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Fandom [Dawn of Justice] Trouble at Kyoto Bank



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Kyoto Local Bank

12:56 PM

Sitting in a van, Luciano took a deep breath, this was his operation. One he had been creating for a couple of days now, he had been up for a while running through the steps. He had all the data he needed to make sure this ran as smoothly as possible. He had a detailed map of the bank he had Remy acquire for him with one of her puppets. The plan was an easy one, in order to succeed in this operation, they needed to have acquired about 100,000 dollars in cash. It was quite a lot, but it was doable. The plan was in motion with Remy having a security guard under her control and use them as an inside man to get past security and cameras.

Remy and the new addition, Pippa, would be assisting in different ways, Remy mainly watching over hostages and making sure everyone is quiet with a few of her own undead helping her too. She would have one in the van to secure their getaway. Pippa... Uh, Luciano wasn't too sure about what she could do. She would be helping Luciano with lugging the money and Luciano would be making sure it all ran smoothly. He had the security codes that the security guard had given to him before this robbery was happening. He knew where the money was and how to open the vault door. " Do you two understand the plan? " Luciano asked in the back of the van.

" Remy you'll be overlooking the hostages with some of your undead. Pippa, you and Bulldozer will be accompanying me to the vault and take out any security we find. Remy and I had found a security guard that works here and turned him into one of her slaves, uh puppets, or whatever you call them. He'll make sure there are no cameras on when we enter while we have a getaway driver in the front. " Luciano explained. " Any questions? I have answers. " Remy would tell that Luciano was somewhat on edge, like he was nervous about this operation. Which he was, Remy would also know this operation determined if Luciano was ready or not to break his father out of the prison. This was his final obstacle before he could truly help. He can't fail this.

The Gourmet Villain, Pippa Lestoix

Luciano was going through a myriad of internal affairs she knew nothing about, yet Pippa had come all the same. An asset from Ryuiki's better half, the illustrious Calypso. The chef attire was off putting at first, less so than the savage belt of kitchen knives wreathed around her waist, and even further still were the six arms she made use of; two of which dedicated to keeping her head aloft. Her respect likely refreshing as she always showed Red River members with upmost reverence when she worked with them.

"I am very eager to serve you, young master. Calypso has told me flattering things about your appearance, but even they were watered down no?"

Pippa listened to Luciano's explanation and their plan during the heist, nodding along, emulating the motion well at least. A pair of hands in the process of sharpening her knives while the other set were loading her custom berretta's; engraved with imagery of the savannah. Her Hyenas. She holstered them and cracked several rows of knuckles; She was quite eager to have some work after several months of straight kitchen duties. Calypso greedy with her best chef's time.

"Security will be no problem, as long as we are thorough of course. Do we have a way through the vault door itself? I am talent at lockpicking but i've never cracked something like that im afraid. I suppose I should explain my quirk; aside from being blessed with six arms and the back muscles to support them, they can detach from me to a certain point and ambulate of my own free will. My head is able to do the same thing though...ever since I detached it as a child, I could never get it to stick back on quite right. I've managed to make good advantage of it though, my high school tenure not withstanding." She explained cordially.
Remy Summers
OF course, to support Luciano she was there- they needed the money- but this smaller heist wasn't something she was excited for. Someone had to oversee Luciano in this mission, though it made no sense why Ryuki would make their lesser-trained member run a heist that was as high stakes as breaking out his father from a prison. Sure, the man was his father, but he was still young, and didn't have the strength like Snare did.

"I will have my group help you, and I will pretend to be a hostage. I do not need to speak to my people out loud to communicate with them, and I will undoubtedly slow you down if I was directly involved. I do have actual banking to do, so when I'm done making a transaction that's when you will come in. If we need brute force then Len will be helpful for smashing in the walls containing the safe. The guard had an unfortunate heart attack and died in his breakroom. Most of my people will be involved in this mission, so you will have a total of six helpers from me. Do try to keep them alive. Pippa, your best bet is to work with Steph, as he can smuggle in anything you need that you may not be able to fit on your person. " Remy announced, giving a respectful nod to Pippa, as she respected a person who was like her- who could unsettle people so easily.

She turned to Luciano, her voice dropping to a less pleasant tone, his remarks bringing up his past remarks. "I told you, my people have names. Do not call my people by their Quirks. Any element of surprise is lost when you name a Quirk out loud. It gives an extremely large hint into what a person can do. I do not think you would like it if I called you Glass, Luciano? It shows a direct lack of respect to me if you cannot respect those under my Quirk. I will not work with someone who does not respect me." By the end, her voice had turned frosty, considering she still remembered the comment Luciano had made before in the training session. "This is your heist, but I am one of your mentors, whether that fact pleases you or not. I will help you, but I do not tolerate those who run their mouth, especially those who make comments and think that they are not overheard." It was a clue-in for Pippa, that she wasn't being mean to Luciano because she felt like it, but she was addressing an insult that she hadn't had time to speak to Luciano about.
Luciano Carmine

Luciano looked up at the new addition, Pippa. She was something similar to the Irish Folklore tale, a Dullahan. As Luciano knew it, this once myth was a real thing. Guess it wasn't such a surprise with all the weird situations he's been in since joining Red River. The Dullahan. Said to be the embodiment of a Celtic God and riding a black horse, this might not be a actual Dullahan before him. But it is very close to being one. She was unsettling to look at, but her honeyed words, respectful behavior and formal way of speaking did show that she was somewhat trustworthy. " My appearance, eh? " Luciano asked with a raised brow, " Judge me on my actions and planning after today, Pippa. Whether I fail or succeed. " Luciano had a serious look on his face, the stress and weight on his shoulders must have been heavy. Pippa's next concerns were justified. The vault door. That was already accounted for.

" Yes. Tha vault door. A security guard that had a heart attack at his own home perished. Remy had the means to make him useful once more. That included all the codes and memories of this individual. " Luciano explained. One aspect he himself believed was utilizing everyone on the team, no matter how small or big their part was. A clock only worked with all gears turning. Everyone had their strengths and weaknesses, Luciano's strengths did not lie in pulling information from a dead man, Remy's did. If he was being honest, this entire operation only worked because of Remy's quirk, despite how repulsive he found it. He had come to realize, during the planning phase of this operation, how useful Remy was. And he intended to put her quirk to work. " We have the codes that change on each hour of each day. At 1:00 PM the access code for the vault will change, but we have it already. We have planned at 1:15 PM for the cameras to be disabled by the Security guard Remy has taken into her company. The next code change will be at 2:00 which is when the cameras will start rolling again. " Luciano explained the plan to Pippa. " But if the access codes don't work- " Luciano held his hand out as a piece of glass materialized into the palm of his hand like ice. " I can get use inside with my own quirk. If subterfuge and plans don't work, brute force will. " The piece of glass atomized into the air as the young thug closed his hand. " We have the layout of the building and headcount for all security guards here as well. There will be no surprises. 1 o'clock will be the quietest time of the day since everyone is going back to their work from their lunchbreaks. At least here anyways. " Luciano sounded confident in what he said but there was always a what if scenario. This entire thing could go belly up in an instant. But he wouldn't think of that just yet.

Luciano turned his head to look at Remy as she addressed, she had banking to do herself. This did annoy Luciano inside, doing your banking just before a heist job like this? What was she thinking!? Whatever... This was not the time to get annoyed already. " Fine. Do your banking. But once you are finished- " Luciano created a small piece of glass in his hand and handed it to her. " Press down on this just after you finish. I will feel a small pinch and that will be the signal to start the heist. " Six helpers; four overseeing the hostages, one accompanying him and Pippa to the vault, and the dead security guard that disables the cameras and takes out the other guards nonlethally just before the heist begins. Although as Remy brought up what Luciano had said again, he stared at her deadpan as she spoke. Luciano placed both his hands on the table and remained calm. " Give me a list of their names then. I'll call them by their proper names then. " Luciano stated as he did have a pen on the small table that was in the van. The map layout was out over the small table. He flipped it over to the blank side and handed it to her. " Pippa and I will have them memorized if she does not already. " Luciano stated, there was a quiet awkward silence for a couple moments." And Remy. I am sorry for my past insults. I was and am still new to this environment and the usage of quirks. Excuse my crass insults that I have directed to those that serve under you. And if need be, I will apologize to them personally after this mission. " Luciano stared into Remy's eyes, he was being sincere about what he said.

Training with Snare and her did somewhat change his outlook on quirks. Somewhat. He still found them to be too relied on and didn't like people that use quirks, but he liked them just a bit more than he previously did. This time he wasn't trying to insult Remy, he was just ignorant to her feelings and beliefs. " Any more questions before we start? " He asked once more. " Otherwise let's get this started. Good luck to you all. " Luciano steeled his resolve. They would all get out of this safely and with the money. He put too much planning into this and wanted this to go off without a hitch.
The Gourmet Villain, Pippa Lestoix

"Age and ambition are not mutually exclusive, I have made a handful of cookbooks and have tasted beasts we will never experience again. I am eager to see what marks you make in your career Monsieur Carmine" She said kindly, noticing the stress and weight the boy had on his shoulders. It was one of his first real missions for the Red River so she wanted to be as helpful as she could, and a cut to further her culinary interests certainly didn't hurt either.

"It is well thought out; a forty five minute window? We will have to be quick and efficient then. I have the hunting skills necessary to be quiet, and can even lockpick...though a vault is likely beyond my expertise. I have a few arrows in my quiver so I will adapt as needed" She explained, her hands gathering different supplies in the van and finishing her utility belt of different equipment. Luciano noticing a few black market support items equipped on a few of her arms.

Pippa listened to his potential for backup plans, but simply believed in his first plan. She wouldn't worry about it for the time being. She shook her head when asked about further questions. She felt quite ready and was quite excited to mix up her work every once in awhile. Pippa would follow Luciano's lead when the time came.
Remy Summers
Remy looked to Luciano at the apology, not saying anything, just taking in his surprisngly sincere apology. "Thank you for apologizing. I see you're making an effort, and I do appreciate that." Remy said, looking mollified as she reached for the pen and paper, scribbling down the names of her subordinates.

Healer- Ran
Teleporter- Ren
Bulldozer- Len
Storage- Steph
Other 2- TBD
"I will keep Ran with me. The rest will be with you. I am unsure if Len can just break through the safe, or if Ren can just teleport through the doors with Steph to take as much money as he can put away. But that's your call, however you want to approach it." Remy said, her mind whirling with the possibilities based on the Quirks she had on hand. She would eat and take a nap before the heist, as this level of control took a lot out of her, and she needed to be sharp for the mission.

"I'm adding legitimacy to my being in the bank. If I just stand there, the authorities will think it's strange. They aren't aware of my activities, so I must blend in as best as possible, considering they will look at the camera footage afterward." Remy added at the end. "Though, before we start, I would like a rundown of the plan. A quick description, from start to end." Remy said to Luciano, giving him the chance to Ocean's 11 the plan. More like Ocean's 9, but she wanted an idea of what was supposed to be going on during the 45 minute window.
Luciano Carmine

Luciano changed into his suit while he looked to Pippa; he actually appreciated the headless woman. She wasn't evil like Snare or annoying as Remy or paranoid as Ryuiki. She seemed to believe in his plan, and he wasn't expecting her kindness. " Thank you, Pippa. Hopefully if this goes well, you and I can do more missions together. " Luciano nodded his head respectfully. He wondered himself what path he would create in his career. What would he do? He figured the first big step in his career was releasing his father. But what was next after that he wondered. His own thoughts were disturbed by Pippa speaking up again, she once again complimented his plan but even the most well thought out plans could go wrong, and you should always expect it to go wrong.

It was what he learned from his training too, even though he had planned out an entire trap setup for Snare that surely would have turned the tide into Luciano's favor, it was thwarted by Remy's intervention. " Yes. It might be thought out, but even the best of plans can be thwarted by the lowest of fools. " Luciano stated grimly. He heard once a cult was conducting a ritual to summon some sort of dark god or something and it was the day it was supposed to happen. They have been planning for years in preparation, never have been discovered until the day they were about to sacrifice a virgin woman. All of it was thwarted by one man, a fucking janitor. That janitor was able to escape and ended up contacting the cops and the entire cult fell in one night.

Although as Remy accepted his apology, he said nothing and watched her write the names of her... Children? Down. Luciano took the paper and stared at it, making sure to memorize the names within his memory. " Teleportation might not work. " Luciano stated looking up at Remy, " Otherwise this bank would have been robbed dozens of times over. I am sure they use some sort of alloy to prevent that from happening or some sort of Quirk Negating Field around the vault itself. Although that theory holds no merit. Besides, if I had your... Colleagues? " He sounded uncertain of that phrase, " Do all the work then I am only utilizing only you and not the entire team. I can't rely on only you, despite your versatility. We can't just rely on our quirks either for everything, a bit of problem solving will have to be used too, otherwise we become too reliant on such a thing and not use all of our being to do everything. " Luciano explained.

When Remy asked about the plan again, Luciano took a deep breath and sighed, doing his best to not look annoyed but it couldn't be helped. He closed his eyes and stayed silent for a moment. " Okay. " He started opening his eyes looking at Remy. " This is the plan. Again. You go on in and get into position, while you enter you will have the security guard, that we will name... Security. You will have him disable all the cameras, so no footage is seen of us. As you do whatever you need to do, you go ahead and have Security begin to silently take out guards along his way down to the main floor. Once you're done, the rest of us will charge in and take out whatever guards are left. Security will come behind the desks of the accountants and make sure they stay put and not try to contact the police. "

Luciano took a look at the paper she had written on and stared at the names, " Ran, Ren and Steph will be on the main floor making sure to keep the hostages in the line quiet and behave while you're in the mix to avoid suspicion. Pippa, Len and I will go to the vault where I have the codes for today that will access the vault. From there, we get in, get the money, get out. We take you as a 'hostage' to avoid suspicion. Then we get in this van and escape. That's the plan. " Luciano held a finger up, " Any other questions? No? Remy, you're up. We are giving you 15 minutes starting now. Remember, squeeze the piece of glass I gave you once you're finished and we will move in early. The more time we have, the bigger the escape window is. " Luciano stated before he opened the door for Remy to get out. Turning to Pippa, Luciano tilted his head, " You have questions, Pippa? Otherwise I have some. How did you become... This? " He asked with a raised brow.

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