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Dawn of Victory: Interest Check


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It is impossible to determine when the invasion truly began, as it is entirely unknown when exactly their dormant Virus first arrived on Earth. It may have always been there, waiting for the opportune moment when the climate of the planet suited it best. For mankind, however, the first effects were felt in the early summer of 1936. From across Africa and the Middle East there came reports of a strange reddish-gold substance spreading quickly across areas of a certain climate, infecting anyone unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.

Dawn of Victory is a nation-building roleplay set in 1936 which takes direct inspiration from the universe portrayed in Dawn of Victory 2289. You'll lead a nation through a time of uncertainty and total war during which the survival of humanity is at stake at every second, eventually abandoning the planet and seeking refuge among the stars. That is, if you survive that long.

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Not gonna say interested cause it was my idea lmao but I shall stake my mighty claim as F I R S T post regardless. Thanks for the interest check my dude.

"this is where the fun begins"

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