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Fandom DC Bat Family / Teen Titans RP [Batman][Robin]


Just looking for an excuse to write
Hey, I've been overcome by the sudden bullet that is DC, and I'm looking to have a plot where the main character I play is Damian Wayne. Of course, I will play other characters but I have loved him for a while now and am looking for a RP. The plot can be pretty open ended, and may change based upon what character you want your focus to be on, but I have a few basic ones in mind.

The first plot I liked was one mostly focusing on the bat family. I thought perhaps it could take place after Bruce is introduced to Damian the first time, or switch it to where it focuses on whoever you want to mainly control at the start, or even just a random point, or something we conjure up together. My second plot I thought of was something based around the Teen Titans, with Damian Wayne as Robin. This means we can pick and choose who we want on the team, and discuss a more in depth plot together. Of course, if you have a different plot in mind or want to tweak any of these ideas, we can discuss that! I like some action in these RPs, but I'm also up for slowing down the pace and having a more slice of life feel.

I always try to at least write one lengthy paragraph, but I can always do much more. I would appreciate it if my partner could do the same. It doesn't have to be a book and you don't have to force yourself to write as much as you can, but I find it hard to work with only a few words in response. And if you ever need me to change a response for any reason, I always will. I will discuss other things in DMs if you're interested, and ofc you can ask questions. I just want to make sure we both have a good time.

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