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The Premise
The phased earth, nobody is quite sure how or when it happened, but Earth 1 in the DC universe and Earth 616 in the Marvel universe somehow merged together and became one. The residents of each earth remembered nothing about their life before the merge. It was perfectly normal for Spiderman and Hawkeye to be seen saving the day alongside Batman and the Flash. It was normal for Captain Cold and Doc Oc to team up with yet another dastardly plan.

Some things stayed the same. Peter Parker still works for the Daily Bugle, Batman still saves Gotham, New York still gets attacked by all manner of strange and alien creatures, Newcastle still happened. Places like Latveria, Wakanda, Madripoor and the Savage lands still exist. Xavier's School for gifted children also accepts meta-humans (wh differ from mutants as meats powers are triggered by some sort of accident or exposure to dark matter or chemicals) as the similarities between the two far outweigh the differences. Weapon X still made Wolverine and Deadpool.

But many things changed. The Avengers and Justice League merged to form one unified team, still doing under the name of The Avengers, but being led by a coalition of Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Captain America. Teen Titans and Young Avengers also unified. Namor didn't make it, so Atlantis is ruled by Arthur Curry. The Rogues have an on-off partnership with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Even Doctor Strange and John Constantine manage to fight side by side.

Romantic interests also changed. Billionaire Bruce Wayne married Emma Frost of Frost industries, creating one of the biggest industrial meetings in the history of either earth. Superman never fell for Lois Lane, instead of being enraptured by the mysterious Diana Prince. Others managed to transcend even the phasing of earth. Barry Allen and Iris West, Peter Parker and M.J. being among them.

What we will be telling now is the tale of the heroes and villains after the phase. There will be team arcs and villains to fight. But there will also be social arcs and character evolution. We will see heroes fall and villains rise, as well as questionable life choices and lots of pizza.

So yeah, that's the basic idea. Both OCs and canon characters are accepted, along with both heroes and villain.
I'm a first time GM, so I'm new to this. I took it over from our old GM. If you are interested let me know!

Link to RP

Link to OOC
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Amateur Wordsmith
I am interested, but I do have a question: Is extensive comic book knowledge recommended? I ask because I'm mostly familiar with DC/Marvel from the movies and TV shows.


Symbolic Animal of Gallifrey
Comic book knowledge isn't necessary at all
Quite a lot of the stuff you'd need to know about is from DC/Marvel movies and TV shows anyway

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