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Bailey nodded “I’ll work hard and I won’t screw up! Promise!” Bailey gave a small smile as she had hope and promise in her eyes
"Oh then ask Hannah to make something." Rose says and she leans against him "You can still eat normal food you know." she tells him and she hides a yawn "I might take a nap."

"Alright, but you're not staying here and if you have a job why would you want to help out here?" Ivy asks crossing her arms.

'I do miss Alfred, I just don't feel like seeing Bruce.' Jason sends her before he heads home and he sighs.
Barbara ruffles the kids hair and leaves them be.'I know hun, I know.' She does go grab a jacket for Julie."You guys want to go to the bookstore?" She asks them.

Richard perks up a bit, he's been craving more human food as he still enjoyed it."I don't need Hannah to make every meal, I could make something simple that I just heat up." He shrugged before kissing her cheek."Get some rest then." He smiled at her.

Harley placed her hand on Ivy's shoulder."I think she just wanted to make it up to us from how she was previously." She tells her.
“Harley’s right. I keep thinking about my mistakes and well I have to start somewhere right? I can’t expect everyone to forgive me right away. In fact, not everyone is going to and that’s fine” bailey was speaking honest
"Don't burn down the kitchen, vampires don't mix well with fire." Rose teases and she gives him a quick kiss before heading to the room to change "And I'm glad everything's normal with you now, how are you adjusting to your heightened senses though?"

"Begging, then threatening and then begging again." Ivy points out and she holds out a list "You can start by removing the weeds around the shop, but only the weeds." she tells Breanna.

"No." Jake mumbles from where he's going through a book he borrowed from Rose and he frowns "Books are hard to read sometimes." he mumbles.
Breanna nods “yes ma’am. Outside out front ma’am” Breanna spoke softly double checking as so to make sure she did the job right
Barbara goes over to Jake and puts an arm around him."We're going to get you some books with reading levels, we'll start you at one and we'll help you work your way up." She smiled."And hey everyone learns at their own pace, nothing to be embarrassed about." She assures him.

Richard smiled at the kiss before leaving for the kitchen and pulls out some Mac and cheese which is simple enough, he could add bacon to it too."It's been alot to get used to all these vampire things...and it's gotten better." He tells her.

Harley gives a nod to them and she tugged Ivy over to the table."When you're down come grab some pizza." She called out to Breanna then sat down."We'll give her a chance, if she can prove herself." She tells her.
"That's good at least, it usually never goes wrong though, so I feel slightly guilty about that." Rose says, she still had that shirt she borrowed to sleep in "Come get me when you're finished cooking though, I got breaks to drink water during the surgery, but not to eat." she says.

"Around the shop." Ivy repeats and she raises an eyebrow at Harley "Really, did you order for her too or are you gonna share with her?" she asks, she doesn't like Breanna, she tried to ruin their lives.

"Teachers at school give me longer for tests, along with a few others, is it cause I never went to school before?" Jake asks and he closes the book, he wasn't getting anywhere anyway "Rose let me borrow this to try." he explains.
Barbara gives him a kiss on the forehead before checking the book Rose has given him."It could be why or as I said some people just run at their own pace and sometimes need extra lessons it's just how they learn, Jason was like this when he was young." She explains.

Richard gives her an okay hand gesture."I'll be sure to make enough for you ans me then." He gets to work on the food."No you shouldn't feel guilty at all about this." He tells her.

Harley shrugged."Why not give her some pizza if there's any left after us having some." She leaned towards her.
Rose sigsh letting herself fall on the bed "I turned you so it is my fault," she says and adds "and if mom got news on how wrong it went she's gonna send Sebastian for you to keep an eye on things," she points out "you know how he is."

"So why can't we visit Alfred?" Jake asks, he liked spending time at the manor "Although I don't want to go if Bruce is still gonna be rude about everything."

"If there's anything left." Ivy mumbles "I'll give her a chance Harley, but only for you, I mean it, the second she starts acting rude, suspiciois or downright mean she can piss of." she says.
Barbara gently ruffles his hand as she stood up."Well Jason said he didn't want to go there and bother Alfred so that's why we'll go to the bookstore instead." She points out.

Richard pouts."I don't need some guy like him following my every move and shadowing me." He starts getting the food started and it doesn't take long for him to finish it and bring the bowls to the room.

Harley just smiled at her."Oh I know, you can kick her out if she messes up." She takes a slice for herself and has a bite of it, she puts her feet on the table.
"Which is why it's better if mom never finds out." Rose mumbles, hiding a yawn "Should warn you though, you're gonna age a whole lot slower then humans.", vampires weren't uncommon to work with though, there's just never been a vampire working for the police that she knows "Oh and keep some snacks with you when you head to work."

"Aw, I miss playing with Alfred." Jake says, couldn't they convince Jason to change his mind or something? Though he figured that'd be hard. He remembers something and heads to his room, dragging a present to the living room "Grandma send me this, though she said to share with Julie." he tells Barbara, inside the box are tons of toys and plushies, also a scarf and matching gloves and hat, which he is keeping for himself "There were dad's old toys."

"And we need to remember she has a job too, so she shouldn't go overworking herself to proof she's changed, makes her seem w bit desperate." Ivy points out.
Breanna went outside and immediately went to work pulling weeds. She was careful as to make sure she got the weeds and not flowers. She worked hard despite if she was tired or sore at all.
Barbara checks out the stuff he brings over."She's so sweet to be sending you two things, we should pay her a visit again soon." She offered before going to get Julie and sets her down by Jake."You could try telling Jason that."

Richard takes his fork and starts to eat some then grabbed himself a soda."I know that..." He let out a sigh as he thought about his family."Those snack things? Do I have too though?" He mumbled.

Harley pokes out her tongue before taking a bite of her slice."She's doing us some favors don't worry about it Ivy it's okay, we got to let her prove herself somehow." She tells her.
"Yeah, but helping someone shouldn't go over your own health Harls." Ivy tells her and she adds "You should tell her that before she gets herself stuck in a hospital or something."

"Yes, they're a substitute for blood." Rose explains and she adds "since you're a police officer it might be best to keep some at hand anyway, I don't mind if you bite me when you really have to, but biting is generally a last resort.", she doesn't want him to get in trouble at work since people might get injured there.

"But where would I be able to build tracks for the mini train?" Jake asks showing her two parts of a train "And she said she wants me to stay over sometimes, get some bonding in with me, she wasn't happy with what mom did."
Barbara gestures to their room."You could set if up in your room when you'd want to play with it and you just let me know when you want to go over there." She offered before grabbing her jacket.

Richard sits down at the table."I don't need anyone getting suspicious either..." He mumbled and he puts a spoonful in his mouth."II haven't been to work for the past week." He tells her.

Harley raises a brow."What do you mean?" She questioned her not sure what she meant on that."Doing chores is something everyone does." She tells her.
"Yes, but I don't think someone should overwork themselves because they feel the need to prove something." Ivy tells her "She has a job, chances are she can't handle too much work after that."

"Which is why you need to bring the snacks." Rose says and she shows one "Grandpa invented these tondeal with thirst and they do work, unless you're a hybrid, then they work less good, course, mom her parents were killed by hunters when they thought they were conductinf illigal business with werewolves."

"I can clean my room and put it there." Jake says, his room was a bit messy, but not too messy he couldn't clean it up.
Jason enters and he sighs "Okay, I called Alfred, he doesn't mind if we visit for books, but we'd have to stay for dinner." he tells them.
Barbara folds her arms."What happened to you not wanting to go over there huh? Do we know if they've even got any easy children's books there?" She steps aside as Julie runs to him.

Richard slumps in his chair."I'm talking about the snacks being suspicious." He points out, he was being a little rebellious about the vampire thing from time to time."Hybrids? He questioned her as Jade comes out for the food.

Harley just elbows her."You're the one who tosses her out or scares her off Ivy, this is giving her a chance without you going off just let her do these chores." She tells her.
"You'd rather have her risk her health then let her take care of herself? I don't mind her being here, but she doesn't need to work passed her limits." Ivy points out and she sighs "I'm going to tend to my plants in the greenhouse, don't bother waiting for me." she says and leaves the building.

"Depends, the snacks look like protein bars, just don't guve them to others." Rose says and she sighs in annoyance "And hybrids don't have a regular interval in which they need blood, so the snacks have less effect since whatever other half will reject part of the blood in the snacks."

"It's cheaper then buying books and Jake's been asking about visiting Alfred, a lot." Jason says "But I still don't want Bruce anywhere near the kids when we're not around." he points out.
Breanna came inside a little overworked and tired. “I think I got them all. I did prick my hands on a few thorns on accident”
Barbara puts a hand on her hip."If you say so but we really need to figure this out with you making up with Bruce, he's your dad." She pats his shoulder as she goes by ans grabs the car keys telling to kids to get ready though Julie hugs Jason's legs."Daddy." She smiles up at him.

Richard gets Jade a bowl of the Mac and cheese since she asks for some, he points to her."She's nor a hybrid so she can have the snacks basically..." He leans his cheek on his left hand."I'll try to go into work tomorrow or tonight..." He tells her.

Harley pouts at Ivy though she shoved what was left of the pizza towards her when she walked in."Help yourself kid." She stands up."The fact you did the chores shows you have determination for a chance then." She raises a brow.
"No, won't forgive him for threatening to takw the kids or acting like that towards Rose and Dickiw bird." Jason says and he huffs in annoyance, Dick wasn't a monster out of control, he was anything but, Rose, and by extension Sebastian, hadn't deserved the threatment they had gotten after Rose saved Dick's life.

"I was talking about in general, cause she needs to go home." Rose points out "And I don't know if they still make the snacks like that in her future, so there's that."

Ivy sits down on a vine, sure she could give the kid one chance, but not if it was going to ruin Breanna's health in the long run and she highly doubted Harley would notice it until the girl collapsed, besides, it doesn't change the fact that they still have no space whatsoever for an extra person.
Barbara opens the door and goes outside."Do you want to drive?" She asks him."I swear you all need to have a sit down with Bruce and Tim to settle this crap." She mumbled.

Richard sighed."Maybe ask Barry if he can take her back or someone who can put her back in the time she's suppose to be in." He points out."I'll miss he'd though..." He says quietly.

Vander glanced at his mother than at the other two."You don't think she's gonna let her move in do you?" He asks her.
"If she does I'm moving back to my old house, we have no space for Breanna and look at her, no regard for her own health." Ivy mumbles and she unlocks the greenhouse "I get that she wants to proof she changed, but she just seems desperste to me."

"Well the only person I can think of is Sebastian, Hybrids, or in this case former hybrids are stronger magic wise, but age is an importamt factor too." Rose explains and she sighs "And can Barry go forward in time? Because a machine won't work."

"Nothing is gonna change the fact that he threatened to take the kids Barbara, as for Tim, I'm waiting for the kids to trust him again, becausr he broke their trust too." Jason points out "You can drive, I've had a busy morning at work.".
Jake grabs his bag with homework and some coloring stuff "Ready." he says and smiles.
Breanna slightly fidgeted with her hands. “You know? If it’s too hard for me being here ms. Ivy I can find somewhere else. I really wouldn’t want to cause more problems or stress for you. I would totally understand if I’m too much of a financial or space problem.” Breanna said trying to be open-minded and sympathetic at the least.

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