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Fandom Dc/marvel rp

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So I want to do an rp for Marvel or DC like the name states.

I'm semi lit to lit but I'll try to match others. Only thing is I can't to first person and I can't do illiterate. But I don't mind rping with someone who uses those I just don't like it.

Plot, Genre, Pairings
As for pairs and plot. Plot, I need to know the characters but if u do I can't try and make one though I don't like making it alone. Genre, I can do anything outside of family rps, I'm most familiar with romance, action, and adventure but I'm good with anything. Pairs, I can do oc x oc, cc x cc, I can do oc x cc if I'm the oc or it's a double up.

I don't want to do both marvel and DC though if it is a double up I don't mind if one is in marvel and one is in DC but I don't like crossover things.

I don't mind rping here though I don't quite understand how it works so I may need so I may need some help. I'm more comfortable on discord.

Steel Accord

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I'd be down. I've had this scenario I've always toyed around with that no one has ever taken me up on. One where I play Iron Fist and the other person plays Thor. Where Asgard basically pushes itself into the Tournament of Heaven and now you have Thor and his extended cast fighting Danny and his. Meanwhile Loki schemes in the background with Crane Mother.
Uh I won't mind trying it though I'm not to good at Thor if that changes your mind on it. I think the plot sounds interesting and really cool too!

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