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The night was a cold one the snow coming down hard though it never seemed to bother the people living within the town. The shadows crept across the whitened ground as the move rose slowly into the sky. The town seemed to settle and creak as the residence within started heading to bed unaware of the danger slowly approaching. The hooting of an owl sounds as it searches for prey its sharp eyes miss nothing as a figure emerges from the dark. It watches as this figure moves silently through the trees not a single sound or drop of snow are out of place. It’s as if no one is truly moving about then just as sudden as it appeared the figure was gone. A chill ran down the owls spine with a nervous feeling the great Hunter takes flight getting far away from what it had just witnessed.

The moon once high in the sky begins descending back down as the first ray of light takes its place. In the growing warmth of day birds begin their song alerting those around of the morning blooming around them. The sounds of life fill the air as the residence within begin awakening to start their day unknown to all a new pretty face lurks among them. The woman smiles softly her seeds of discord already being spread the first effects are false memories of her. The town will now believe she’s been a member for years. With a voice like a bell the silence it broken by a single sentence. “It has truly begun.”

This scene was from six months ago that night a stranger had turned up planting memories of herself into all the people around. The six months had passed quiet easily for Valentina almost everyone found her fascinating or charming in some way. How she moved, talk, and spoke often left people watching or listening to her. She was always kind to everyone speaking warmly and happily to any who approached her as she worked with flowers. Her gaze lifted seeing a man carrying an axe strapped to his back she knew him as Daniel Rexroad the current alpha of the Darkwood pack. A faint smile graced her lips seeing the stiffness within the male so it seemed the rumors were starting to fester more causing the wolves and hunters some trouble. She watched him head towards the bakery until he was within the building then she slipped away heading towards the back of the flower shop. That’s when she let out an ear piercing scream her already pale skin paling even more at the scene before her. A man was splayed upon the ground bright red blossoming under him against the snow from seemed to be deep and ragged gashes. His eyes were open but the flat look in them showed the man had already passed away and this wasn’t just any man this was Bane Winter the son of the current mayor. Valentina took another step back her hand across her mouth as she heard several pairs of feet crunching in the snow heading her way.


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    By the time the sleepy glowing rays of the morning colored the town golden, the baker's bed had already been cold for a bit. There were no sounds or scents in the apartment itself, but the audible clues and faint scents of the inhabitant rose up between the floor boards, sounds of an oven lowly humming, dough being handled and a low tune being hummed, the faintest hint of a morning tea wafting around the room as hidden wisps.

    Arya was always early up, often before the sun even showed its first rays, as she had bread to bake and cakes to make and tea to drink - oh, and some stubborn insomnia that kept her from sleeping too long, not that she'd tell anyone. She'd rather let them believe she was just very dedicated and passionate about her craft - which wasn't entirely untrue. Her movements were smooth and quick, clear with practiced ease as the third dough of the day was being formed and worked, the second portion in the oven and the first on the racks, cooling down before she'd bring them out into the store on display. The baker didn't only make breads and buns, but she was fond of making sweets as well, everything from cookies to doughnuts to more advanced layer cakes. She usually made whatever came to mind, and once that was all sold up, she'd begin on a new project or two. Therefore it was never certain what sweets the baker had in her windows, as it could change from day to day, but that was a part of the charm of the little bakery. Her selection of bread were always the same though, the same kinds of buns and loafs and breads, only occasionally there would pop up a new type or two for a limited amount of time. It gave her bakery a refreshing touch or tradition and stability, combined with touch of surprise and mystery over what the redhead had now experimented with regarding her cakes and desserts. In today's windows, other than the usual selection of breads, she had muffins, of three different sorts - chocolate, blueberry and vanilla chocolate chip - as well as some triple chocolate cookies.

    Her humming continued to gently flow throughout the kitchen, her dough at hand done being formed into buns with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top. Quickly the buns were switched out with the finished breads in the ovens, golden loafs with light carvings on top, as Arya continued to move between the kitchen and the front room of the bakery itself. The baskets of bread behind the counter and the trays in the windows were slowly filling up with scents and colors and textures and tastes, her personal favorites being the freshly made blueberry muffins, one of which she sat down with at the tables in the other end of the little bakery as the last portion of cakes and bread finished in the ovens. The blue-eyed baker felt tired, but looking at her stocked shelves and trays through black rimmed glasses, she felt satisfaction replace it, one of her hands bringing the muffin to her mouth to munch at occasionally as she gazed absentmindedly out the window at the quiet streets. The other hand underneath the table rubbed at the connection point between her real leg and the prosthetic - had it been some months back, she would've been more bothered by it, both in terms of pain and trouble physically when moving around the bakery and ovens and store room, but also mentally, a heavy weight on her mind. She'd had time to get used to it though, and found that if she focused on her work and business and customers, it didn't take up much of her time or space in her mind. She hadn't yet figured out how to handle it at night though, especially since that's when the phantom pains usually came to light when her hands had no more to do.

    Shaking her thoughts away, the redheaded baker heaved a small sigh, refocusing on watching the rising sun outside as she enjoyed the last of her muffin, mentally noting herself to put more blueberries in next time. There was no reason to linger with thoughts of worry or fear. She was alive, had most of her body intact, had her bakery and customers, and she could eat cakes all day if she wanted without having to pay or be judged. Taste-testing, she could easily pass it off as. Which was actually the case... sometimes, that is. What was there not to like?

    The baker's blue hues turned to the door as the bell dinged, the familiar form of the man causing a smile to spread across her soft lips. "Daniel!" Arya greeted the man warmly, a friend to her, standing and brushing off stray crumbs from her lap, mentally ensuring that her prosthetic leg was properly covered, which it always was but she couldn't help but worry. It didn't take the short woman long to make her way behind the counter, red hair a little ruffled and flour sprinkling her dark pants as always. "What can I help you with today? A large order of bread and cakes, or just a few cakes for yourself and the dame?" Her voice was tinged with humor as she teased him a bit, the man always either ordering huge amounts of food, or simply a few items - nothing in between. Not that she minded - his purchases were good for sales, and he himself was good for her mood, the baker enjoying interacting with the man, as well as his wife, whenever she was along.

    "I've got some blueberry muffins, fresh from the oven, and-" The baker was interrupted by a very unfamiliar and haunting sound - a ear-piercing scream. Fear and surprise constricted the dark pupils in the blue hues of Arya, her mouth slightly open as her widened gaze briefly turned towards the street out the windows, even if she couldn't see the occurrence from there, and then back to Daniel, too stunned to do much more than await the man's reaction. She was human, not an ounce of werewolf blood in her nor any knowledge of them despite one of them having cost her half her left leg months prior, but something about Rexroad made her trust his reactions and decisions. Unknown to her, this was curtesy of his respectful and well-earned rank of alpha, but to her, he simply seemed to be a good person with a sound mind.




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location = Behind the flower shop
interactions = Valentina
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For two long and painfully lonely years, the white-haired man had lived in the quaint little town he had learned to call home. Though, he did have a few surface-level friends that would come by the quiet shop he ran. The weapons shop was ill-set at best, being birthed from the remains of a family bakery. The display windows that once housed freshly baked treats now showed off small firearms and blades. The interior was much the same as it was when Keito bought the place, though now it was more displays and strange lighting.

The apartment upstairs, however, was much cozier than the floor below. Softer lighting gave the main room a pleasant glow that made the hardwood floor glisten ever so slightly. The ex-military soldier had found a way to make himself feel less lonely by having his living area heavily populated by plants of all sorts. Small succulents sat on the table in front of the plush couch, potted plants hung by the windows, needing more sunlight than the succulents scattered everywhere. His room was home to the most amount of plant life; a hanging garden sat right outside his window while on the window sill sat sprouting seedlings. A honeycomb wall decoration housed what looked like weeds to most, but to the widowed husband of a botanist, they were so much more.

Drawing the blinds and giving special care to each earthy companion, Keito started his day on a good note. Well, sort of good. Something in the back of his mind screamed that something was awry, though he couldn't quite tell what it was. Shrugging it off would be his normal reaction but today, he wanted to investigate the odd feeling.

Quickly throwing on his usual black and white outfit, he headed downstairs with the intention to wander around the town for a while. After all, his funky little business didn't open until later in the day. With his trusty katanas strapped by his side, Keito began his (hopefully) exciting adventure. Though exciting wasn't what he came across that morning.

No, rather, he was thrown into... He didn't even know yet. Keito darted across the street, not even caring to look for cars as he drew a sword. It was more of a precaution in case it was a robbery.

If only it were something so simple as a mere thief. No, instead, there lay a bloodied body that had been torn up. He had seen things like this and much worse before but it still made him shudder. "Are- Are you okay?" He asked the one who had screamed.
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Juno was suddenly jerked awake by the cold feeling of her basement's floor on her cheek and under her hands. She sat up quickly—too quickly—causing her brief dizziness to overtake her. She groaned, running a hand over her face. Most people would be alarmed to wake up on the floor in the middle of their basement, but the young huntress was not. Strange happenings that this had occurred throughout the course of her life.

After a moment to let the dizziness subside, her sleepy gaze traveled up the old rickety stairs to the open door of the basement. She must have slept walked again. It was honestly kind of amazing how she hadn’t injured herself doing so yet considering her old Victorian home was, well, not very mobile friendly anyways.

Sighing, Juno slowly pushed herself off of the stone floor and padded up across the room. She carefully climbed up the stairs while holding the singular wooden railing.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the sun-kissed woman started her morning routine just as she normally would. She dressed in one of her cute but casual outfits and fixed her hair into a half-up, half-down style for the day. She put some makeup on like plenty of girls did and sprayed herself with a little perfume. After making herself look presentable, she made her way to the kitchen where she put together her go-to matcha latte and munched on a bowl of fruit and granola. Luckily for her, she was off of work today so she could simply enjoy the morning for once.

Juno could have made the executive decision to stay home for the day but the medic wasn't that simple. Not long after she finished her breakfast, she was stepping out the door of her home and into the snowy wonderland on the other side.

The frigid air stung against her exposed skin causing a small frown to form on her lips. She wrapped her cream cardigan tighter around her body. Even though she began to question the decision, it did not stop her from moving farther from the comfort of her home and down the pathway that would eventually bring her into the thick of town. She was, however, completely unaware of the gruesome event that she would eventually stumble across.



The Guy

Mark Holloway

Werewolf | Location: In front of Larry's Garage | Tags: N/A | Mentions: Michael, Keito, Daniel

Mark jogged grumpily down the sidewalk in the early morning light, the man leaving hot misty clouds of breath in his wake. He was bundled in a thick jogging uniform with a light jacket over it. He'd always disliked the winter for reasons such as this, early morning runs were met with both the resistance of the snow but forced even a Werewolf to bundle up some if nothing else than for appearances. This made the run less enjoyable in his opinion, not to mention the cold stinging in his lungs. It didn't matter that he'd lived in Darkwood his entire life and did this every winter, he never got used to it and never stopped hating it. The sun only fully crested on Mark's return to the home his parents once lived in, a home he'd grown up in for the most part. It was one of the few things he still had of them, and despite this he kept mentioning the intent to sell the place and move out every now and again. His reasoning was that it was too big for a single person living in it and deserved a full family living in it, not that it was all that large. Mark was just the type of man to not take up much space, and never saw himself making a family of his own. No, as far as he was concerned the pack was the only family he needed, though in recent months that had been a difficult thought to face given his loss of the Beta rank. And yet he never got around to making any move to sell the house. Whether this was some form of procrastination or his unconscious still clinging to the home, who knew. Once inside he wasted little time with a quick shower and breakfast then left for work in his old pickup truck. Though he didn't live particularly far from Larry's Garage, even running by it on his morning runs, but it was a force of habit and meant he didn't need to worry about getting around after work.

The beginning of work went as usual, having changed into his work overalls and getting straight to business after arriving. Half the time he arrived at the auto shop even before Larry which meant he'd have to keep an ear out for the bell ringing if a customer entered while he went about his business, the rest of the time Larry would be there before him and he could focus on his tasks and let Larry man the desk until Benjamin showed up. Ben was the young man who mostly manned the front desk but also was getting trained to eventually work as a full time mechanic himself. Usually Mark and Larry had a third to help out but the job had been empty for a while now, leaving the workload a little heavier on the two of them. Especially given how busy they got in the winter, between people not knowing how to take care of their vehicles in such weather as well as the occasional accident.

Mark had a car jacked up while he was on his back on the roller board underneath with wrench in hand, high enough that he wasn't uncomfortable at the enclosed space, when the distant and muffled scream reached his heightened hearing. The man jerked up as a reaction, forehead banging smack into the undercarriage of the car. With a groan he eased back onto the board, "Son of a---" He growled, hand rubbing at the sore spot he knew would turn into a knot before long. Deciding to ignore it for the moment he rolled himself out and stood up, moving with a quickened pace out into the front parking lot. The snow beneath his boots crunched as he reached the sidewalk, glancing from side to side in an attempt to figure out exactly where the scream had come from. That's when he spotted the sprinting Michael Ragnvard rush into an alley by the bakery down the street. It was difficult to see the pack current Beta without some sense of discomfort. It wasn't that he even disliked Michael, more that he simply found it difficult knowing the man had replaced him. When Daniel became the leader of the pack he named Michael as his Beta, which had admittedly blindsided Mark given he'd served as Samuel Rexroad's Beta for years and had expected to continue on as Daniel's. This however was not to be.

The next person to move towards the alley was Keito Mcnamara. Still a relatively newcomer to town given how often new people actually moved into Darkwood. The kid was an odd one if nothing else, coming into town and opening up a glorified Gun Store. Often wandering around with swords on his back, something Mark knew got him in trouble on occasion. It wasn't legal to enter some establishments with them, but for the most part it was fine unless...yup there he goes whipping one out into the open. Mark couldn't prevent the sigh that escaped him, you'd think for someone who deals in firearms and other assorted weapons the young man would understand that having an open carry permit didn't mean he could brandish his weapon like that. Which was likely why Mark heard the police were called out to speak or deal with him on occasion.

Mark crossed his arms over his chest, unable to see what was going on given they'd all disappeared from view. But rather than running in to get involved like a few people were he opted to wait patiently, watching and listening curiously from afar. Not that he could hear or see what was going on from his position. Given the packs current Beta was there he supposed Michael could handle it should it have anything to do with the pack.

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Fiery clouds billowed into the frigid air, warm breath having been exhaled from the lungs of a silent, dark beast as it glided over the forest’s snow-crusted floor. Inky black fur rippled as the sinews beneath compressed and extended with each soundless footfall while it’s ears swiveled, listening to the ever loudening hum of civilization. It drew closer, eyes burning with golden curiosity at the scents that greeted it’s senses. Other beasts like it, although their scents melded with that of humans almost like a mask, the pungent deciduous forest entrenching it, the aroma of yeast and flour—bringing the image of freshly baked goods. A sudden darkness clouded it’s once bright gaze as it gained a certain intensity, it’s pupils dilating and it’s advance forward coming to a full halt. An all too familiar irony tang hit the roof of it’s mouth with vigor, it’s once languid steps stiffened as it pushed forward to locate the source of the stench. The forest thinned to meet red asphalt as blood welled from a fatal wound scored onto the human that lay lifeless on the ground before it. The beast seemed to hunch over in some sort of twisted pain, muscles jerking uncontrollably beneath it’s dark coat as it dug it’s claws into what earth it could score into before the sound of footsteps had it fleeing the scene within seconds. The shrill scream that paired with the halting of the footsteps struck fear in the human heart beneath the husk, a frustrated snarl escaping into the air. Curse these human feelings, it thought to itself. Herself. Once there was a sufficient amount of distance between her and that awful scene, fur melted into the skin and cloth of a young woman. With her back to a tree, she held her face in her hands in an attempt to control herself with the image of that bulgy-eyed, bloodied man still prevalent in her mind. There had been so much blood leaking from him that the anxiety riveting through her body caused her to shake out of a mixture of anger and panic at the sight that she was desperately attempting to regain her composure from. Her stomach churned violently despite her efforts to distract herself, drawing a hand away to grip her side sharply and partially allow the morning light to strike her reddened cheeks as she breathed quick wisps into the air. The mangled man was someone she recognized. Her other hand dropped to grab at her opposite side as she keeled over, panting quietly as her wolf snarled to take reign once again.

“Not yet.” She murmured aloud, knowing it would be dangerous to return to town as a wolf again especially if whomever had seen the body after her had caught a glimpse of her wolf form. People could easily mistake wolves for big dogs where she came from but there were bound to be those that were far more perceptive. Using the sturdy arbor behind her for support, Farron got back onto her feet, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment to ensure she’d fully regained herself and pushing off the trunk to begin walking back towards town in a different direction to cover her tracks. Her attire was a combination of all black clothing consisting of a mock neck top, belted pants and lace-up boots matched with a camel colored cardigan so she wouldn’t be the same shadow against the snow that her wolf was. Shaking her head, she breathed a calming sigh. It would probably be in her best interest to stay away from that scene at least for now. Should any of the pack seek her out for her scent being too close to whomever that was, she was sure they would have nothing but scrutiny in their actions in order to figure out just why she’d been there in the first place. There would be no answer other than curiosity.

location: forest > back of the flower shop > forest
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Daniel Rexroad

Daniel had chuckled lightly as Arya spoke about his order.”I’ll take more then usual this time. I plan on giving some to my wife and the Ragnvard brothers so pack up as much as you’d like.”he said calmly. He had no qualms with buying huge amounts the products here were of high quality and he’d become a bit fond of Arya. The frequent visits hadn’t always just been for sweets when he’d been informed of her attack it had shifted things a bit. Daniel had kept an eye on her awaiting for any signs of her becoming a wolf when no signs had appeared he had relaxed. It was always harder for people who were turned then those born as werewolves so he had been waiting to help her if needed. Now though he had become a bit attached to the baker and her sweets her kind nature was refreshing. The woman always had a kind word for him or his wife Tamzin which he appreciated. He was about to speak again the the sharp piercing cry reached his ears a scent wafted by soon after. The scent belonging to his beta Michael that was a relief yet he needed to investigate as well.”I’m going to go see what’s happening out there. I’ll let you know what I find out when I come back for some of those muffins.”he said looking at Arya. Then he headed towards the door swiftly heading out and easily following the scent of blood. He soon came upon the scene several people already about he walked over to the body reaching down to few for a pulse. Daniel knew from the savage wounds the man would more then likely already be dead but it was best to check. “Someone needs to get the sheriff and the mayor.”he said the last part with a bit of a cringe since this was the mayors son.

He could sense the wolves around some hiding within the shadows observing but staying out of sight. ‘Everyone something has killed the mayors son. Michael, Mark, Ronan, and Farron I want you four to spread out search the woods for any signs of the attack.’ He sent through their mental link. This wasn’t good why had the body turned up in town like this. It was clear a beast had done it, but what kind? A bear perhaps but a bear wouldn’t have left the body here like this or attacked so close to town. It could have been a rogue and that agitated the wolf within how dare a stranger kill on his land.


Valentina Lovelace

Sorry it’s short trying to keep things a little light until everyone has posted!

Valentina was relieved when others showed up to help with the body. It was a bit unnerving coming upon a mangled dead body. She felt the hand of Michael on her as a sign of comfort and him asking what she might have seen. “I’m alright just a little shaken up.”she said to him and Keito who arrived right after asking if she was alright. “I didn’t see anything else I just came around back to get more supplies from the shed and he was just laying there. I-I I’m not sure if he was alive or not when I first arrived the blood was already coating the ground.”she said softly. Her gaze looking away from the body and towards the others that’s when she saw Daniel approaching quickly.

She watched him kneel down near the body and confirm what they all already knew that Bane was dead. He said firmly about someone getting Sheriff Ivy and that was a good idea. The sheriff would need to be informed so she could let the mayor know the terrible news. This was just terrible what could have done this to poor Bane. It seemed like it was a very large animal that had done it. Her gaze flicked toward the woods that weren’t far from them what if the beast was still near. It wouldn’t be safe for anyone if it came back out of woods and attacked them.

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Keito nodded, deciding he'd go find the sheriff. Sheathing the katana he raced out of the alley and down the now crowded sidewalk.The scent of blood lingered in his mind, the image of the mutilated body reminding him of when he'd been crushed by a building. Keito had slowed his pace, trying to push the thought away as he came upon the police station. Collecting himself, Keito entered the building.

Stepping up to the desk, Kio looked at the person sitting in front of him. "There's been a murder and we need the sheriff down there," he said plainly. Keito was still a little out of it, but he'd be fine.
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