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Fandom Days of Futures past

Kyd Jhesus

Unlicensed Doctor
I know we have a bunch of X-Men roleplay but I want to know if anyone is interested in a Days of futures pass roleplay. This is base on the original story arc.

The storyline alternates between the present year of 1980 and the future year of 2013. In the future, Sentinels rule a dystopian United States, and mutants are hunted and placed in internment camps. Having conquered North America, the Sentinels are turning their attention to Mutants, Mutates and all kinds of Superpowered lifeforms worldwide. On the eve of a feared nuclear holocaust, the few remaining X-Men send Kitty Pryde's mind backward through time, to possess the body of her younger self and to prevent a pivotal event in mutant–human history: the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly by Mystique's newly reassembled Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Working with the present-day X-Men, Kitty Pryde's future self succeeds in her mission and is pulled back to her own time, while her present-day self is returned with no memory of any interim. The world of 2013 is not shown again in this story arc; the present-day X-Men are left to ponder whether their future dystopia has been averted or simply delayed.

This roleplay will take place when a few prisoners escape and try to make it to a safe haven across the world were there are no sentinels. I have not read Days of Futures pass but I do understand the story. I would like to have someone assist me IF they have read Days of Futures pass not seen the movie. If your just interested in roleplaying tell me so i can make it.

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Bruh you know i love superheros

im in

imma have like a energy power that allows me to shoot energy from my body and fly... imma call my self Hot Fiya

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