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Fandom DC Bat Family academy rp!

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ, School, Super Powers


On that clown shit 🤡🤡
Hello everybody! So, my friend Bloody_Death Bloody_Death and I wanted to do a 1x1 rp, but then we realized I couldn’t play all these characters on my own, so we would like some people to join!

Here is a google slide with all the characters, feel free to check it out and see who you would like to be! If there are any characters I forgot that you would like to be, then please tell me and I will add them!
I am editing the slides as I go

The rules are simple.

1. Comment down below which character(s) you would like to be! You can be up to 3 characters.

2. Do NOT edit the slide!

3. Once a character has been taken, you cannot edit the slide so that it says your name.

4. Do not be mean to other people! This means no drama outside of the rp. My co- mod and I don’t want to be dealing with all of your problems

5. OOC is encouraged! It will be fun to get to know you as we go :)

6. OC’s are allowed!

What the rp is about: This rp is basically a classic school rp, but with DC characters. Batman is the leader of the academy. I cannot think of anything else to add.

*drum roll*
Bloody_Death Bloody_Death

Character sheets for oc’s go Here!
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On that clown shit 🤡🤡
-_- are u copying me?
Ps. Im restarting the bat group i couldnt take waiting anymore so. If i anger anyone oh well.

Im intrested in kate kane but only if i get to be the version from cw....the season one version
I’m not copying you ;x; bloody death and I thought of this yesterday

Okay! She’s yours.

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