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Barbara sighed and left to the car, hopping in and starting it up as she waited for them to climb in."I still think you need a sit down with them..." She mumbled to herself, Julie held onto her father's pantleg as she walked with him.

Richard puts his fork down."Are we still talking about hybrids or what?" His brows furrowed and he looked to Jade next to him as she leaned on him."Yeah Barry can go back in time and forward in time." He tells her.

Vander folds his arms."She seems like it yeah and she's threatened you guys before so I don't know." He shrugged."So are you going to let Harley handle this herself?" He asks her.
"Well there are no more hybrids, so..." Rose trails off and she sighs, she wondered if Jade even wanted to go back home "We can ask him if he can bring her home, if she wants to go.", she did like having Jade around, especially since Sage moved closer to her school, it'd be quiet.

"So you'd force the kids to be uncomfortable around Tim? I trust him not to do it again because next time I will end him." Jason says, putting Julie in the car before making sure Jake's buckled in and he gets in "I'll talk with Bruce, but not Tim.".

"You heard Harley, she thinks I'm just trying to scare Breanna off." Ivy mumbles and she turns on the sprinklers, she needed to clean the greenhouse anyway, but no way was Breanna going to help with that.
Barbara gets the car started."Then start by talking to him and you'd be by yourself with Tim, not with fhe kids." She points out and waits for him to get in the car and buckled up before she takes off to Gotham."Do you think Richard's doing okay?" She asks him.

Richard shrugged."Sounds like you don't want to make her leave, like you want her to stay which is cute." He smiled at her and Jade just fiddled with her fork."Whatever you'd think is best." She says quietly.

Vander gets to work helping his mother out."You just don't take anyone's bullshit or trust alot of people either." He checks on some of the plants they had in there.
"Well no, it's already gotten quieter with Sage of to Julian." Rose mumbles qnd she sighs "But then again, I don't know if we can cause a paradox..." she trails off, fiddling with her sleeve "Anyway I imagine her parents miss her too."

"He's fine, you know how he is." Jason says and he shrugs "Stop telling me to talk to Tim geez, I already forgave him or I wouldn't have been going on that camping trip." he tells her, he just wants the kids to forgive Tim "I haven't forgotten what he did though, even if I've forgiven him."

Ivy nods quietly, wondering if Harley would choose Breanna over them, that girl had cause nothing but trouble, but she doesn't want to see Harls get hurt "I don't know what to do, I refuse to accept Breanna, but I'm worried I'm the only one with that opinion."
Carrie was sitting home as she just finished up some homework. She pulled out her phone sending Conner, Tim, and Jon all a text “hey anyone up to go grab some food or something?”

Breanna spoke softly to Harley “if it’s too much for me to be here, I can find somewhere else. I wouldn’t want to take up space or be too much of a financial burden or anything like that” Breanna seemed worried about feeling like she was barging in on a life and family she didn’t belong to.
Barbara just lightly elbows Jason."I just want this family to stop falling apart Jason." She pouts at him before she pulls out into a main road, making her way to Gotham, glancing back at the kids briefly."I'm sure Alfred would love having you over again Jason and Bruce." She assures him.

Richard pulls Jade into his side for a side hug."I'm not sure, I think it'd be wise to send her back to the future us." He sighed, he liked having her there but Rose was right about that.

Vander bites his lip."It's up to you and her, I would maybe talk to her or spy on Breanna." He suggests as he ties his hair back into a ponytail before getting to work on watering some plants.

Tim hands Conner the phone when it went off."You've got a message." He was writing a paper he had to do for school so he's just been hanging with Conner in their room.
Rose nods slightly "Plus I don't think we'd be without anyone else too long." she says with a slight smile. Yeah she should've come home a lot sooner then she did, but she was being stubborn.

"If Breanna is serious about wanting to earn our trust she'll be back." Ivy points out and she sighs, honestly, you didn't just show up claiming you changed and pretend like you didn't hurt someone's feelings.

Conner sighs as he sees the text 'Why? I have farm work to do later and so do Jon.' he sends back before putting his phone away, he's fixing his tv since it stopped working again.
Carrie picked up her phone as it buzzed and read the text before replying “I don’t know. I just thought it would be nice to get a break and relax a little with all the busy work, homework, chores, etc. you know de-stress for a moment. I didn’t know you were super busy. Maybe another time?”
Richard gets up to start putting the bowls in the dishwasher."And what's that suppose to mean Rose?" He finishes up with that before walking back over to the two of them.

Vander wipes fhe dirt from his hands on his pants."You're not wrong about that but what then? Are you going to give her that chance or run her off?" He questioned her.
"Uh... vampires don't generally throw up..." Rose trails off, referring to the fact she had thrown up that morning "As I said, I don't know if we can cause a paradox, you should be smart enough to put the pieces together." she tells him.

"I doubt Bruce likes having me over, I'm the failure remember." Jason says resting his head against the window "And until everyone wants to fix this family I'm not putting in too much energy."

"I'll watch from afar, see if she did change, if she makes one threat or makes Harley chose between her or us I'm stepping in." Ivy explains checking on some of the flowers.
Barbara gives him the pouty lip."You're anything but a failure Jason, you were just a more rebellious kid than he knew how to handle." She assures him, she eventually pulls up to Wayne manor.

Richard was a bit startled when he thought about it and it made his cheeks flush pink, he waved his hands."Woah woah, I'm sorry Rose oh goodness." He put his hands to his cheeks."Baby?...wow." He looked at Jade who smiled.

Vander nods and he offered a smile to his mother."I'll be there as support, I'm doing pretty well in my classes too mom I'm an honor role student." He tells her.
"Why are you saying sorry?" Rose asks and she pouts a bit "Anyway, I generally didn't wanna mention it because vampires, sadly enough, have more chances on a miscarriage early on." she explains "And I haven't told anyone, aside from Hannah, because then they'd go back to being overprotective."

"Then I guess he needed those parenting books sooner." Jason deadpans at that "You think dad has all his memories back though?", they hadn't visited in a while and he didn't really ask for updates.

"I'm so proud of you!" Ivy says hugging him "We should celebrate that sometime soon though."
Barbara steps out of the car once she parked it inside the gates and she gets Julie out before putting her down and letting her run up to the front door."I think so, Alfred did say he was doing better." She tells him.

Richard just sheepishly smiles."I didn't know if I should apologize for doing this to you or be excited." He fiddled with his fingers but then he pouted."Jade is proof, it'll be fine." He assures her.

Vander's smile widened as he wrapped his arms around his mom."I'm okay with a trip to a rainforest as celebration or my favorite dinner and dessert." He chuckled softly.
"I know, but... how many tries did that take? Please just don't tell anyone yet until we get passed the time it can go wrong." she says, she doesn't know how people will react, hell with Bruce's opinion on vampires she's positive he's not gonna take the news well "Though you can tell Alfred, he can keep secrets."

"A trip to the rainforest might be a bit too expensive, but we can go wat at your favorite restaurant." Ivy says as she let's him go "With the other two of course, if they want that is."

"I didn't really bother asking for updates." Jason admits and he watches as Jake runs after Julie "He's growing quickly, feels like yesterday when we foumd him in the cold." he mumbles with a fond smile.
Barbara hooked her arm with Jason's as she followed after the children."He's growing like a weed but so is your little fox." She snickered, she did text Alfred to let him know they were there, Julie bounces on her heels.

Richard pulls her into his arms to hug her."I'll talk to Alfred, though we gotta figure out how to send Jade home to her time too." He says quietly."I'm just stunned." He chuckled.

Vander nods."That'd be good enough then, though you mean we're taking Breanne with us?" He steps back."I suppose she could come, if she behaves herself that is..." He mumnled.
"No, not Breanna, she's not part of this family Vander." Ivy assures him "Besides, don't want her to feel too welcome just yet." she adds.

Alfred texts back they can just use the spare key and that's he's making lunch, he also asks what Jason did with his key. Jason rolls his eyes "Yeah, but that's kids for you, we probably grew up so fast as well."

"Well we can either ask Barry or Sebastian to help with that, maybe the count could send her back too as the caster needs a strong emotion for the person that's gonna be near the portal." Rose explains and she smiles slightly "Vampire kids will literally bite anything when their teeth start growing, though they don't require blood until said teeth are fully grown."
Barbara pulls out her key from her bag ans unlocks the door, letting the kids in first."Alfred wants to know what you've done with your spare keys." She walks in after them."Yeah yeah, especially you when you surprised Richard in height."

Richard pulls Jade over."We'll get you home to your time soon." She gives him a nod as he nudged her to grab some of her things."So they teeth like puppies basically, I'll get some mittens." He snickers.

Vander nods at that and he stretches."Yeah alright, just fhe family then." He goes to put away the water can, he seemed ready for another haircut as he preferred it at his shoulder.
"Ugh, I lost it when we moved." Jason says "I'm guessing he's making lunch then, since he can't come to the door.". He hadn't seen his key since the move and he hadn't really gone back to look for it either.

"Oh it's basically harmless, unless you're human, which you're not, so..." Rose trails off and she sighs, she just didn't want this to go wrong, despite there being a big risk it will "I might have to tell Kilian for checkups, this is gonna be great."

"I can cut your hair again if you want to, it grew back quite fast." Ivy tells him, he could also go to a barber, but she had practice cutting hair already, so why spend money on it?
Barbara pouts at him before watching Julie run off to find Alfred."We'll get you another one made or ask if they've got a spare one." She glanced at him."Are you going to talk to Bruce while I help Jake find some books?" She asks him.

Richard flinched a little at her reminding him, he knew he wasn't human and its been something he's been trying to get used to."Just don't go pushing yourself." He warns her.

Vander run his fingers through his hair."Yeah you can do it, I've grown like a weed you could say." He chuckles a little bit."Come on we should probably get back inside." He tells her.
"I know I know, I'll go to bed soon, though you should call Barry and see if he can get Jade home, before either of us forgets that." Rose says and she shrugs "Plus, I'm pretty sure if I tell Killian he'll take over at the hospital for me anyway, so I'd be helping the clinics in his place."

"No, I'll wait until Bruce wants to talk, in case he doesn't have all his memories." Jason says and he adds "You could ask Alfred if he needs any help in the kitchen though."

"I'm only going back once our unexpected guest is gone." Ivy tells him, less chance of her scaring the girl away too, so Harley would probably prefer that.
Barbara gives him a kiss on the cheek and small rub to hia shoulder before walking off to find Alfred while Julia was pulling books off the shelves and getting into things in the main lounge room.

Richard lifts Jade up."Right I should get her over to Barry, he gives a nod of aggrement."Go lay down and no shady business with Jason either." He goes to grab his jacket and keys.

Vander folds his arms."Right, guess we'll just wait in here then with all the plants." He gestured around them, he pulled a hoodie on thoufh as it was a bit chilly out there.

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