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Fandom dc comic, mcu and more (needing rps)

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Magical, Meta, Super Powers


"Spots on!"
Hi everyone,
i am looking for rp partners to roleplay with. Been roleplaying for two years,

💜Here are the rules💜:
1.semi writing but i can write long as you want (not a novel), will try to match up as long as you have written if you want me to
2.Let me know if your gonna be gone for awhile: and in return i will let you know if i will be offline
3. Keep me updated: if you are busy and cant reply for awhile thats fine but if there is a problem with the rp that causes you to be unintrested please let me know instead of just ghosting me

4.If it has a heart by it that means i already have someone rping as that character but you may rp as that character except for loki and mcu spiderman.

5.i will be offline sometimes during the fall soon due to trying to move and job, i will only be available monday, thursday or friday. Sometimes my work schedule changes. On weekends they will be free sometimes

-I can double but only if you can rp as a character on this list and tell me which one you want me to rp as for your character- i rp as specific ones so dont be afraid to ask which ones chances are i might know them

Now onto the list:​
List of characters i wish to rp with: (most of these are for romance stories or adopt rp)
(bolded ones i really want to rp)

Daredevil x my oc
Tony x my oc (closed)
Steve roger x my oc
Nightwing x my oc
iron fist x my oc
Spiderman from ultimate spiderman x my oc <3
Spiderman from marvel spiderman (horizon high) x my oc
Spiderman homecoming x my oc <3
Batman x my oc</3
Batman beyond x my oc
x my oc
Arrow x my oc(open)
Flash x my oc
Black panther x my oc
Batman (adam west) x my oc <3
Shazam x my oc
Spiderman/ kid archnid (miles morales) from spiderverse
x my oc (this one is a normal rp)
Static shock x my oc <3
Black lightning
Bruce banner 💜
red hood: email only
tim drake

Other shows:
Code lyoko: all the main characters, i can be aelita, ulrich, odd or yumi. (Closed)
Big hero 6: need hiro for hiroxmy
oc but other main characters will be in rp
totally spies
Sailor moon: any for adopt rp

mermaid melody
3below trollhunters
Video games:
spiderman ps4: spiderman for romance rp

Characters I can rp as:
ask me if you have a specific one you are looking for.
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"Spots on!"
Need dc roleplayers or someone to rp daredevil
Who would like to roleplay with me?
I can double as a character for your oc or idea.

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