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Anyone want to do a RP based on DC not the movies more the comics and cartoons

I have Next Gen kid hero OCs (because I really enjoyed SuperSons and find kid heroes fun)
My two main ones are one who's the son of Wonder woman and the other is the Son of Supergirl I can give more info if you're interested

OCs are okay as long as they make sense and we both play canon characters to.

If you'd want it set more in a cartoon universe like say Justice League or Young Justice that's fine although if YJ know I'm not done with season 4 so no spoilers.
And please be more then just Batman characters I know a lot of people just want to do Batman stuff but I find sticking to just Batman makes it hard to do RPs like this.
Also note my replies aren't super long I know that's a issue for some people.
We can discuss more if you're interested
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