepathically by Will himself or one risks cutting a finger as every edge is a bladed one.

Normal Attire: Usually conservative yet fashionable. Things like this 1548310822695.png

- Will possesses the ability to telekenetically lift objects that are composed of over 30% titanium. He carries 8 blades crafted just for him and can wield them with deadly precision. He is so accurate can peel a grape and leave the flesh uncut.

How Will works in battle is he is part control mage, part bruiser. A ten foot radius around Will becomes HIS space, anyone in that space runs a risk of taking serious damage like losing a limb. The closer to the edge of his range an enemy is, the more dangerous Will is as his ability build up momentum with his blades increases and the amount of force he can whip a blade across flesh grows tremendously. Once an enemy insists on getting in his space, he switches tactics to an agile bruiser and he uses his blades to block and counter attacks and his incredible talent for footwork to dodge attacks before striking back just has hard. He becomes an in your face fighter that is more than capable of jumping on an unguarded squishy target and taking them out before they can blink.

Will in a fight looks almost exactly like this.

*Will was an ice skater, one of the best. The most important trait a skater must learn is balance, grace and stability. This has been nailed into his head since he was a child so even when not on a pair of skates, he is still poised, difficult to rattle and more than capable of some flashy moves in combat. Because performance is a part of the execution to Will.
*Will's time off from skating left him with a rather large amount of time on his hands. Therefore he put just as much work as he did into skating, into learning his new abilities inside and out. This is why he is so accurate and so deadly with his blades. He knows exactly what he can and cannot do and what limits he can and can't push.
*Surprises- Catch Will off guard entirely and make him lose focus and he can drop his blades. This makes him lose momentum and leaves him vulnerable for a bit until he can pick them back up.
*Slash resistant enemies- Most of Will's damage is slashing damage and perhaps some piercing. Something as simple as a chain mail vest can really put a damper on his abilities and remove most of his ability to deal damage.
*Emotionally unstable- Will's had a hard time coping with being essentially expelled from the only job he loved. His childhood was also particularly lonely and drilled some rather rough parts into his personality. His moral compass is in a constant spin and just when he starts going in the right direction something sets him back again.
*Death wish fighting- Will's fighting style is known for giving allies a heart attack. He will gladly walk in 1v5 and give zero shits about it. He fights like he has a death wish and it's amazing someone hasn't managed to kill him yet. Although... It's unknown if he cares if someone does or not, that may be the point.
*Getting shocked at even a non-deadly voltage could fry his brain due to the metal plating.
-*The accident set one eye ever so slightly further back in the socket than the other. It was fixed best the doctors could to save his eye, but his depth perception is absolutely terrible and he has to wear his glasses or contacts in order to read effectively.

Persona & Bio.
Dependability: Surprisingly enough, when people he cares about really need Will, he will always come through for them. Problem is he has to care.
Courage: Again, zero shits given about death and fights like he has a death wish. Sometimes he has trouble walking around his huge steel balls. (figurative.)
Valor: Will may be cruel and vicious toward enemies, but if he feels innocent lives are in danger he will move to save them always. His fight is between him and those who he has deemed evil and worthy of death, if a fight means killing an innocent, he will not fight.
Antagonism: Will can come off as a catty jackass sometimes. Life made him a bit cold cruel and mean.
Brutality: Will is a brutal monster to those he deems scum of the earth. We aren't talking petty thieves though, we're talking murderers, traffickers. Those who ruin lives for kicks. In his mind they deserve punishment equal to the crime. What HE deems equal may involve some maiming, but he can get a bit excessive.
These are just two of the many. Will's mind is a dark twisted place, and he desperately needs help.

Likes: Skating, what little bit of music he learned, cold weather, cheap grocery store wine ect.
Dislikes: People who talk way too much, forced teamwork, CAMILLE! His mother, any sort of formal super heroing but apparently violent vigilantism is frowned upon in polite society,
Will is a sock drawer of emotions at the moment. Deep down he is still the caring person he was before his accident, but right now he's in a rough spot that has been the result of years of self loathing and drinking himself into a belligerent nightmare of a person. He hides his fragile true personality with layers of angst, sarcasm, insults and general ass-holery perhaps to protect himself from any more pain. He is catty, bitchy and kind of acts like a high school mean girl at times. He works to push people away when he really needs them closer. He is difficult to get a long with, abrasive and callous but once someone gets past that he can begin to be somewhat kind... or at least not as mean. Friendship is hard for him, but not impossible, with enough work someone might get lucky enough to crack his hard exterior.

The touchy subject is the accident and his mother. He was a professional, a master at his trade. The accident ruined him in his mind and he feels he is useless if he can't do what he loves to do. As for his mom, their relationship is rough. In his mind she spent far too much time being Wonder Woman than being Mom and he feels she abandoned him for the rest of the world. If he is being truly honest with himself, the reason he was so striven for excellence so hard was to get his mother's attention. He wanted her to be happy with him and wanted her undivided attention but yet it never came. So in comes the rebellious and generally bad behavior. Even negative attention is still her attention.

Will Prince was the ability-less son of Diana Prince... and what a lonely childhood being born to a single mother super hero was. He had no super powers, meaning no potential to be groomed as the next 'wonder woman' figure. That and the justice league kept Diana so very busy, so busy that he feels she missed most of his childhood. He wanted her love and her attention so badly he was killing himself to be the perfect son, perfect grades, perfect appearance and perfection on the ice. Everything has to be perfect as mediocre never cut it. Through Diana's absence, the child's mind began to think her love was not unconditional and could only be earned through being the best. After years of this approach refusing to work, his tactics switched. He became bitter and cruel due to years of anger toward his mother. Rebellious behavior started, things like being home later than curfew, refusing to answer to her and even under aged drinking ad libitum. Their relationship grew rockier untill he left her to be on his own at the young age of 17.

Will was the next promising face of the ice skating world. He was talented, young and going places no 17 year old had ever been before. He was being groomed to go Olympics level one day but suffered a terrible accident in a practice ring. Earlier that day someone had accidentally spilled some water on one part of the ice making it slightly uneven... and Will's skate found the one notch in the ice and sent him into the ice, back of the head first.

His skull was splintered in the back and he was rushed to the hospital, nearly dead, but they managed to keep him alive with no permanent brain damage and replaced the broken part of his skull with a titanium plate. He looked normal and felt great but something was strange. When he got around certain metal objects his ears would ring ever so slightly untill he backed off of it. And then it happened that one day he got so irritated with the ringing he shouted in rage. A near by titanium screw lifted itself off the table and went flying across the room. Turns out Will had powers all his life, just with no way to escape due to his skull insulating the electrical pulses from his brain. The plate in his skull served as a radio antennae for his abilities giving him a 10 foot range.

Will was shocked but was determined to try again. He found that he could manipulate certain metals, namely titanium and it's alloys which are very commonly found in most industries that a cheap yet durable metal is needed.

Just as Will was about to make his way back onto the ice to continue training for the upcoming Olympics, a group stopped him from competing in a informal competition. They explained that some of the contestants felt his new meta-human abilities gave him an unfair advantage and refused to allow him to compete. Just when the day couldn't get any worse, Olympic's ethics committee called that night. He would not be allowed to compete.

This sent Will into a year long depression, He spoke to almost no one, shutting himself off from the outside world and slowly driving himself mad. A full year later he decided he had these abilities honed in... so why not use them? The world was full of ugly people, and if he couldn't fulfill his dreams of skating professionally, then why not become the monster the world needed? He turned to vigilantism, operating under the name of the Demon Slayer. This name grew quickly as word of his actions grew. He hadn't killed anyone yet, just left horrible men horribly mutilated to the point of disfigurement, but it was only a matter of time before he did kill. Luckily his mother recognized her son was becoming a monster and called in a favor from an old friend to bring her wayward son home before he went too far.
Pre-Determined Relationships

*There may be a demon named Isroh in Will's future

(not the first voice but the second one)
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Full Name: Jenna Harlow/Rai
Nickname: just Rai.
Species: Devil- And as far as Devils go they are classified under different subspecies based upon which deadly sin they operate under. She is a Wrath
Age: ??? The devil herself is unsure, but the body she possesses is 16
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation(s): Ties with Young Justice
Inhumanly beautiful and yet human all the same it seems like. Beautiful in the same manner a corpse is. With stoney posture and poise that makes her look like a perfectly sculpted statue. He skin is pale white like the purest of paints with inky black marks flourishing across her skin as a display of her status as a devil. Her eyes are a crystal blue and shaped like that of the deadliest viper. Her body is small, only standing about 5 ft 5 but she weights a sturdy 140 pounds and does appear to be quite muscular. She is quite feminine despite not being on the bustier side of things.Her head sports horns, inky black and spiraling back about 4 inches off her head and her nails are elongated into pointed claws, always painted a bright and flashy red.
Civilian Attire:
Glamoured to appear human to the mortal eye, looking as her body did in life.
[Super] Suit:
Rai has no need for human clothing so she doesn't really wear it, she just glamours herself to look normal. She's always in what she uses for fights. A armored corset with a leather pauldron over her right shoulder from the waist down are many diffrent jagged cut skirts, flowing and obscuring her form. And upon her feet are boots.
Rai is an uncharacteristically kind devil. She is not evil and does not wish to fulfill her wrathful tenancies that she was manifested with. She doesn't wish to steal souls to satisfy her instincts. She finds humans amazing in their own way, and worth protecting. She wishes she could be human again. Rai loves human literature, art and anything that helps her understand their state of mind and their generally accepted morals. Humans are a subject of interest for her, creatures she studies intensively but also befriends.

That being said, she secretly sees her self as less than them on the moral spectrum. Yes humans are capable of horrible atrocities, but in her mind they don't know any better. It's like punishing a cat for catching a mouse. She doesn't blame man kind for doing things like mass genocide, war, ect, she blames that on their lack of knowledge of the repercussions. She severely underestimates that some humans are just evil... like demons. In short, humans, in her eyes, can do no wrong. Demons, angels and other immortal beings however, know better, they are immortal and ought to see when they are doing wrong and must be stopped.

Rai is surprisingly personable, physically unable to judge people based on their look, their wealth or their possessions as wealth means nothing to one who will outlive money's use, objects rot given time and she can only see souls. Most assume she is the typical, quiet, brooding demon. When in reality she is just listening, watching souls and assessing the human nature.
Rai's story begins with death. Jenna Harlow was a normal teenage girl who worked at a ballet studio working with small children. One day absolute tragedy took her life as she was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.

Her parents were grief stricken as they buried their only child, and were unable to accept that dead meant gone forever. There had to be a way to bring her back, even through the most abominable of acts.They went to someone in Louisiana who claimed to be a voodoo priest and could do the deed and revive their dead daughter. Excited Jenna's father robbed his own daughter's grave and the pair traveled to Louisiana to let the priest do his work. What he did was not what he promised.

Instead of looking to help the couple out of the kindness of his heart, the priest was in need of a corpse as he planned to call up the greater demon, Valak from hell and unleash him upon the world. The process required one corpse and the sacrifice of two souls. Jenna's parents had unwittingly killed themselves to aid such an evil deed. But demon summoning is a lot like fishing. Those who know what they're doing are more likely to reel in the demon they want, but it's not fool proof. Instead of Valak, he got a devil far more powerful yet less cruel and the pressure she created when coming through the gates of hell killed the priest before he could send her back. Rai, he fourth horseman of death was pushed into Jenna Harlow's corpse.

Being put into a human corpse does some rather strange things to an unsuspecting demon's mind though. She can remember Jenna's memories as if they were her own, and she remembers hell, so now Rai suffers from an identity crisis. She truly believes she was at one point human. Thus why she fully understands the struggles of the common human man and wishes to further aide them with her work on the Young Justice
Demon physiology- Rai's body is like most other Devils. Tough and can withstand the vast majority of worldly damage. Sure beating her down enough will stop an attack and slow her down, But it takes a lot more than it would take to maim a human to injure her. Should also mention this includes the fact that her body is technically a reanimated corpse. Poisons (unless silver based) do nothing to her.

Minimal spells and magic- She is no magician, but Rai can do the basics assuming she has a spell book. What she cannot do is witchcraft (IE; exorcisms, curses, ect). Most of the spells she can cast are pretty useless, no fireballs or sparks or anything. More like illusions, trickery and general oddities although it is a nice ability to have if she ever needs to understand someone's magic. She CAN however sense when someone uses magic and disguise herself as human. Although her glamour only has one form and she cannot make herself look like someone else.

Soul sight- Rai does not see physical body, rather she sees souls. The world to her is black and white with the splotches of color with a humanoid halo being living things. This being said her sight does work to see inanimate objects, and is very good at it. Her sight is difficult to explain other than she can not see the physical appearance of someone, rather she sees their souls and she can tell a lot from just a soul. (Very basic personality traits)

Horseman- Rai's status as one of the four horseman grants her the demonic mount, Grimorrah. He is large, intelligent and loyal to his rider. He also grants Rai the ability to travel through the rift where there is no overlap. The rift is like a crawlspace between earth and hell. It's how demons travel about but in some areas it ventures away from earth. There no demon can go in or out of earth or the rift. In overlaps entry and exit is free. However Grimorrah can jump with his rider from earth to rift with ease. However Rai must go alone and she has to allow Grimora to rest before she can jump back in the same spot she jumped in at, or she could travel to an overlap. He is also useful for travel (he can outrun cars) and battle (horse bites/kicks suck. Especially if the horse is huge and an utter asshole.)


Super strength and speed- Strong enough to lift a semi but not more. fast in terms of reaction speed. She can't run super fast (thats grimora's job), rather her reaction speed is pretty fast.

Healing factor- With some exceptions (see silver) She can heal her wounds at will. Only problem is she can either be moving or healing. She must stop all movement and heal, which makes her look dead. (and gives enemies time to flee... or trap her. or harm her allies) The amount of time she will stay down if fully dependent on the damage received.

*How Rai fights in a nutshell:
Rai is a definite front liner, her looks are deceiving about how tanky she actually is. She is a solid bruiser that is capable of tanking physical damage and dealing back more than enemies can handle. She excels in 1v1 fights where she can stick on an opponent that cannot peel her off themselves. She gets in close and eats her enemy alive with a death by a thousand cuts fighting style. Her strikes are fast and precise as well as her footwork. She is a melee fighter that works well into ranged characters as she can get in so close their ranged abilities are challenged to keep up. The struggle in fighting against Rai is getting any distance between her and you as she refuses to allow an enemy to disengage and follows up with a harder engage. She is also incredibly good at cutting down tanks, especially the slow ones that rely on powerful strikes.

Enemies she struggles against are people of her own kind that get in close and actually fight her. Examples of this would best fit Lobo. She'd have the upper hand at first however he would eventually overtake her.


2 Essence reaping scythes- These scythes are a pair and are one of a kind. The metal is sturdy and does not break. They deal necrotic damage, meaning once hit the blades begin to slowly drain opponents of their energy. one hit is no big deal... but multiple? Deadly.

Grimorrah- Rather the glass figurine that calls her mount. Grimorrah is the horseman's horse, he is a monsterous demon that predates his rider and possesses possibly more power than she does. However the figurine Rai carries is his only way to and from this world and with it, control is kept over Grimorrah. Breaking it calls him from the rift and once he is expelled, the figurine is left in the pile of ash.

Multi-lingual- Only demon languages. as well as English
Quite the conversationalist- Rai is actually surprisingly easy to get along with, meaning gaining the trust of those who may not trust anyone otherwise is relatively easy for her and she has a knack for talking people into making decisions.

Silver- Mere contact with silver scalds her skin with a burn that heals like a mortal. Stabbing or shooting her with silver is deadly and could turn her to dust with prolonged exposure. If she has been injured by a silver weapon, she experiences pain as a normal human does until it is healed and her healing factor is interrupted.

Holymen- Preists, nuns, saints,rabbi she cannot harm the holy men of any religion and they may compel her to not harm people of their choosing. That being said if they tell her to leave she must. Exorcisms don't really work on her as she can't be expelled from the body she's in as it is now actually hers, but she can be forced to leave a room and forced to leave a specific person alone.

Copper- Copper doesn't kill, rather immobilizes and leaves her helpless with so much as a touch until physical contact is broken. Speaking and even twitching a finger takes a painful amount of effort. A good tool to subdue her.

Damage of great proportions- Sure things like bullets and things won't do much unless you have silver or a holyman's blessing, but cause enough damage of any kind you'll slow her down enough to give you time to escape. Remember, she must stop and go into a catatonic state to heal. If she is also speared through by something and her injuries cannot heal because the object cannot be expelled, she will be forced to stay in that catatonic state until someone removes it for her.

Soulless enemies- When fighting enemies like soulless creatures (zombies, robots, androids, ect) she has low visibility. They appear as inanimate objects and she cannot see them as well as she would an enemy with a soul.

Weakened humans- Rai is a good person, but her nature is horrible. Her nature tells her to kill and to consume human souls. She resists as it is not something she must do to remain 'alive' but it is always tempting. Humans when they are sick, injured, drunk, old or young or in any weak state are so tempting and so easy to steal she must avert her eyes as not to take it. She chooses to hide this as it makes her feel like a monster, which makes the line of work she is in absolute torture.

Disrupts Electronics- Her presence interferes with things like TV's showing static, phones losing reception, computers just deciding not to work. She has to be conscious of getting near any important electronics.

Pre-Determined Relationships:

Extra: Likes stirfry
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Full Name: Jason Peter Todd.
Nickname: Jay; Jaybird.
Alias: Red Hood.
Species: Human.
Thirty-five years old.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Neutral.
Allied to: Arsenal (Roy Harper) Starfire (Koriand'r), Artemis (Grace), Bizarro.
*Nominal relationship with the Bat-Family (will aid them if a contract and sum of money is paid forth).
Appearance: Jason is a man possessing black, wavy hair that hangs above his forehead, with bright blue and a well-shaped, structured jawline and more often than not a scowl is upon us. Standing at an approximate height of around 6'0 (six foot) and weighing approximately 225 pounds (102 kilograms), Jason is considered to be the most physical of all the members of the Bat-Family though he does not consider to be integral a member to their undertakings.

Civilian Attire: When not operating as the Red Hood, Jason tends to keep the red motif central to his clothing choices, usually seen in his wearing of a red hoodie, alongside dark trousers bottoms and white runners. On formal occasions where such an outfit would not be found acceptable attire, Jason dons a light-blue shirt with a navy waistcoat over a red tie, appearing with navy suit pants accompanying the dark-grey shoes. To hide his identity should the need exist, Jason puts on a pair of red sunglasses.

[Super] Suit: Following his resurrection, Jason took on the Joker's old mantle of the Red Hood. His interpretation, however, involved jeans, a t-shirt, and a biker's jacket. He wears two masks. The first being a red domino mask, fixed in place with spirit gum, and includes a built-in radio transmitter/receiver and Starlite night-vision lenses. His gauntlets and boots each contain eight compartments in which he can store items. His second mask was a metallic red hood, which offered many of the same functions as his mask, though also added better protection for his face.

Personality: Jason Todd was the second incarnation of Robin. He cared for his mentor, Batman, and wanted to live up to his potential, to stop crime and protect Gotham City. However, Jason possessed an explosive temper with numerous incidents of him going too far in his actions as Robin despite his natural talents and aptitude under Batman's guidance, with hints in his behaviour that he might one day kill instead of using restraint. After being resurrected after his death at the hands of the Joker, Jason was incensed with the fact that not only did Batman not kill the Joker for killing him but went to REPLACE him with the third incarnation of Robin, Tim Drake. Thus, after travelling the world training as his once-upon-a-time mentor did, with the financial backing of Talia al-Ghul, Jason eventually returned to Gotham, taking upon himself the mantle of the Red Hood, the Joker's former alias. From there, Jason would go on to have numerous encounters with the Bat-Family, whether they be against or standing with them against certain threats. He would go on to form a group called the "Outlaws", which would include over its span of time such people as Arsenal, Starfire, Artemis and Bizarro and are people Jason has remained close to upon their initial meeting. Following the disbanding of the Outlaws when Artemis and Bizarro found themselves thrust into a different dimension with Jason being summarily dismissed from Gotham after a brutal beat down from Batman, the Red Hood has gone to travel the world fighting crime with his own unique brand of justice.

Backstory: You fellas know it enough at this stage but if not, click here.
  • Lazarus-Enhanced Capabilities: As of his perfect resurrection by the Lazarus Pit, he no longer ages & regenerates from injuries at a very fast rate, allowing him to perfectly cheat death on several occasions. His strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability has been further enhanced.
  • Peak Human Conditioning: Through years of intense and extensive training from Batman plus further training after his resurrection, Jason is at the peak of human potential (almost on Batman's level). By matching his former mentor in combat he has proven that he is far superior to Olympic-level athletes, just as Batman is. His strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, senses, and durability are practically superhuman. He represents the pinnacle of human physical abilities much like Batman and Nightwing.
    • Peak Human Strength: Jason's strength is at the peak of human potential. He is strong enough to break through a submarine hull with a single punch, lift a man over his head and throw him, casually kick an airplane door off the hinges, send Deathstroke flying with a kick, and flip Susie Sue on her head(she weighs 600 lbs). Red Hood's strength and brute force is comparable to Batman's and is seemingly almost superhuman; showcased when he struck Lobo to the floor, even Supergirl commented that "he is far stronger than any human" and "no human should be this powerful".
    • Peak Human Speed: He can run and move at an incredibly fast pace, faster than normal humans. He has outran a moving vehicle and hit Green Arrow before he can even react. While unarmed Jason once blitzed an entire GCPD SWAT team before anyone could even pull the trigger. His fast feat of speed to date is accurately shooting a gang of thugs faster than the eye can follow, despite guns already being aimed at him. He is faster than Batman but not Nightwing.
    • Peak Human Stamina: His highly trained and developed body generates less fatigue-toxins than normal humans allowing him to hold his breath underwater for longer periods of time, and physically exert himself at peak capacity for a few hours before any toxins begin to impair him.
    • Peak Human Agility: Jason's agility is superior to any Olympic-level athlete that's competed. He can coordinate his body with great balance, flexibility, and dexterity. This allows him to perform gymnastic and acrobatic moves.
    • Peak Human Reflexes: Similar to his speed, his reflexes are honed to an extraordinary rate and are borderline-superhuman. He is capable of dodging rapid gunfire at close range from multiple gunmen
    • Peak Human Durability: His muscles and bones are much harder and denser than a normal humans making him extremely durable and resilient. His survived being blasted with a bazooka, multiple nuclear explosions underwater, being set ablaze by a flamethrower, and withstood blows from superhuman opponents such as Deathstroke, Frankenstein, and more.
Equipment: Amongst the various amounts of equipment that Jason has at his disposal, such as shuriken stars, grenades, throwing knives amongst other such items, some have become something of his trademark over the years. The most recognisable of all his equipment is the dual pistols that he carries on him, which seem to be .45 firearms that are modified into M1911 pistols and given his extraordinary marksmanship make him one of the deadliest shots in the entire world; a custom feature that Jason had added is the addition of a pop-up ACOG sight that can be used to hone in on his targets. Other equipment include the use of an in-built taser proper to his suit that has been shown to even stagger that of an Amazon, as shown when he encounters Artemis for the first time and perfectly exemplifies the way in which Jason and Batman differ when it comes to close-quarters combat. Another important piece of equipment is the inclusion of the All-Blades, which Jason learned as a part of his worldwide training when he settled down with the All-Caste for their own brand mystical, martial education; they correspond directly to Jason's soul and are shown to be quite effective against magical entities as shown in his brief fight with Akila in Al-Quraq following her near invasion of the country. As the needs present themselves, Jason had shown the capacity to handle most types of firearms.

  • Master Martial Artist: Jason Todd is a highly skilled combatant, extensively trained by Batman. Although he was always more of a brawler as Robin, following his resurrection he traveled the world to further his training, learning every form of martial arts he could, just as Batman did. Demonstrating himself to be far more skilled than before. This is shown when he fought his former mentor and Nightwing to a standstill when Jason held his own against the Green Arrow in a sword fight, and when he overpowered Tim Drake at Titans Tower. Jason's fighting style focuses on brutality, strength, and speed; he is shown to have mastered over half-a dozen fighting styles and has proven to be a master of Aikido, Capoeira, Silat, Karate, Ninjutsu, Savate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo. He has effectively combined the martial arts he has mastered into a unique harmonious style that suits his strengths.
  • Master Marksman: Having been trained by Batman, Jason has perfect aim when using batarangs and later, firearms. To increase his skill with firearms he went a step further than Batman on his journey around the world to learn from the masters how to kill a target with different types of guns. His precision and accuracy is almost on par with Deadshot's, Jason rarely ever misses his targets.
  • Expert Tactician: Although contradictory to his once childish nature, Jason's learned to survey his targets before attacking and killing them. He spends long hours scouting targets and assuring that they deserve his brand of justice. He is well-versed in military-grade tactics, strategies, and protocols.
  • Master of Stealth: Due to his training with Batman and his further training around the world he is a master of stealth, espionage, infiltration, and sabotage. Jason is capable of breaching very high-security facilities with ease and without being detected. He is skilled enough to infiltrate Tim Drake's hideout without his knowledge, also he has shown enough stealth prowess to track down and scout Batgirl's top secret hideout, despite her intelligence. Jason even snuck away from Supergirl while using her super-hearing.
  • Expert Acrobat: In his training as Robin, he had been taught acrobatics and gymnastics routines. He further practices his abilities as the Red Hood even going so far as to chase the Bat Family around just to test his speed.
  • Skilled Swordsman: Jason has been shown to be skilled enough to hold his own against the Green Arrow in a sword fight until he ultimately lost.
  • Expert Detective: Jason has shown some expertise as a detective.
  • Multilingualism: Taught by Batman, Jason is fluent in several languages having spoken English, French, German, Italian and various others with Russian being his weakest.
  • Genius Level Intellect: After being adopted by Bruce, Jason received an excellent education and tutoring from both private tutors and Bruce thus, has deep knowledge in many subjects, including Science, Math, Medicine, Geography, Criminology, World History and English. He has also proven to be a highly efficient criminal strategist and organised as the Red Hood.
  • Expert Bomb Assembly and Diffusal: Taught by a world renowned bomb expert in Russia, Jason is able to assemble and defuse a wide variety of conventional explosive devices, from improvised to military grade designs. It is yet to be determined whether or not he can diffuse Nuclear devices, in contrast to Batman and Damian's demonstrated ability.
  • Expert Vehicular Driver: Jason has driven a variety of vehicles from cars and boats to being trained in the Middle East by an ace pilot to fly helicopters.
Weaknesses: At times, his temperament can get the better of him and usually lead him into taking on situations that may be beyond his level of skill, though this had been tempered somewhat as he's aged.

~stir fry~
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Random Schemer
Full Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Violet
Alias: Owl Girl
Species: Augmented human
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliations: Young Justice, Batman


Civilian Attire: (see appearance pic)

Personality: Violet tends to be distant with occasional flashes of sarcasm. She prefers to keep people at arms length, feeling that personal connections would just slow her down. She has little empathy, though understands tact when interacting with people she has to maintain contact with. This also shown in her brutal methods against opponents. She’s rather distrustful, telling people only what she thinks they should know.
Violet is on the Team because of her deal with Batman, not because of a desire to do good. She’s not a fan of the restrictive nature of Batman’s rules, but it beats her alternatives.
Backstory: Intelligence does not equal creativity. Take Alex Martin. An unbalanced, brilliant mind with dreams of shadowy control of the world. Not one original plan. In fact, he had to salvage his best plan. It involved some sort of interdimensional attack from pirates or whatever that left behind a bit of debris. Martin managed to get one of the wrecked computers found and started to study it. While most of the data was corrupted, he did find extensive files on a group called Stormwatch. How all of its members were augmented and how its leader tried to use them to take control of his world. Not bothering to know how this ended, Martin started to reenact this plan, beginning with kidnapping, coercing, and stealing the manpower he needed. He implanted the tech in children and teenagers for a lower chance of rejection and they were easier to brainwash.
This is about where our hero's story begins. Well, where she remembers it beginning. By the time her memories start, she was already augmented and finishing up her grueling training. Given the name "Night Maiden", she was assigned to the team intended to "work" for the US government as their own private Justice League, called Daywatch. Everything was working well for Martin, till some of his puppet heroes with brain augmentation began to break through his brainwashing, Night Maiden included. One of these free thinkers tried to warn the Justice League of Martin's plan, but was executed before he got the full story out. Martin quickly hatched a plan to incriminate the JL and then trap them with his heroes. Unfortunately, Night Maiden and the other freed members of his heroes had other plans. When Martin was about to spring his trap on the JL, Night Maiden led an attack on Martin himself which would have ended with his death if not for the rest of his heroes coming back to protect him, with the League on their heels. After the ensuing battle, only two of Martin's augmented heroes escaped, Night Maiden and a solar powered named Helios, with Night Maiden being the only rebel to Martin to survive. While escaping the League, the still brain washed Helios promised revenge on the Justice League and Night Maiden.
On her own and calling herself Violet, the former Night Maiden travelled around the world, trying to stay one step ahead of people who wanted to cut her up for her augmentations or turn her into their personal assassin. A year ago, Violet was nearly caught, but escaped with the help of Batman. He offered her protection and a salary if she worked for him and followed his rules. She reluctantly agreed. Given the codename Owl Girl, Violet worked as an Agent of Batman, following leads and criminals outside of Gotham. Recently, Batman assigned her to the Team in a hopes to re-adjust her to work with others.

-Battle Precognition; brain implants allow Violet to simulate every possible outcome of a fight instantaneously, allowing her to act on her preferred outcome. Requires opponents to act first.
-Tactical sensors; enhanced senses with a scanner that details other people's powers.
-Mechanical enhanced body; enhanced strength, agility, durability, and healing. (While not "healing factor" fast, Violet’s enhanced healing allows rapid recover times from injury, like a broken bone healed in a few days rather then a few weeks to months.)
Equipment: Tonfas, throwing daggers, taser, body armor, grapple gun, and holographic computer.
Skills: Master of Krav Maga, Training in a variety of weapons, detective work, stealth, computer hacking, acrobatics, and multilingual (Mandarin, Cantanese, Spanish, Japanese, working on Arabic).
-Light Sensitivity
-Unpredictable opponents (see Joker)
-Inactive opponents
-Psionics can disrupt link between mind and implants.

Theme: Jericho by Celldweller



Junior Member
Full Name: B-2
Nickname: Quell
Alias: None
Species: Biological Chimera
Age: Ageless
Gender: Male
Alignment: CADMUS
Affiliation(s): None

Civilian Attire: N/A
[Super] Suit:N/A
Backstory: Following the death of Derek Powers or "Blight," Cadmus harvested his toxic and radioactive remains. Their hope was to create a sort of clone that would bear the same amount of toxicity but differ in that it would only prove detrimental to the DNA of Meta and Superhumans. The project was dubbed "B-2" and undertaken by none other than Amanda Waller. It began as a marginal success. Blight's DNA was combined with that of several others and after a few alterations, the clone became a reality. Focusing most of their effort on augmenting and teaching their creation to effectively counter the abilities of various heroes both mentally and physically , Cadmus neglected to give their project much understanding of societal norms. Project B-2 was only made to understand that its purpose was to stop the uprising of metahumans great and small. The success was short-lived. Try as they might, Cadmus was unable to curb the immense amount of radiation emanated by the project. Exposure to the naïve humanoid resulted in the swift death of many of the researchers and scientists tasked with overseeing its development. Eventually, the project was deemed too dangerous and after being subdued was incarcerated in a lead-lined capsule that was subsequently buried deep beneath the earth.
Personality: Quell is extremely determined when it comes to accomplishing goals. He is wary of Super and Metahumans. While he doesn't speak very much, he's more than capable of voicing his opinions if the mood strikes him. He has a tendency to meddle in conflicts that have nothing to do with him and is impulsive to the point that he often acts before he has full understanding of the situations he finds himself in. Like Blight, he has a short temper but it somewhat curbed by his naivety.
--Extreme Toxicity: Being within range of Quell makes one violently ill and dizzy given that he's highly radioactive. Prolonged exposure leads to worsened symptoms that linger for quite some time. The most noticeable of these symptoms is bleeding.
--Ki blasts and beams: He can focus the radiation and blast it at foes.
--Stamina: He can fight for extended periods of time without weakening.
--Durability: he can take a lot of attacks.
Equipment: None
Skills: He's an extremely fast learner; the kind of person that need only see a movement or strategy once to be able to perform it at some level.
-- Lack of Strength:
For all the abilities Quell possesses, he has only enough strength to hold his own. In a fight, you're more likely to weaken from his biology and the fact he just keeps on going than you are the punches that he throws
--Impulsivity: If angry enough he can easily be lead into a trap.
Pre-Determined Relationships:

He may run into the other characters I make.
Extra: His blood is laced heavily with Kryptonite ( but you don't want to lose too much of that even if you are some kind of superhuman) he doesn't eat but wishes he could try some stirfry.

Full Name: Elizabeth Emily Arkham
Nickname: None
Alias: None
Appears 16
Gender: Female
Alignment: Unknown

Civilian Attire:
[Super] Suit: None
Personality: Elizabeth has a genuine desire to help others be free of what she considers illnesses. She is unable to see the role of choice with regard to action or that people can regret the actions they've taken. If someone commits a crime she'll assume that its because some part of them is defective and endeavor to solve the problem , which is never as pleasant as it seems.
A patient at Arkham began complaining to the staff about the presence of a female who would stalk the halls at night. Thinking nothing of it, they wouldn't do much more besides humor the tales he told them. With each passing night the man grew more fearful and insisted that something be done. A member of the staff went to his cell one morning to find him completely unresponsive. Nothing was out of the ordinary save for the word "Constance" which had been carved into the wall beside his bed. With the death of the man. all seemed right again, but it didn't last. Very soon, others began to report similar sightings to the point that they could no longer be ignored. Deciding that one of the patients had somehow escaped and was causing trouble around the Asylum, orderlies were assigned to every corner of it. The plan was to capture the escaped patient as soon as night fell. After hours of waiting, their efforts proved fruitful. A girl much like the one the patients described appeared but all efforts to subdue her failed and a massive power outage followed.. No similar events have been reported since.
- Intangibility:
Elizabeth can make it so that solid objects simply pass through her body without inflicting any harm but only for about ten seconds. This ability cannot be spammed due to the fact that using it weakens her greatly.
-Dark Ki: Blasts, waves shields etc.
--Minion Manifestation: She can manifest foes to help her fight when outnumbered but they're typically easily vanquished and serve as more of a distraction for making a hasty retreat.
--Medical Bag:
Pretty much the only guarantee with regard to what she'll pull out of it is that it will be related to the medical profession.
-- Cane: The top of it matches her mask. It fires musket balls and contains a sword
--Medicine and surgical procedures:
If ever injured in battle, she can use these skills to patch herself up, not that it makes healing any less of a process.
--Dexterity: She's extremely good with her hands.
- Supernatural Weapons:
They damage her easily and the most she can hope for is that her and her opponent are of equal strength.
-- Powerful light Sources.
Pre-Determined Relationships:


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  • Basics
    Full Name: Mar'i Donna Grayson
    Nicknames: Mar'i
    Alias: Nightfire
    Species: Half human, half Tamaranean
    Affiliation: Young Justice (formerly), Bat-Family
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Parents: Dick Grayson, Koriand'r
    Siblings: Devin Grayson (adoptive brother)
    Relatives: Bruce Wayne (grandfather), Jason Todd (uncle), Cassandra Cain (aunt), Tim Drake (uncle), Damian Wayne (uncle) look there are a lot of Bats out there you get the drill, Komand'r (aunt)
    Civilian Job: College student

    Height: 5'11
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Black
    Body Type: Tall, muscular, wide shoulders
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Normal Attire: Something akin to this

    Super suit

    Tamaranean Physiology: Alien physiology constantly absorbs ultraviolet radiation and converts it to energy.

    Flight: Which leaves a distinctive energy contrail behind, looking as if it is coming directly from her hair

    Super Speed: When in flight. She can cross light-years in minutes

    Starbolts: Can channel and project energy into destructive blasts called "starbolts"

    Superhuman Durability: She is highly resistant to injury and can even survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space.

    Superhuman Strength: Possesses great superhuman strength

    Linguistic Assimilation: Capable of assimilating other languages through physical contact with another person

    Hand to Hand Combat: Having been trained by her father on Earth-22

    Strategy: Mar'i is no idiot, but her plans of attack typically begin and end with 'pummel them'. This, combined with an impulsive love of battle, has handed her some humiliating defeats

    Metallic chromium: Mar'i, as is the case for many Tamaraneans, is allergic to metallic chromium. Her allergies are volatile, and make her powers go haywire

    Virtues: Courageous, independant, enthusiastic, creative, passionate
    Vices: Quick tempered, impulsive, prideful, aggressive
    Tropes: The Big Guy, Hot Blooded, Leeroy Jenkins, Purple is Powerful, Trapped in Another World
    Personality: Confident, proud, and all too aware of her genetically gifted power, Mar'i isn't the easiest of people. With a faster temper, and even faster punches, she is a loose powerhouse at the best of times. While she can hardly be called stupid, it's no secret that she prefers to think with her fists than with her head, and as a result she can be impulsive and reckless. She can be brash, too; overbearing to those she likes, unashamedly threatening to those she doesn't. Despite these difficult quirks, though, she has a strong sense of right and wrong, and is ultimately morally sound; caught in the same appreciation of justice as many Bat characters. Her position as the daughter of Dick Grayson is proven in her unconditional love to those she considers friends, and her chirpy mannerisms in battle.


    Pre-Determined Relationships

    Faceclaim Credit: waytoocatty on Tumblr

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A Gemsona from a while ago
Full Name: Ashlynn Jane Revant

Nickname: Ashe

Alias: Potion

Species: Human

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Alignment: Her "employer" is unknown (She is a villain with Hero intent)

Affiliation(s): Unknown (Slade)

Civilian Attire:
(Check Appearance)
[Super] Suit:
Ashlynn acts hostile to Heroes, as she blames them for not saving her family. Though she is hostile towards them, she is honestly a sweet girl who just wants to move humanity forward. She doesnt want to see a world where people rely on Heroes for everything, and she believes science is the best way to move forward.

Ashlynn was born to scientists of Lex Corp. They were the top scientists of their job and were truly "Gifts" upon the world. Ashlynn grew up home schooled as her parents thought the were way smarter than teachers in a public school. They taught her basics of science and she quickly picked up on mixing chemicals and scientifically analyzing various reactions caused by the mixing. This went on until she was 14.

Herself and her parents were sitting around their house, enjoying a peaceful sunday afternoon. That was until they heard a hissing from their air conditioning. Her father and mother were getting dizzy so her father went to check the vent. As soon as he placed his face in front of the vent, a large cloud of green smoke puffed out of the vent and wasn't stopping. It eventually covered the room except for near the ground where Ashlynn was already laying down. Both her father and mother had fallen down to the ground and were not moving. Soon, men in black uniforms came in wearing gas masks. Ashlynn stood up and yelled at them to stop, although knowing well enough the gas in the room was poisonous. She charged at one of the men and managed to drag his mask down, leaving him gagging for actual air before she was pulled off of him by the other men.

Their leader walked into the room, gas mask included. "You wont get away with this!!" Ashlynn yelled at the man. "Superman... Batman... Someone will be here and they will kick your ass!!!" She kept struggling but there wasn't much a 14 year old could to while she was crying. The man, with his redish mask leans down to her and puts his hand under her chin to have her look him in his one eye hole and he lets out a chuckle. "If the truly cared for the little people... they would have been here already..." He said as he released her chin. "And you are unique child... you are currently inhaling various poisons and toxins that could kill an entire herd of elephants... but you are casually breathing it in..." He said with his back to her.

Ashlynn was struck with a crisis. The man was right, a raid like this would take months to plan and in that time the heroes had to of known about it. "They... they don't care..." She said a bit scared. The man came back to her. "It is not that they do not care, child." His tone was soft, calming her a bit. "They do not want the little people to not need them anymore. They are afraid of true progress." He said as he signaled his goons to let her go and continue their raiding. "Your parents were the same. Practicing the same formulas every day, yet trying to avoid the inevitable." He then looked at Ashlynn with a hand extended. "Would you like to progress Humanity into an era where it does not need super heroes?" he asked. Ashlynn looked at the man and then took his hand. "They do not care for us... why would we need them?" she asked as she stood. "I get my own lab... right?"

Ashlynn has no real powers except a strange immunity to poison. This was found out earlier in her life due to experiences.

  1. Her "potions" are vials of different toxins and gasses/liquids. These include but aren't limited to Instant freeze, knockout gas, laughing gas, Extreme Acid, Smoke, and many more.
  2. Her potion rifle. She is able to load her potions into it and launch them instead of throwing them. It also acts as an actual sniper if need be.
  3. Gas mask and goggles prevent her from being affected from her various gasses.
  4. A grappling hook

Ashlynn is adept in science. She is able to produce a concoction for gas or liquid basically on the first try, sometimes the third.
Ashlynn is a sharpshooter with her rifle, though she is not 100% accurate as she sometimes relies on splash damage from her "Potions."
Ashlynn is agile and slippery, being trained by Slade.

She is just human, so she can only do what humans can do.
She gets tired after pushing her body too far
She doesn't have super strength
She is mortally wounded.
Pre-Determined Relationships:
"To change the world, sacrifices have to be made.... right?"
"I know what I am doing is against the law, but he says the Laws are stopping us from surpassing the past."
"Stirfry just seems to have a taste that is unique."
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maybe something out of this world
Full Name: Batch-B9 Subject-C (known as Calvin Jones)

Nicknames: Cal

Alias: Cenith

Species: Bio-Human (a human with enhanced Genetics)

Affiliation: they work alone

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Parents: Maxwell Jones

Siblings: Rosa Jones

Relatives: unknown

Civilian Job: Barista


Height: 6'2''

Weight: 165,3 ib

Eye Color: blue

Hair Color: black

Complexion: clear with a faint tan

Body Type: average

Body Features: a black dragon tattoo on his right arm, several scars on his torso

Sexuality: straight

Equipment: a Bastardsword , Gauntlets

Normal Attire: white shirt, black pants, black coat, black boots


Slightly enhanced reflexes and strenght

A good swordfighter


He can sense attacks that are directed at him


Any weaknes that a normal human has (poison, explosions, fatal stab wounds, the usual)

Fast attacks (like the flash or a gun pointed against his head)

Persona & Bio.

Virtues: Loyal




Vices: impetuous



Likes: Coffee


Small talk


Dislikes: small spaces


Stir fry

Quirks: making bad jokes when nervous.

Tropes: I didn't see that coming

Personality: He is very open, likes to laugh and hates to see people sad.

Bio: Calvin was born in an underground facility near Metropolis, he was part of an experiment to create genetically enhanced humans. His Batch was apparently a failure, most of the batch didn't even survived the incubation or died soon after their "birth", Calvin was the only subject to survive long enough to be tested.

His genetic code was stable but he had neither physical or mental superpowers, though he was written off as a failure the scientists kept him alive so they have a disposable sparing partner for their successful subjects.

They soon found out that the training fights against Calvin improved the skills of the other subjects and he wasn't disposable anymore, they healed his wounds every time he was hurt but he was still treated as a failure. In his time fighting against the other subjects, Calvin learned how to dodge their attacks, after each training his skills got better and one day he saw the attack befor it hit him, he was shocked.

Calvin didn't knew that he had powers, he was from the only bad batch, he was a failure, so he kept it secret. His power got stronger everyday and soon he went out of the training unharmed, this surprised the scientists and they wanted to examine him again, maybe the exposure to the superpowers of the other subjects triggered something in him but befor they could do that the facility had a critical error and explosions destroyed most of it. Calvin survived barely and searched for an exit, on his way he found all of the other subjects dead but he never found the corpses of the scientists. When he found an exit he was shocked how the outside looked like, so much colors, no walls and even the air was different. As he stumbled through the area a man found him, Maxwell.

Maxwell was quiet worried about the boy, dressed in rags and the disoriented look on his face, so Maxwell talked to Calvin, he first didn't believed one word of this boy, Max thought that this boy may have tooked some kind of drug like most of the teenagers nowadays but Calvin showed him the lab.

Maxwell, who has himself a daughter and who lost his own son just a few years prior to this, decided to take Calvin in, he even gave him his name stating that the name "Batch-B Subject-C" isn't a real name. Maxwell told the authorities that Calvin is a distant relative, knowing that they would call him crazy if he told them about the lab, but he told his daughter the truth about Calvin.

Most of Calvin's new life was uneventful, he never heard anything from the scientists and he lived happily with his new family, Maxwell even thought him how to make good coffee, since his daughter didn't desired to take over his Café.

When Calvin's 18th birthday came, his now father hired him as a batista in his café, everything was good but after 2 years the café was robbed and Calvin decided to do something against it. It was a quick fight, the robbers didn't even knew what hit them.

That evening, Maxwell told Calvin about the crimes in the world and about superheros, like Superman or Wonder Woman. This was the day Calvin decided to help people in secret, he didn't even told Maxwell about it, he wandered the streets after his shift, fought against thiefs and other evildoers. One time, after he safed this one lady she asked him for his name and he nearly said his regular name but safed it with telling "Cenith".

Word came around that a new superhero patrols the area and helps anyone in need, even Maxwell heard it and he knew instantly who this "Cenith" was. He grabbed his son and asked him straight if he was this new superhero and Calvin couldn't lie to his father, Calvin feared that Max would be angry or even throw him out but Max was understanding but he had only one question. "What's with this stupid name?" Calvin looked shy to the ground. "I kinda panicked when I was asked so I came up with it and well I was the best of my Batch, I was the Zenith of it and I am subject C so I combined it." They laughed about and Max gave him more free time so he could help the people around them.

For his next birthday Maxwell gave Calvin a sword, so he could defend himself and a pair of gauntlets.



Faceclaim: d63w4mn-ed03bc6d-78f8-4988-bf29-c7b243c85dce.jpg

(Commission: Carus)
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the one and only

Samantha Nicole Evans

  • Full Name: Samantha Nicole Evans
    Nicknames: Her co-workers and professional name is Nikki, friends and family refer to her as Sammi
    Alias: Codex
    Species: Human
    Affiliation: Formerly: Innocent Devils, Yakuza. Currently: None
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female

    Parents: Elizabeth Banks-Evans, Sebastian Evans
    : Philip Andrew Evans
    Relatives: None
    Civilian Job: Stripper and bar tender, "Grin and Bare It"

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The Black Knight

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Full Name: Damon Logan
Nicknames: N/A
Alias: Warlock, "The" Warlock, The Dark Master
Species: Human with a demonic bloodline
Affiliation: Teen Titans or Young Justice
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Parents: Garfield Logan (Father) and Rachel Roth (Mother)
Siblings: None
  • Trigon (Grandfather)
  • Seven Deadly Sins (Uncles)
  • Wyld (Illegitimate Brother/Deceased)
  • Possibly Garfield's surviving foster parents

Civilian Job: Assistant Librarian

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Complexion: Slight green tint but pale
Body Type: Slender Lean
Body Features: Damon’s hair is black and his skin pallor and olive-tinted. The lobes of his ears have one-inch in diameter black gauges, and the shells are pointed similar to his father’s. His eyes are forest-green, canines sharp, and fingernails pointed like claws (though he regularly clips them). His tongue is pierced and splits before a silver, ball piercing. He has two sleeve tattoos of a tribal nature that resemble fire, and at the center of his forehead is a blood-red ruby that most believe is part of his weird goth fashion.
Sexuality: Heteroflexible
Equipment: He likes dark colors. His wardrobe mostly consists of black, which makes his stark-white complexion stand out. It is so bright that even the tinge of green is barely noticed. He wears jeans, beanies, hoodies, and of course, his jewelry. His clothing is comfy and casual.

Soul-Self/Darkness Manipulation: Damon is able to conjure and project darkness from his body, usually in the guise of his soul-self, an astral projection in the shape of a demonic entity that he can use to see through and manipulate objects. Though the soul-self is normally intangible, it can be disrupted by magic and concentrated sound.
Empathy: Damon can sense, absorb, and manipulate the feelings of others. He can use his powers to steal emotions from others, rendering them emotionally “numb.” He can absorb the pain of the injured to ease their suffering and induce rapid healing. This cannot be done to major injuries. (Disclaimer: I don’t intend to use this on PC’s unless permission is granted.)
Psionics: Damon has the ability to sense and read minds to a degree that he doesn’t appear to notice if someone is physically present or not. This heightened mental fortitude allows him to also use telekinesis and resist psychic possession. Magical possession is another story. He can use either his telekinesis or even his magic/soul-self to fly, but it isn't always known, which energy form he is using. Like a human alternating what muscles they use during a fitness competition to save energy, Damon can do the same with his powers.
(Disclaimer: I don’t intend to use "mind readung" on PC’s unless permission is granted.)
Magic: Damon reads to learn, and he enjoys studying magic. He knows how to cast magical spells, and often does so experimentally. This doesn’t always turn out as good as he hopes for he has summoned demons on accident. Damon is able to use teleportation spells to teleport either himself or others to a different location. The farther away the location is, the more taxing the spell will be.
Chronokinesis Immunity: Inherited from his mother, Damon is immune to chronological manipulation due to heritage.
Precognition: (Plot/GM Dependent) Damon is capable of predicting the future. However, it is outside of his control. It will happen whenever the planet or Earth dimension is in danger of invasion or destruction.
Shapeshifting: A dark Trigon seed resides within Damon that grows slowly. The speed of the seed’s growth has been slowed by a crystal implanted in the center of his forehead that most think is part of his “goth getup.” The crystal is actually magical in nature, and if removed, could free the seed to rapidly grow, imbuing Damon with chaotic evil energy. The day this happens would not be a good day for anyone. Unlike his father, because of the dark seed, the shapes Damon is capable of shifting into are horrific in nature. He can transform an arm, limb, or cause multiple things to grow from his body. Black tentacles are a common happenstance, but sometimes those tentacles will grow teeth. Damon can try to transform into animals he has seen before whether alive, alien, or extinct. What they have to be is a creature that has actually existed or exists and cannot be fictional. However, his transformations aren’t as perfect. His creature forms have a deformed and macabre appearance. He believes they are a reflection of his current spiritual state. Secretly, it bothers him and makes him question whether he was meant to be a hero with such powers.

When Damon changes into those creatures that are supposed to be animals, he gains all of their abilities, such as the sonar of a bat, the strength of an elephant, or the speed of a cheetah. He can generate venom (depending on the type of animal form he takes on) and he is capable of speech while in animal form. Again, unlike his father, no matter what form he takes, the animal's skin and hair color will always be black. This can make it difficult to hide in plain sight (again, depending on the animal form).
Animal Mimicry: Damon has the power to mimic the abilities of any animal he knows of while he is in their form. The ability apparently gives him intuitive understanding of the animals and what abilities they have that may be useful in a situation. Unfortunately, almost every animal is afraid of him while the Trigon seed is inside him, and they tend to flee from him in fear.
Animal Empathy: He can sense the emotions of animals. He can detect if they are in the area and if they are fleeing in panic from a threat (that isn’t him of course).

  • Great Magician
  • Occult Knowledge
  • Zoologic Knowledge
  • Animal Empathy
  • Spiritual Knowledge
  • Demonology
  • Above-average Intelligence

Non-Combatant: Damon has spent more time in books than in a gym. He isn’t strong. He doesn’t know how to fight and is heavily reliant on his powers, so his strength is in his psionic abilities, shapeshifting, and magic. These things take energy, but not as much as running two miles would. He is hard to convince to go to a gym or workout because he would argue that he can’t see the point.
Crystal: It would be a weakness in a sense that if it were destroyed or removed somehow, would allow Trigon’s seed to grow and takeover.
Fear of Losing Control: Because of the seed inside of him, if Damon gets carried away using his powers to harm others, ie. Villains, then he finds his dark abilities to be blissful. It can be addicting, leading him to harm his enemies almost to the point that he could be considered just as bad as they are. It is a difficult habit to break as soon as it starts, but Damon tries. He tries to keep himself reeled in, which can deplete his potential on the battlefield.
Still Learning: He’s young and still learning to understand his powers. He is capable of learning other skills where he lacks—if he feels like it. Motivation isn’t very easy with him. If he doesn’t find it truly beneficial or interesting, then getting the stubborn bastard to do it will be difficult.
One-Sided: Because he specializes in magic, it is very easy for the enemy to predict and know on a second encounter how Damon operates. While the enemy may still struggle with fighting Damon, they can easily plot ways to inhibit his powers and battlefield potential.
Eye for an Eye: The way Damon heals, whether it be mentally or physically, he takes on the affliction. This has mentally and physically made his overall pain tolerance higher than most humans, and it is what leads him to shoulder other people's burdens at his own expense. He hates feeling guilty...for them. Sad...for them. But he can't stand seeing or hearing another person suffer.

Persona & Bio.
Virtues: Awareness, Curiosity, Dauntlessness, Empathy, Erudite, Focus, Ingenuity, Self-awareness, Spirituality
Vices: Crabbiness, Crankiness, Intemperance, Moodiness, Rage, Wildness
Likes: Reading, studying magic, meditation, quiet, night, peaceful and private settings, small groups, and doing what he wants.
Dislikes: Loud atmospheres, big crowds or parties, morning, nosy people, and people who don't know when to leave him alone.
Quirks: Clipping his nails when convenient; wiggling and clapping his split tongue when bored or thinking; and spending some time in the mirror, mainly checking his hair.
Tropes: Condition to Accept Horror, Nominal Hero, The Empath, Shapeshifting, Squishy Wizard

Personality: Damon loves what he loves, and therefore, can be slightly selfish. If anyone tries to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do such as going to parties or workout, then they will face probably one of the most stubborn people on earth. His stubbornness may have come from when his father tried to force him to be a vegetarian. Damon became a meat-eater out of spite, or it could have been influenced by the seed within him. His demon blood makes him prone to commit violence, and while aggression isn’t something he displays outwardly, internally his emotions feel like a whirlwind. It gets even worse if there are too many angry people, such as in a club or bar fight; or even too many sad people like at a funeral. Damon avoids big crowds as much as he can, and is mostly a shut-in in some way or form. He’ll either be shut in at work (the library) or at his college dorm. He likes being exposed to the feelings of others as little as possible, but when he walks passed someone who’s suffering, he may just steal away their pain—such as a person crying after being humiliated or having a bad day. While doing so may ruin his day, he knows that mentally, he can handle it. This is the same physically if he is healing a physical wound. However, as strong as he may think he is mentally, an anger only festers within him—an anger at the world. He gradually becomes miserable and angry, and these emotions feed the Trigon seed inside of him, darkening his mood.

When Damon has to use his powers to protect others, he often times finds himself getting carried away with beating up thugs. He likes it, and he doesn’t at all feel guilty when it comes to the suffering of those who deserve it. He is uncertain if it is him or the seed making him feel that way, but it disturbs him. It makes him question if he is actually a good person. His powers; the creature’s he’s able to shift into; is he really a hero? Was he meant to be one or was he truly meant to be one of his grandfather’s minions? Damon struggles to see the light. He hasn’t quit yet, but there may be a point where he will one day break.

On a brighter note, when Damon is in his comfort zone—small or private place and groups—then there is a side of him most might not have ever seen on first impression. He can be funny, silly, and one to crack jokes. He will even smile. As a hero, he tends to enshroud himself in darkness. The darkness is his armor and his weapons. He feels safe, confident, and tucked away. He is The Warlock. The Dark Master. He strikes fear into those who strikes fear into others. If he is becoming a monster, then he will become a monster that stops other monsters.

Bio: Rekindling her relationship with Garfield, was a dream Rachel thought wouldn't come true. While fighting crime side-by-side, their love and bond grew stronger and not even Trigon’s influence could break it apart. Rachel and Garfield eventually took a break away from the Teen Titans to settle down. They lived happily together and soon Rachel was pregnant. She had become so comfortable in her normal life that her fears and paranoia about her father slipped away. Trigon took this opportunity to sneak a seed into his daughter’s belly into the child she carried. It made the remaining months of her pregnancy unbearable. Something was wrong. The child within her brought her only agony. Rachel began to question if this was what pregnancy was like? She hadn’t ever been pregnant before and everyone else had described it to be a beautiful thing. She was once driven to the brink of wanting to abort the child, but it was Garfield who remained by her side convincing her not to and supporting her to the end. On the day of Damon’s birth, Rachel refused to go to the hospital. She suspected whatever had been wrong was unnatural, and she feared for not only the safety of her child, but those around her. They retreated into the basement of their home where Rachel had Garfield help her draw a magic circle. Once the circle was drawn, Rachel sat within it and gave birth to Damon within it. The child cried and a thick darkness surrounded him, taking the form of tentacles thrashing wildly about. The circle kept the child contained while she worked to create a crystal that would seal the destructive power. Once she was able to place the crystal within her son’s skull, Trigon’s influence subsided. She could see the seed in her son, and was unable to remove it like she used to. When the seed was passed congenitally, it was as though it fused to her baby. Enraged with her father and saddened, she feared what would become of Damon.

Damon grew up a happy boy, but his parents started to learn about the powers he was slowly manifesting. Empathy was his first one. She noticed it when he was an infant. He always cried at restaurants or when they went to the city. It remained this way when he grew older. He couldn’t stay in school with so many kids. It became so bad that he attacked a bully on the playground. Damon became home-schooled and ever since, he has been buried in books. Damon loved to read and he excelled rapidly. His parents were finding it difficult to keep up. He had read every book in the house and was always in search of a new read. Damon’s curiosity and desire eventually lead him into his mother’s things. From Rachel’s books, he learned about magic and that her books weren’t ordinary books. He kept one hidden from her for several months until she one day started looking for it. It was then Damon was forced to reveal he had stolen it, and his mother was not happy. It seemed that Rachel and Garfield always played stereotypically opposite roles. While Rachel and Damon argued, Garfield was always the mediator and often took Damon’s side. It took his parents a while, but eventually they accepted that they could not stop what Damon would become. They could only hope it would be a force of good.

When Damon finished home school, Rachel wasn’t going to allow him to sit around the house unemployed and reading all day. She encouraged him to attend college—more like forced. She didn’t give him much options. It was either go to college or get out and get his own apartment. Damon didn’t think he was quite ready to learn how to survive on his own just yet. College was more structured and everything was provided. It would be easier to learn about life there. Damon wound up going to college in pursuit of a degree in Biology. He’s a freshman, and he’s not only learning about human behavior, but he’s learning every day how to survive on his own. He eventually got a job at the on-campus library as an assistant.

[Will add more as the Lore is created. I left some details out such as where they live for a reason. I haven’t quite decided that yet.]

Pre-Determined Relationships

Faceclaim: Cain Jagurox
Voiceclaim: Shinichi's Voice (Stir Fry)
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