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Nation Building Dawn of Man (Main Story Thread)

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His Majesty Henry VIII
Dawn of Man


A roleplay by Beckoncall Beckoncall and myself.

The story so far...

Humanity is not welcome in this place. Savage Myrdrall warriors stalk the shadows of the valley for easy prey, seeking the extinction of all mankind at the end of their claws before their supremacy can be usurped in this cradle of civilization. Nomadic hunter gatherer tribes huddle around fires in the night, their chieftains and shamans wise in knowing that if the day belongs to man, then the terrifying night belongs to the living nightmares of the swamp. Though not without hope nor allies in their desperate quest for survival, their people will not know of a peace built upon anything else other the rotting progeny of their hated enemy.


This thread is for anything in the game that doesn't necessarily belong in the Discord server, or deserves to be more enduring. We also intend to use this thread for overviews and more sophisticated elements of the roleplay.


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The Myrdrall were coming. For a brief time there was respite from the devils found in the encapsulated valley but the signs were unmistakable. They were leaving the swamps and hunting human and beast alike, for sport as much as food. The people moved around and kept the flames high, but still stragglers and those that stood their ground were picked off one by one. The elders whispered that this was not the fate of the tribes... and then the Fallen Scion came... appeared really... perhaps he had always been in the valley and just chose to show himself.


"I convey to each chieftain of each tribe a spark of divine power. Your people have always owned it, now it defines you and empowers your leaders. Come to me and I shall try to guide you through the uncertainty of fates, listen to my stories and heed my words... grow numerous and brave and powerful -- that is what we both require. The gift of fire is already yours, and the boon of magic is just born to you. Collect to you what the land offers, and learn the lands secrets, pacify it's threats. From this valley a new age must be born -- where men become things that you as you are cannot imagine."

"Heed the Wood, for it will hold the beast at bay. Heed the Clay, for it shall make pot, oven, and dwelling. Heed the stone, as it will make tools and more. Heed the Gold, for it can acquire what cannot be made or heard alone. Learn the secrets of the valley and become the cultures your tribes promise to be, not the handfuls of folk that now shiver in the darkness."

"Visit my home at the base of the Great Tree of Knowledge, when you need guidance... and I shall travel among you all, despite your alliances or rivalries for the reasons that are my own."

"I grant each tribe a map of the valley... it will change as the knowledge of humans grows."

"Attend the sparks, and with them grow strong."
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Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon

Dawn 2 -- The Cenote

The tribe, and Baal, approach the Cenote they now occupy the vicinity of -- it consisted of a great hole that cast light on clear waters below and a series of cracks that descended down into it, though these were dangerous, slick with moss and algae. The constant droplets of water filed the cenote with a kind of music, both from the rivulet from the river leading to the cenote and a veritable orchestra of water-music coming from rushes of water and dripping stalactites inside the underground cistern. When Baal and his tribe approached the Cenote, it was revealed to be very cold in the morning light, a hoary frost almost making seeping clouds of white piping onto the warm surface ground... like a cauldron of cold.

Baal and his people brought their generous offering of food to the lip of the cenote and prayed for a spirit or Loa to come to them. To commune, To befriend. the sound of a rustling could be heart on the ground beneath their feet, as if something large on the ceiling out of view shook and stirred... then a red formless arm seemed to rise -- like the headless body of a snake, and coil around the baskets of food -- drawing them into the pit. A cracking noise could be heart not far down in the Cenote... four times the tentacular arm rise to the surface, and four times it drew a whole FOOD down into the cenote and ate it, ravenously. Then the rustling and the cracking stopped. the sound of a gentle fan beat in the cenote as a voice spoke directly to the minds of Baal and his people:

"I am born of your offering, and not into a lust and rage of hunger. My wings must dry, before I can show the world my full majesty -- but I hear your prayers and want them. You are wanted and not as meals for Cletepoc. You are a rich people to have so great an offering, and I was ready to receive it. Return in two days, with the same amount of food, and I shall show you my full beauty. But for now I fan my wings, still wet with my birth."

More crackling and hissing -- like a snake or catarpillar unfurling from a cocoon or egg. Baal backed his people away from the Cenote as the last of the food was pulled in by what was evidently a creatures prehensile tail.

The commune was successful.

The migration was quick and uneventful it seemed. Scratches on the trees promised that the demons had been climbing them in the night, perhaps overlooking the camp, but such signs were quickly left behind. An expedition went west into the jungle to gather wood, First confronted by a pack of dog-sized, screaming toads. But the gathering group was large, and the toads turned tail. There was wood to be gathered, but an entire part of the jungle here was full of open fields of thorny, pillowy plants -- their spongy fibers got caught in the skin and effects and clothing of the Children of Luna as they walked from place to place, Until from the waist down most tribesmen were covered in the thick fibers and the thorns they contained. The tribe was strong, so were not deterred by the punctures from the small thorns, but a great deal of night time would be spent removing all the fiber and spikes from ones hands, legs, and skin... discarded in a large pile at the edge of the camp when the woodcutters returned with 6 WOOD -- mostly because of their baskets allowing them to pick up and carry more.

With basket and muscle, the tribe worked at the edge of the river to find interesting rock and hopefully gold. Gold was scarce, though a few nuggets were found, but strong and light rocks were found at the base of the riverbed that seemed like they would be interesting to use, as well as a spike of granite that would provide quality tools if the Luna could find the time to craft them. The elders said the "light" rocks were thus because they were hollow -- Earth-eggs, they were called (Geodes) -- and that bounties of crystals could sometimes be found within -- if labor and tool enough could go into breaking them... (1 unit STONE and access to geodes)

Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon


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Arion Arion :

The Flos could see and better hear great movement in the jungle wood to the left as two tribes seemed to crash into each other nearby them. Amir wondered if too many humans in one place might attract the demons in force, and the elders questioned if the tribe should move away from this cacophony at first light tomorrow. but for now, they sunned themselves and smoked in the dunes, and motivated their people as best they could. (Poppy use spreads through tribe, +1 morale, Permanent)

The Elders joined Amir in his casting of prophesy against the moons and stars still bright enough to be seen by day. Blood. The woods would run with screams and blood -- to the west, where the tribes united... unless something was done, the demons would attack tonight, and not even his own people could consider themselves safe. Somebody should tell the bonetakers and the raptors that what they were doing was dangerous -- but perhaps Amir would not, instead opting to see what happened? (Decision point -- Arion Arion can alert Karcen Karcen and AngelCloud AngelCloud to the gravity of their forecast -- or gain a free move away from the noise and disturbance of the groups uniting. The prophesy seemed to promise that unity in place for the tribes was for those ready to face the demons -- and the demons would indulge congregations with aggression to meet the perceived challenge. Either a fire of Untold size would need to be burned by the joint tribes, or they would have to flee apart to camp separately in the jungle. Then the prophesy ended.

It did not help at all that most of the tribe was assigned into the same area to gather wood -- this area of the jungle filled now with the noise of people -- three tribes operating out of the same place.
The bonetakers and Raptors were standoffish towards the Flos who came to gather wood in "Their territory" -- but incidents and violence were avoided by the calm words of Amir's elders and the breaking out of a poppy pipe to let more relaxed spirits prevail. The Flos chose to gather wood from the areas the other tribes had crashed their way through the foliage to get the easiest wood to bring back. While they gathered more, they could only bring back 5 WOOD from their endeavor... leaving the rest behind.

The making of tools, without stone, proved difficult and unrewarding. The group was left with a handful of shoddy tools (1 dice worth) but an inspired idea for a "javelin holder" that would make the throwing of spears and sticks easier, more effective, and longer ranged. A handful of slings were also made from fibrous materials found in and on the wood, with pebbles harvested to give them ammunition.

Arion Arion


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AngelCloud AngelCloud :

The tribes of the raptors and the bonetakers collided in the jungle -- and at first both tribes stared at one another. Attak calmed HER people by banging together two hardened bone clubs, and Selma gave a confident cry up from Raptora, and the tribes overcame their concerns and greeting one another -- some embracing others being more furtive with their examinations of each other. The Bonetakers frequently checked the teeth of the Raptor tribesmen. They had good bones. To the raptors the bonetakers looked very strange, but were friendly enough, even if they seemed to lack the same physical boundaries of the more personally territorial raptors. Plans were made to camp together tongiht -- let it be seen what the demons make of so many humans in one place! Karcen Karcen

The tribespeople looking for food found a warren of a giant armadillo -- but did not think they had the weapons/tools, or numbers to hunt it... it's armor was too heavy, but inside it's warren were at least a dozen succulent babies. Perhaps a more organized hunt could be made for this strange game? And what would it's natural plates be worth, if they could be harvested?

Instead the tribe settled for a field of wild yams and onions, who's striped greens seemed to advertise their presence in the surrounding grasses like little flags. without containers, they could only bring so much home... 3 FOOD was gathered. However they did come upon a pile of wood that Flos tribesmen pushed over but could not take home with them, and gained 2 WOOD as well. Rumors of "Baskets" made from the fiber of trees and plants were being used by the children of luna to make bearing loads easier... this is something worth trying to replicate or trading for.

A scout was sent to find a male raptor, and indeed one was found sniffing the areas Raptora had marked as her own territory. The scout fell back quickly to avoid potentially falling prey to the raptor's pack, but there was indeed a bull raptor in the jungle that was already interested in seeking Raptora as a mate... one with a blue crest of feathers atop it's head and oversized black back talons. (Decision point -- Mini-adventure to capture/tame this raptor can be done in adventure channel, or trap can be laid for the bull as a future order, or another idea may be thought of)

Studying the scion's mask was interesting -- there were strange carvings in the seams under the feathers -- faithfully copied it would seem, from what one would assume to be an ORIGINAL mask... all the copied masks had these markings more or less -- as if getting them exactly right were important to the Boul who wore and traded them. Wearing the mask seemed to quiet the mind, but also gave way to a pit of fear in one's stomach, as if wearing it distanced oneself from the fire in their hearts they drew in part from the Scion's spark to give them courage. Researching the mask not only made the tribe curious about an original "negative" of the scion's mask, but also how to make fine decorations on wood, shells, and perhaps even rock. (You may attempt to make chiseling and decorative tools)

Gathering wood with an axe proved easier than dragging and pushing and collecting sticks. The wood team brought back FOUR WOOD, but this was only because there was not far to take it, and they found some extra that the Flos had worked on to clear but had left it behind. The sound coming from this area of the wood with all the people and wood gathering and other work and conversation and dance between the tribes was telling. Selma wondered if all this activity would attract demons, or repel them... they might want to burn an especially large fire, just in case...

Going to the clay-pits south of the Flos was easy enough, and the handful of workers used their axes and other primitive stone tools to chop out and cut large clumps of clay to drag back to the camp. Moving the large amount of clay was exhausting (may want to give 2 units extra rest tonight) but in the end 3 CLAY was hauled back to the joint camp of the bonetakers and the Raptors.

AngelCloud AngelCloud


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General Deth Glitch General Deth Glitch :

Signs of the demons were everywhere around the camp... clear footprints, plentiful scat. they were not hiding that they were watching the Drakti. Several tribespeople wondered if the clan should move soon, or at least have a matching and worthy fire to keep them even further at bay tonight. No matter what, pointed sticks left behind from the making of spears were placed at the easiest approach to the camp, and none would rest without a spear close at hand...

Speaking of spears, a great number of them traveled the river to hunt fish and... larger game. The chieftain's exploration and hunting party found itself what appeared to be a small sleeping crocodile... and sought to surround it and taunt it onto land to slay it.

Mistakes were made. The "Crocodile" as it was perceived was merely the head of the beast, in fact camouflaged to look like a young crocodile -- one wondered if this ruse worked on larger prey that hunted alligators, or just woefully surprised humans that found themselves in combat with a great beast beyond their expectations...

...the thing charged, and the tribe surrounded it. A horrible cry went up as one of the spears was snapped in half, followed by the swallowing whole of one of the hunting party. Maaravi and Dog, busy exploring, ran in the direction of the hunters but by the time they arrived it was too late to save their friend -- but the tribe had pinned the great sandbar crocodile, turned it over with their spears and the weight of the tribe, and punctured almost every inch of it's underbelly before it could roll over again... killing the beast. TWELVE FOOD was harvested from the great beast, as well as access to a great deal of armored scales -- though there was little to no soft scaly leather left intact. The tribe wondered what the armored scales could be used for -- would they make a great cauldron? a stylized fire pit? plating for hunters? Watertight containers? The chief would know.

Rites for the dead hunter were performed, and the Drakti would maybe perform a rite for the body in the night, if not, they would leave the body in the water as a gift so as not to offend the spirit of the crocodile. (Night decision point -- burial by river, or burn the body in camp? something else?)

The spear hunters were likewise extremely successful catching fish, every fish they speared brought more larger fish to the smell of blood and the turbulence of the struggle... another SIX FOOD was taken from the river -- but the enormous surplus of food began to pose it's own problem... could any such mountain of meat be stored anywhere safely without something to contain the smell? How much was likely to rot and go to waste without proper pottery or a cold-pit to store it in? (Decision point -- address massive surplus by giving away, trading, or using excess food or you will encounter spoilage the following day)

Exploring was also high on the priorities, and a team of hunters and maaravi and dog were charged with this task. They wandered north to the rocky plains, and found a mound that did not seem natural, clawed open long ago by scavengers. Inside where the bones of a short stocky people, their bones heavier than any man, their long beards still clinging to their skulls. Their bodies, exposed to rain and moisture, seemed long ago to have been wearing effects and artifacts that were now just red dust that lay about them. Faded writing was on the roof of the structure, not paintings or images, but symbols... magic perhaps? The scouts did not tarry too long in what might be hallowed ground, but some wondered if the bones of the "little ones" could be used for something. Exploring further it seemed other hills in the stony field might be artificial like this one, but intact... how did the Drakti feel about grave-robbing?

The stone gathered brought back ONE STONE from their expedition, a quality spike of hard Basalt -- with the group taking cues and landmarks to find the basalt formation in the future if desired.

The wood gathering group had difficulty pulling the haul along the river with excited scavengers, noisy birds, and repeated miring in the mud... only TWO WOOD was gained... falling time and time again in the mud, the team was surprised to find themselves covered in layers of fragrant dust from the plants of the riverside in one particular area.

General Deth Glitch General Deth Glitch

General Deth Glitch General Deth Glitch


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KindlyPlagueDoctor KindlyPlagueDoctor :

The ratkin were happy and unafraid... though perhaps they should be. Working hard all day, the quarriers brought back 2 STONE from their expedition against the cliffs, hopefully they could make some quality tools soon.

FOUR WOOD was gathered around the warrens, and easily dragged back to camp... in a rock formation betwixt sick and dead trees, the tribespeople found a small pools of shiny water -- it glistened like shiny stone (metal) but it was undoubtedly a fluid. which seemed to trickle from a spring in the stone... dissipating almost faster than it slowly flowed out onto the rock. The tribemen took the dead wood as easy pickings and left the pools to tell Kalna about -- if anything was to be done with them, it would be at the word of a chieftain.

Scouts found that elkenbeasts could be broken from their herds in small groups in jungle clearings and driven east onto the clay-flats. Once on the clay flats the creatures could be chased until tired out in the open, or if hunters were lucky, they could get an elk bogged down in the clay and kill it quickly. The expedition only managed to do this once, bringing TWO FOOD, but the tactic applied on a larger scale or with the right tools and it could be a tradition to drive the jungle-elk into the clay as a means to acquire food.

KindlyPlagueDoctor KindlyPlagueDoctor


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Karcen Karcen

The bonetakers clan united with the raptors, if only briefly before the words of Amir the Prophet scared them separate. "Do not bring so many together, the demons come!" the wise of the Flos tribe had instructed, nay commanded... swearing to see a dark future. Arion Arion . They would settle closeby and maintain constant communication, if not during the night when the demons ruled, than through the daylight they could work together. There was plenty of work to do, anyways.

The Bonetakers caught a boulder-rabbit (so named for it's tremendous size) that gave a less than ample TWO FOOD -- it was stringy eating, but it's bones were large. The bonetakers had to be thankful for that at least.

Using their tools, the Bonetakers gathered FOUR WOOD from the area they moved west from the Raptor clan. Felling a particular tree caused a rain of fat birds to land on the ground easily caught before they could fly away -- their tree full of nutritious eggs, equalling an additional TWO FOOD.

Southwest of camp there were long lanes of plains in between the trees of the deepest jungle, seemingly stomped out by great beasts as the largest stumps still dotted the outsides of the stands carved out of the wood. Here it was evidence that many a wild hunt had started or ended in these lanes... as the Larger bones, mostly skulls of herd animals or the ribs of great reptiles, dotted the landscape. It was good that enough tribespeople were sent to gather these great bones, as they were not easy to fully unearth and carry. The Bonetakers would be flush for bones for a few rituals more -- they could construct the pattern the scion showed them in the size intended, and have more bones to work with still. The bonetakers would have to remember these ancient lanes and the bones they bore.

The camp finally settled in a place southeast of originally planned and sent their emissaries to the raptors to speak of Hera and of her presence watching over both tribes.

Karcen Karcen


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Emmadagood Emmadagood

Anaya smiles, pleased with the progress that was made last night. That morning, she sings to the water, praying for a bountiful day of fishing for the three people assigned to the task. She and two others go to offer the statue to the Loa of the lagoon, offer their respect, and request the right to take wood from this forest...

The majority of the tribe went to the water where Anaya had sang. a great wind of pollen blew from the eastern wood and settled on the surface of the lake, bringing with it schools of fish to gobble up the fat seeds and plant matter that floated on the surface. Occasionally it could be seen the Great Dolphin, totem of the Arlan, ushering these schools ever closer to the surface. With so many involved in standing at intervals in the shallow water and grabbing fish as they came to rest, full of giant pollen, TEN FOOD was pulled from the lake.

Anaya had no small number of tribals come with her to the Groves of the Nature Mound Loa -- a whole team gently carrying the clay idol to the center of the groves where the threatening Loa once stood. Dances and prayers were given to the Loa, and the clay Idol was draped in flowers from the wood. it began to rain, but only in the grove... a heavy rain... a collosal rain that sent the Arlan running. Before they could get far however lightning struck the farthest trees at the edge of the grove, knocking great branches to the ground. The Loa had spoken more subtly this time, leaving FIVE WOOD on the ground for them to take as they fled. "Fear and ask of me." it boomed as the Arlan ran away with their woody prizes.

Looking over her shoulder, Anaya could see stands of strange cane growing in the shallows only at the edge of the grove... they smelled sweet -- but they did not have time to tarry here. They left the idol and ran with their wood, meeting the rest of the tribe and helping with carrying all the fish they had caught...

Emmadagood Emmadagood


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Yahhah Yahhah

The Triceratops carried the chieftain and his closest elders along and through the jungle path -- lesser creatures diving out of the way of the great and heavy beast that stamped it's way through rough foliage only occasionally but stubbornly stopping to feast upon great roots and tubers it had turned up in the earth.

There was plenty of wood in the jungle, but much of what they gathered was wet, rotten or smoky. This part of the forest they had moved into was largely dead, but so far they had not found dry and light wood best suited for burning. Only with the help of their totem animal did they push over a great dead tree, scarred multiple times from fire, breaking it into pieces with labor and force of will alone, bringing TWO WOOD back to camp.

Food in the dead wood was likely scarce as well -- and they cursed in that they had driven most of the easy game away with their loud and destructive entrance. Unless they wished to try to eat the great tubers the Triceratops rooted from the ground, they would have to do with a measly TWO FOOD -- mostly dried berries on their bushes and fat ants that seemed to wander crazily through the rotten trees of the forest. Looking for wood tomorrow would be better, for as night was falling a copse of petrified wood was found, hard and dry, but too heavy yet to move and assure the camp would be burning bright and safe.

Vines however were common in the rotting woods, and they tribe found all it needed, and then some. Some snakes were mistaken for vines and a couple of tribesmen were injured -- but these were not venomous serpents. They were however tasty (Tribe henceforth has access to all the vine they need -- PLUS ONE FOOD in the snakes)

The two exploring groups reported what they had found without disturbing or engaging anything.. to the east, there was a black tree that was gnarled into the shape of a man, it's black limbs seeming to grasp out at the setting sun.

To the north, the tribe spied on strange, lithe and tall tribespeople with great masks that covered their whole bodies that whistled for speech and constantly squabbled -- each fighting to see which was the strongest. They did not wait to see who would emerge the victor, but did discover that these strange beings had begun to follow them before turning back as the night closed in.

Also, in a clay pit stuck out the top of some strange structure that seemingly fell into the mud over countless ages as the ground softened beneath it. Other ruined structures dotted the landscape... and among them walked some squat and strange man-thing, far too short and stocky to be a man, perpetually walking over his own beard in strange black clothing. He was searching the structures, but the scouts dared not approach... they found his tracks leading south however, if they ever wanted to find him again...

Yahhah Yahhah


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General Deth Glitch General Deth Glitch NIGHT 2:

While there still was waning light, work began on the new tools as soon as day's tasks were done. The bony plates were seemingly an easy material a unit of rough and frankly cumbersome armor had been made, partially due to the scales edges having tiny interlocking teeth on them, making it easy to forge the plates together - an adaptation of the great reptile they came from, no doubt. The blades were similarly stuck together and smashed with rocks until they were concentrated and fine. The natural teeth on the sides of the blades made the wounds inflicted by them aggravated and painful, it was suspecting profuse bleeding from the wounds would ensue as well. A tongue of flame made from a single scale was added to the ends of the blades as a symbol of religious significance. (+1 morale, Permanent)


(weapon made of scales, not metal -- but of this shape)

The fire blazed brightly, reflecting the eyes of the myrdrall that circled and circled the camp of the Drakti. Then the fire-seeded food was tossed out, bit by bit -- out of the range of the fire, to light up the darkness. Ba-DOOM! Ba-DOOM! an area of the jungle would light up for a split second. and the sound of running and fleeing in alarm. in the moonlight their silhouettes were backlit against the brightness. And the Drakti celebrated, one explosion after another, that they had taken, for once -- to scaring the Myrdrall. The Myrdrall were the ones afraid now, as the fire spark brightened and grew to the size of Maaravi's fist... The people celebrated, even though the myrdrall never did fully seem to retreat. Perhaps they had discovered the means to finally live without fear of the myrdrall...

running myrk.jpg

So the Drakti began taunting them. Ba-Doom! Ba-Doom! Ba-Doom! More and more encouraged, Maaravi's elders picked up the pieces of meat he'd enchanted and whipped them ever more grandeloquently into the dark. Occasionally a Myrdrall was struck directly, with the sounds of burning flesh, small explosions, and howling pain. Ba-doom! The ritual would have lasted all night, had Maaravi not run out of mana... it was somewhere in the dozens of explosions he had sowed (with the power of the grown spark) when the spark grew dim for a moment, then flickered back on. Maaravi was suddenly very tired as if the last bolt of mana had been drawn from his spirt. For the first time, a human mage spent their last reserves of mana of a spell and collapsed.

The chunk of meat, this one especially large to provide ever increasing fear and pyrotechnics to their display, was dimly enchanted with it's fireseeds. They did not detonate the moment they came into contact with the ground, but fizzled and burned slowly. It landed right at the feet, and face, of the leader of the Myrdrall pack --


It did not hesitate to do what an animal as clever as the Myrdrall would do, when presented with a bomb big enough to blow him to smithereens...

It ran to the edge of the Drakti's firelight and lobbed the great incendiary missile at it's center... into the great campfire -- exploding the Fire-seeded meat, the circle of stones containing the fire, and most tremendously the totality of the campfire itself, blasting in the blink of an eye into bits of flying wood and embers cast high into the air with a fantastic "WOOOOOOOSH!"

There was a moment of half-light where the Drakti could see around them as the last bits of flaming stick and log bounced off the ground from their great heights...

unafraid myrk.jpg

Then... the fire went. out. ...and all hell broke loose.

Most of the children of the tribe were snapped up in a single gesture. already devoured in the moments before they could scream.

The armed and armored men tried to surround the tribe... but it was too much, too fast. One by one the Myrdrall snatched them, sometimes so fast a leg or an arm would fall where they stood, eviscerated and torn off into the darkness in a single rapid gesture.

more than ten of the tribe were dead in seconds -- Somewhere in the chaos, A warrior tripped over Maaravi and slung him over his shoulder -- another tribal disemboweled inches from them as he hopped the chieftain towards some dream of safety. The tribe ran in all directions... scattering in terror with whatever they were holding... Only Dog remained in the camp -- belching and barking flame at the demons until the last of the humans was away. Hours passed. Dog could not be found.

When dawn approached... Maaravi finally awoke at the foot of the great stump -- where his armored warriors, many wounded viciously, leaned against the rock and wood around them. many others died in the night the warriors said, their screams punctuating the loud cacophony of the jungle and bringing enduring silence behind it. Half of the Drakti survivors fled to the camp of the children of Luna, and despite sowing great terror there, were allowed the protection of their fire.

When all was told: TWO UNITS of Drakti tribals were lost to the night and it's demons. All but one wood and three food were lost as well -- abandoned when the camp was fled. The armored and armed warriors bedecked in their new Croc-scale weapons and armor had all survived the ordeal... more or less. The warriors spoke it seemed none of the demons were slain though they held a rearguard against them -- trying to give as good as they got -- they were saved by their new equipment, without a doubt. One warrior told his tale that he slashed a Myrdrall twice across the chest, and hacked off it's hand, and still the thing looked no closer to falling. The warrior had picked up the claw of the myrdrall before fleeing himself, seeing the tribe had gotten a running start.

...The hand was offered to Maaravi as a talisman for the tribe. Perhaps the chieftain could fashion a way for it to protect them -- and as day finally dawned non of the Drakti looked forward to the coming night... The noise of the forest once again punctured by the screams of a Drakti tribeswoman grabbed right before the sunlight fell upon her.

Then the day dawned... and a certain myrdrall, clutching it's bloody stump, fur awash with blood -- howled through the silence that followed.

(Scale weapons and armor retained, multiple injuries require attention, camp only has 1 wood and 3 food) (-3 morale, temporary -- will cancel temporary positives)


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AngelCloud AngelCloud :

The training of "Bullsworth" was going forward splendidly -- though he was not yet fit for riding, he could already be taught to fetch, attack, follow and numerous other tricks that were in line with his behavior as a pack animal. More time in training and watching Raptora be ridden is all it would take before Bullsworth would be a more than worthy mount for the Tribe.

The great fire kept the demons away this night, but chaos and the screams of men at the mercy of demons pierced the darkness. With a great bonfire burning and their relatively easterly position, the presence of the demons was felt, but it was muted.

The great clay bots were warmed in the fire to dry them and the stone-reinforced baskets were constructed as well. Large and requiring more than one bearer each, the Raptors were content with their new storage, gathering and transport gear. Food would keep, and with that, the tribe could grow. (orders involving baskets will have max carrying and reaping bonuses!)

When the day dawned, the raptors found a slime trail leading past their settlement, which if interested in, they could follow.


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Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon :

The cenote drowned out much of the sounds of the jungle around them, and strangely, especially after Baal's ritual of blood, the Children of Luna did not feel the presence of the Myrdrall as they crafted their pots, quickly hardening in the warmth of the fire. (Tribe has plenty of pots, enough to trade without losing efficiency storage)

The Sandals were a revolutionary idea -- to run over sharp rocks and rough terrain, the feet of every tribesman was hardened, but to have protection for the feet was still greater. Other Tribes would do well to emulate the foot coverings of the Tribe of Luna. (If other tribes adopt shoes this may add culture to the Tribe) -- move range per day extended to 4 squares!

The children of Luna manufactured GREAT tools with the granite they received, great hammers/clubs, spiky chisel-picks, hard axes, and more. Tribe of Luna has substantial QUALITY TOOLS, and can trade with losing efficiency.

The Great fire burned out into the forest and a great acrid smoke broiled out of it when the myrdrall blood was cast into it. The Loa, Cletepoc, noisly and wetly slithered out of the cenote -- a blood-red serpent with great yellow butteryfly wings. It beat it's beautiful wings in the fire and seemed to grow in the awe of the tribespeople. It fanned the smoke of the myrdrall blood up to it, and into it's nostrils. "Cletepoc is pleased -- bring the flesh of the hated ones to me and I shall grant a boon upon your people. Regard Cletepoc, and we shall both grow strong." with that, it slithered back into the Cenote, leaving a few wet scales behind it, the length of knives, and just as pointy at the ends.


It had been a productive night when they heard the great explosion to the west -- The Drakti fire, barely visible in the distance, had gone out. The demons shrieked with joy and the Children of Luna could hear the Drakti being hunted through the darkness. It was no surprise that Drakti tribespeople, fleeing into the darkness, would find themselves at the fire of the children of Luna. The elders did not have the heart to turn them away, especially considering the fair dealings and so-far friendship the Luna had enjoyed with the Drakti. Their leaders were a big arrogant and standoffish, but these people were desperate for sactuary in the night. When the morning came it would be learned the Myrdrall had eaten almost half of the Drakti -- but the better portion of them that had not hidden with the luna sought refuge near the Great Stump of the Scion. (Decision point -- Tribe of Luna can attempt to take 1 unit of tribesmen from the Drakti (by coercion and diplomacy) or allow the 1 unit of Drakti to regroup with their chieftain.


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Emmadagood Emmadagood :

2 wood is used for the fire. 3 units will focus on cooking fish so it will last longer, and two units will engage in fertility rituals.

The soft but sizeable fire licked over the dunes of the Arlan camp. Deep in the woods an explosion was heard, and the roaring and scrambling and howling of the demon myrdrall deep in the jungle, but nothing close to the lake... As if in the arms of their fearful Loa, nothing came for them.

Most inventively the Arlan tribe dried the fish in the campfire, after eating what they needed they saw that the food they had "Smoked" was purged of the spirits of corruption that so quickly ate their share of food left untreated or unstored. The Arlan had mastered food preservation (You may trade 5 food for additional units of tribesmen)

Beyond that, several tribesmen played in the shallows of the lake and engaged in rituals of fertility dedicated to the Loa. A warm breeze, breathed warmer by the campfire, blew from the Loa's grove. One pair of tribespeople swore their consummation was witnessed by the Loa itself -- perhaps laying a great blessing upon their union... that a great child of nature would be born, and help to advance the standing of the clan... (Perk: Golden Child) -- when children are born you may receive a special gifted child.


World-Weaver and servant to the most-holy PC

The chieftain of the Flos, Amir -- died in his sleep that night in the shadow of a great roaring fire. Some said it was the venom from his snakebite finally come to claim him -- some say it was bad caviar he had eaten from the Great hermit crabs the Flos had slain with their allies... but all hell broke loose in the Flos camp when Amir was found dead. First there was a heated debate about who would inherit the spark -- which degraded into infighting. In the end a single tribesman snatched the spark and ran into the jungle with it -- saying he would return when he mastered it's power and reunite the Flos -- who had already begun to fracture and spread in corners of the firelight to await to dissipate at dawn.

The demons left the Flos alone -- and in the end they were 5 distinct groups (1 unit each) -- THESE UNITS MAY BE BOUGHT FOR 3 FOOD EACH IF YOU HAVE PERFORMED A FERTILITY RITUAL, or 5 food if you have not. Who gets what will be worked out in the discord channel, contact a GM if you want to "Buy" tribals from the Flos, and there may or may not be events/conditions associated. The Astral spark of the Flos is currently lost, but could be found to make a tribe even more powerful. Flos units have knowledge of the secrets of sulfur and the poppy... which may be useful to other tribes.

In the end, it was little to be said but that the Flos, as a united entity, were gone -- some would join other clans, some would vanish into the jungle, and perhaps many of their number would be welcomed by other tribes.

...But the story, for the Flos themselves, is at an end.


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Karcen Karcen :

The bonetakers fire was the greatest one yet -- it's embers lit fronds in the canopy and several times it was feared that the fire might spread outside of the camp, but it only breathed storms of flittering light with the wind that danced through the jungle high and low and, as best as the bonetakers could assess, repelled the myrdrall beautifully.

Despite the tribe being very busy -- the Scion "Device" -- a pattern and constellation of bone piles and magical designs that lined up on a focal point in the center -- was complete. Where as the first larger but less complete design had but a weakening of the veil between life and death -- this version of the device was undoubtedly a portal. Skeletons and ghosts stood at the door to some dark other plane beyond the veil, gesturing for offerings, prayers, bargains or deals. Behind the throng of lesser creatures greater grey beings in strange clothing and ornaments seemed to leer almost out of sight. The bonetakers could feel safe summoning skeletons and ghosts into their service with the proper offerings or arrangements... but the elders of the Bonetakers remembered tales of the grey ones -- they were the Wights -- mostly dead from times before men... and those would be difficult to parley with and even harder to control. (DEVICE MARKED ON NEW MAP) -- it can be used when the bonetakers are here to magnify bone rituals and to summon undead minions for bargains/payment. The great purple door amid the bones was seen as a comforting and protective influence. The bonetakers feared not this power, for it was theirs to call upon.

QUALITY TOOLS (enough for the tribe to trade excess) were made from hardened bone in a variety of interesting and creative shapes. Devices for picking, digging, cutting and grabbing and still other uses were made from the bones the bonetakers had gathered. Harvesting canes for high fruits (and animals) were the best of the tools designed, and would likely be emulated by other tribes. (Harvesting canes gather more food non-hunting, and if adopted by other tribes may give bonetakers a culture bonus)

Besides this, The tribe worked -- again nearly exhausting their supply of bone (necessitating gathering more) on making suits of armor from hardened melded Skeletons of beasts. One warrior was almost completed entombed in a suit of bone leading a unit of heavily armored warriors (one unit of bonetakers is heavy armored, with champion) a variety of smaller protections were distributed among the tribe but for the most part the best warriors in the tribe were decked out in hardened bone (which was difficult to remove without magical help) with hardened and nasty bone weapons.

Not a trace of the demons was seen nor heard around the camp... the huge fire burned into dawn and then some.


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KindlyPlagueDoctor KindlyPlagueDoctor :

2 wood burnt to keep night demons away

2 stone used to make spears, with as much wood as needed for the spear shafts by 2 people (2 im guessing?)

The modest fire seemed to keep the demons from approaching the warrens -- at least in force anyway -- as occasionally in the night scrabbling and howling could be heard in the outskirts far beyond the flames at their cave entrance.

Under the cover of the warrens the Ratkin worked hard fashioning crude but cruel spears out of wood and stone -- Each warrior in the end was given a stone knife and a strong wooden spear (Excess can be traded without harming efficiency) -- some smaller spears were crafted for throwing also, though they were short ranged to be truly accurate. (Perk - Counterstrike -- Ratkin deliver a (relatively weak) missile attack before they can be engaged in melee)

The stone magic of the spark was invested in the tools... melding the stone into the wood to make them strong (2 stone and 2 wood used) -- The excess bits were made into a small amount of QUALITY TOOLS.

Affection in the warren remained high, and spirits and warmth were high as well. In the night, one unit of Flos tribesmen came to the ratkin and begged to join the tribe -- would the ratkin take them in?


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Yahhah Yahhah :

Some of the Tyrien swore they heard an explosion and howling chaos on the far side of the river, but such alarmism was dismissed as piles of heady flowers were poured into the modest campfire filling the resting areas with a lurid and intriguing aroma... one by one, those concerned for fear of what might be going on in the dark, were pulled into the nearest parts of the fireside and embraced in the rites of closeness traditional to the clan. Spirits joined and elevated, and dreams of new kinsmen and children preoccupied what little thinking was being done in the festivities.

With vines, darkwood, and flecks of stone -- cruel "Horns" (Spears) were created for the tribe. darkwood was heavier than normal wood which made the spears unsuitable for throwing, but the added weight seemed to make them more dangerous on the attack, and to hold solidly when braced against the ground -- (Perk Gained: Receive Charge) -- Tyrian Spearmen can opt to attack second in melee for a considerable bonus to damage)

Liviander looked over their clan and was happy. The spark seemed to pulse and grow in their hands. It was a good night -- one that would be remembered hopefully in leaner times (+1 morale, temporary) Also, 1 unit of Flos tribespeople heard the sounds of Tyrien lovemaking in the jungle and explained the fact that their chieftain was dead, seeking asylum in joining the Tyrian if Liviander's people gave them 3 FOOD. The elders said that if the food could be spared it should be offered up -- as it would already give product to the rites of fertility by growing the tribe...


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Day 3

General Deth Glitch General Deth Glitch

Maaravi travelled with two groups of his faithful to where the clan had camped, that terrible night before.

There was blood everywhere -- but anything larger than a finger in the way of flesh was meticulously removed by the Myrdrall.

They wasted nothing... and there was quickly not a dream of finding anyone alive that was not already accounted for.

What was stranger however is that the camp had seemed to be subsequently looted. Non-meat food scraps lay here and there,

things the Myrdrall wouldn't touch -- picked over and carried away. Then they found the footprints. Large men, come from the west, had arrived at the old campsite likely scant hours after dawn, coming from the west. A gourd of black slimy liquid was found fallen in the brush, with strange symbols and pictograms not familiar to any of the tribes the Drakti had yet
Encountered. tracking them towards and back away from the Drakti camp they could see this other tribe travelled in
unpredictable snake-like patterns -- they snuck to the Drakti camp from the west, and divided up heading further east.
The signs of their passing did not look friendly.

Still, after no sign of the interlopers after tracking them a modest distance, Maaravi and his tribespeople joined the
smaller group of hunters in the effort to gather food. a herd of Hairless ungulates was found rooting for food of their own
when the Drakti fell upon them. They were fortunate not only to slay numerous members of the herd, but discovered what they were grazing on, giant wild onions, could be pulled up and eaten as well. Overall 10 Food was retrieved by such a large
hunting party, baskets full.

Maaravi stopped a group of Flos fleeing through his terrirory and appealed and spoke out to them about the benefits of
joining the Drakti -- the two tribes had met adversity, but could overcome it together... for 5 food, 1 UNIT OF PEOPLE of
The Flos joined the Drakti. They would eventually lose their own ways and traditions to their adopted culture, but for the
time being having flos in the Drakti Tribe confers perk ("Twist Fate" - one re-roll per adventure)

The remaining Drakti Gathered wood in the forest near the river -- but a freak rainstorm cut productivity for the better
part of the day -- only 3 wood was retrieved, despite tools and readiness.

General Deth Glitch General Deth Glitch


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Emmadagood Emmadagood

With the help of Alle the dolphin and fisherman's bounty, the food rolled in for the tribe. Not only did they gather/spear/or
otherwise capture 10 FOOD. In addition, despite a frightening encounter with a sharkworm (which Alle repelled) the fishers
caught an exceptional creature of mystic portent -- The thorn-scaled Harlequin Lobster! Alternatingly white and black
depending on the reflection of the light, this great camoflage in water was a resplendent radience above water.

The Elders wondered what to do with this rare find:

It could be eaten by the elders and fashioned into a beautiful crown,
It could be eaten by the warriors and made into a wicked spiky axe, with claw blades and bedecked with stinging thorns,
Or -- the tribe mused, they could let the exceptional specimen free... hoping the spirits would favor them... though still
others argued that doing so would be rejecting the favor already shown by the lake...

The unnamed nature Loa of the Arlan shifted lazily in it's pile of vines and pools of water... adulating in the dances and
prayers offered by the Arlan. In the end, 5 WOOD worth of branches rose from the ground for them to break and harvest. The Clay idol they had made for the Loa stood proudly on the edge of the pools, already overgrown with fines and moss.

Anaya caught a body of floss refugees huddled in the remains of their camp -- not having decided where to go. They were
happy to hear the Arlan's offer of welcome and peace within their tribe, and 2 UNITS OF PEOPLE joined the Anaya. (They would slowly lose thier own tribal identity and powers to the ways of the Arlan, but for now having Flos Tribespeople allows 1 free re-roll per encounter while the portent energy of the Flos is still strong. -- note perk "Twist fate, 1/encounter")

The rest of the Flos had already spread in every direction, but generally to the north. It remained to be seen if other
tribes might adopt them.

Emmadagood Emmadagood


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Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon

The Children of Luna and the Ratkin joined forces in strength to hunt the elkenbeast of the eastern forest jungle --
the plan was simple -- the sneaky Ratkin would surround the herd on three sides and chase them out onto the clay-flats to
the east where Luna Tribesmen would allow them to get bogged down in the clay and kill them.

The result was devastatingly successful. Even where elkenbeast escaped time and again on the clay-flats the Luna could still
chase them, and by the time the ratkin came to the clay-flats to help the terrain was littered with dead elkenbeasts with
plenty of food to be had -- though scavengers took or camped some of the scattered outlying kills, the ratkin dug up many
kills quickly before opportunists and scavengers could steal too much.

The Tribe of Luna Netted TWELVE FOOD with the ratkin having their own haul. The herd was scattered off if not completely destroyed, lending one to think of perhaps hunting more sustainably, but for now bellies would be full... and cooperation between the Ratkin and the Luna brought the two tribes closer together.

The children of Luna would indeed eat well, for they had also tasked a good number of people to gather the purple
"Purse-fruit" that scaled into the upper canopy. New species of birds, monkeys and lizards dwelled up near the purse-fruit,
The purple fruits provided THREE UNITS OF FOOD, but more to the point was the heady perfume and strong spirits the fruit
seemed to contain. Eating the fruit made tribespeople brave and reckless, the hottest and ripest ones providing almost a
sense of euphoria. (+1 morale temporary) -- elders speculated in making the fruit into a special brew that would bouy the
mood of the whole tribe.

The expedition to the north led to a great structure that looked as if it was mostly hewn from the living rock itself. The
massive ediface was lined with the effigies of stout but short men wearing strange costumes, carved into the rock. The door
was made of shiny stone that seemed to be made of many peices that unified at a central point low to the ground where there was a slight depression or intentation in the rock -- like the final peice of the door was missing. High above in the cliffs
the top of the ediface seemed to have windows, thin slats that were decorated in strange runes and pictograms, and plants
and vines hung all over the structure. Perhaps an adventure could be planned to scale into the windows of the great
structure? For now, the cold door only mocked their approach.

On the way back however one of the stoutmen in strange clothing was seen in the flesh, working under a rock overhang in the cliffs where the rock wall met the ground. The stoutman (Dwarf) seemed wild eyed and possibly drunk, but he gesticulated wildly to the group as he seemed to pump some strange device into the mouth of a hole in the rock burning bright... He draped a strange harness over his ears and mouth and spoke in trade talk -- "Oi! Oi! Lanky ones! speak to a lone and friendly stranger?" the words were trade talk, but did not seem to line up with his lips or the gutteral sounds he was
making behind the device. (Decision point: Baal may meet a dwarf)

The Flos were scared, and hard to track down, as much as they were scattered around the east part of the valley. Baal
convinced one unit of Flos to join them citing their recent great hauls of food and shiny pearls and comfortable shoes and
quality tools. ONE UNIT OF PEOPLE joined the Luna from the Flos... giving the Luna perk "Twist Fate" (one reroll per
encounter, until assimilated.)

Finally -- when almost all the tribe reconvened to discuss plans for the evening, the were encountered by a large group
of a previously unencountered tribe. They did not know trade talk, and were barking and hostile. "Cannit! Nee-Gak! Cannit!
Orfex Gragh!" the foreigners seemed to be demanding food in tribute and submission to their leadership... (This will have
to be handled diplomatically or will be a 6 v. 6 unit battle resolved before nightfall)

Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon


World-Weaver and servant to the most-holy PC
AngelCloud AngelCloud

Selma was on the mend from her recent illness, and even though she gave her orders being worse for wear, a visit with the
Scion had her very tired, but well. She helped her tribe hunt by the river, Gathering great numbers of large (finger length)
water-grazing ants that were crunchy and juicy, as well as using sticks as gathering canes to gather delicious citrus fruits
that seemed to grow entwined around certain trees but were really the product of their own vines snaking up towards the
sunlight. THe tribe might want to make a concentrated effort to gather the citrus for it really was valued and enjoyed by
the tribe. (Clan gains 5 FOOD)

Raptor Elders visited a nomadic collection of Flos heading further northeast to hide from the Myrdrall. This group had no
elder of their own, so "Trade talk" could not be established. The Raptors attempted to relay their deal and offer of
safety with pictograms, but the Flos seemed frightened by this. In the end, No Flos would join the Raptors, they returned
with their offerings of food empty-handed.

A separate unit went off to seek Wood to gather... they found FOUR UNITS OF WOOD, "Darkwood" to be precise. Darkwood smelled powerful and pleasant when burned, as well as being additionally smoky. They found a separate stand of trees sticky and dripping with sap, but found it too difficult to harvest these trees without starting early in the day when the sap was most viscous.

A small expedition was sent to the river to pan and dive for gold -- but they only got crumbs of the shining material for
an entire day of work... (NO GOLD GAINED)

AngelCloud AngelCloud


World-Weaver and servant to the most-holy PC
Locklaklazarii Locklaklazarii

Gwerikos saw to the establishment of his tribe's camp personally. The Yamna settled along the river, scouts telling them
of several neighbors, including the Luna and Ratkin tribes seemingly stripping the eastern clay-flats of herd animals.
The camp was not far from the water, and near the beaches and clay-flats to the east. They easily found patches of maize and
cannabis at the foot of the jungle and along the river. It was a good spot... for as long as they could keep it.

SIX FOOD of Maize was gathered from various sources, the gatherers taking care not to pick all of a patch dry and to
scatter some seed for the earth and bird spirits. The group also gathered a further ONE FOOD of delicious water plants
that stained their skins in reds, yellows and blues... painting scant clothing and skin alike.

An elder found a strain of puffball fungus that gave a very pleasing odor and color of smoke when burned... concentrated
and enjoyed with other flammable plant spirits this "Incense" lent itself to magical and religious meditation and research.

The rest of the tribe observed the local wildlife, noting there was much more life in the trees above their heads than even
the plenty to be found in the understory and forest floor. Colonies of non-poisonous snakes made nests by the riverbank,
high hills of fist-sized ants could be found by the beaches and on the clay-flats, and a variety of plump and colorful birds
always seemed just out of reach, above them or even along the ground.

The group also saw a great "Sandbar Crocadile" floating downstream from them... a dangerous predator, but potentially
valuable prey...

Locklaklazarii Locklaklazarii


World-Weaver and servant to the most-holy PC
KindlyPlagueDoctor KindlyPlagueDoctor

All signs pointed to the idea that the ratkin would need to move... soon. Myrdrall tracks were all around come morningtime
and in more than one area it looked like the demons were digging on the outskirts of the warrens. The Elders knew there
were other warrens further west that could be used, and if labor was put into it additional hidey-holes in the valley
could be made to cycle between. But the Ratkin knew most of all that the Myrdrall were CLOSE. Too close now.

The hunting expedition with the children of Luna was a huge success, bringing TWELVE FOOD back to the nests for what was not much work -- so many tribals -- indeed two tribes in number -- had dedicated themselves to the task and stripped the herd
down to stragglers. A ratkin was injured defeding a kill from wolves, but otherwise the hunt was uneventful except for being
so gainful.

Gathering wood was more difficult due to a freak rainstorm which bogged down part of their harvest in the clay and mud...
However FOUR WOOD were gleaned thanks to the dedication of the tribals and the efficacy of their tools.

Lastly, The ratkin saw strangers from the west, some new tribe, picking through the ruins of the old Drakti emcampment
and then making a bee-line for the Children of Luna camp. Night would soon fall, so perhaps it was best to stay out of
such intrigues -- but perhaps the children of Luna needed their help? These strangers did not seem friendly!
(Decision point -- decide if you are lending any units of people to Heyitsjiwon Heyitsjiwon (Luna) before they resolve thier
encounter with the strangers from the west, the "Orfex" the ratkin elders seemed to call them...

KindlyPlagueDoctor KindlyPlagueDoctor


World-Weaver and servant to the most-holy PC
Karcen Karcen

Attak's tribals set about their work. The first group found purple leathery fruits hanging high in the trees from vines and gathered these fruits, though they smelled heady and of strong spirits. FOUR UNITS OF FOOD were gathered with their quality tools.

Attak's task force sent to find wood knocked over a particularly large dead tree and salvaged it for SEVEN WOOD. it was a good haul, one that was quickly brought to camp.

Flos refugees were found, and a UNIT OF PEOPLE would agree to join the bonetakers for FIVE FOOD. Would the bonetakers agree to the terms?

The tribals sent to gather bones found a supply of ivory in a mammoth burial ground. The tribe is considered to have unfettered access to ivory -- which if they use for ornamentation will give the Tribe a permanent +1 to morale (and can be traded to share this bonus) For once the bonetakers did not feel strained with their supply of bones after this gathering returned. It was a good haul.

The rock-gathering crew had a cruel and sudden surprise befall them -- where the land met the cliffs it was especially sandy, with sparse and dead trees near the center of the area. Avoiding that "haunted wood" -- the band made it's way to the foot of the cliffs, but they were interrupted as a giant shift in the sands threatened to pull them all down as something rose to the surface -- a great
ANT LION! The bonetakers did not hesitate once they got their wits about them and did not fall for the trap of the shifting sands -- they quickly grabbed their bone clubs and wicked shivs and descended upon the beast, killing it before it had a chance to completely surface and agress against them. They were not ready for the sands to swallow up the ant lion and threaten to swallow them as well when
the creature died, it's face smashed into unrecognizable paste -- but all survived... the entire team digging to free a singular bonetaker that was almost sucked down with the would-be predator.

When the final group reached the south cliffs, they immediately set to work but noted that there were caves in the cliff face -- one wide and natural looking, another narrow, low to the ground, and very dark. They would tell the chieftain about these caves because they were outside the scope of their assigned work -- gathering stone. The wide open cave had plenty of loose rock fallen around and at the entrance of it, so gathering was especially successful. TWO UNITS OF STONE were gathered, broken up into movable pieces and hauled back to camp...

Karcen Karcen

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