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Multiple Settings Darkwood Wolves {werewolves}

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❝ The Darkwood Wolves❞


In this town of Darkwood all are welcomed. The town is a friendly welcoming bunch that have lived here most if not all their lives. There’s plenty to do in this town and the vast woods give it a sort of mysterious atmosphere. Well if you’d like to join this little town there’s plenty for you to do!

In the sleepy little town of Darkwood everything is usually peaceful and serene. That is until a stranger unknowingly comes into town in the dead of night. Now rumors are floating about that wolves live among them setting the towns folk on edge. While nerves are flared a sudden death tips the scales into a full blown wolf hunt. With townsfolk turning on one another it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes to light. What they all don’t know is that a enemy lies in wait watching all unfold into chaos.


RULE.All RpNation rules apply here.

RULE.Please no Mary or Gary sues. You have free range to make your character however you please so be imaginative!

RULE.Please wait to start plotting until I’ve accepted your character(s).

RULE.I will not tolerate any bullying or discrimination of any kind in my thread. If I see it or am informed of it you are out. This is out of character and if your character in character makes it excessive you will stop.

dramatis personae.

ROLE.The pack.
A pack of werewolves who live within the town all dispersed as to not draw attention to themselves. The pack meets every full moon or any time a problem arises for them. They are connected by their Wolf bond always able to recognize one another and others like them. They mainly try and blend in to their town taking regular jobs needed around their small town.
The Alpha -
The Beta -
The Healer -
Regular pack -
ROLE.The townsfolk.
These are the standard members of the town. These people have been there since the town was first built so many generations have since passed and continue living in the town. The town also consists of some new blood every now and then. Many of the towns folk have their suspicions about the werewolves within however most are blissfully ignorant of the wolves. It is possible some might be werewolves but you must ask first.
The Mayor -
The Police Chief -
The Baker -
The Shop Owner -
Regular Townsfolk -
ROLE.The Hunters.
These are the werewolf hunters who occasionally come into town often following a rogue wolf. Though there are several families within the town who’ve been there since the beginning. These hunters are trying to figure out who all is a werewolf within their town. It’s unknown what they plan to do with the knowledge they learn. They are human and can not be a werewolf.
The Lead Hunter -
Second in Command -
The Medic -
Standard Hunters -
Newbie Hunters

— Some of us Howl in the moonlight.

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Jordus Thaeriticus

Challenges brings out the best in men.
Would it be fine for my character's crush to be on the alpha's mother? I'm thinking about making a character like Snape. Wants what is best for the pack, but is hindered by never really getting over some things of the past.

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