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Darkspirit Deathchase

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D&D 5e

GM Angel

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Hello folks! Welcome to my first game recruitment thread on this site. What I propose is a relaxed game of D&D 5th Edition set in the Forgotten Realms during the time period after the Time of Troubles but before the Spellplague. If you are unfamiliar with the Realms or the time period don't worry, most of this Campaign is self contained and plays off of the basic conceits of the base game.

The idea of the game is that you are a group of powerful adventures pursuing a savage bandit leader that has been raiding and devastating small communities around Silverymoon in the wild north of the Realms. Of course there is more to the bandit leader than first appears, so; craziness ensues.

I will be choosing six players for this game.

You may use any race, class, and background in the Player's Handbook.

Starting Ability scores before racial and level based additions are: 18, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10. Arrange as you choose.

Characters begin at 6th level.

Characters have max hp at first level then the listed average hp per level after that.

Your character begins with starting equipment, 2,000 gold in coins and/or equipment and property(magic items may not be purchased), and one magic item of up to rare availability of your choice.

To do away with unnecessary delay in play by post we will not be using Initiative. Instead, once combat starts each player may post their actions whenever they are free to do so.

Once all players have gone the villains go, then the Heroes again, etc.

Actions occur in the order they are posted.

As a final note I appreciate enthusiastic Roleplayers in my games.
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GM Angel

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The bell above the door rang in Thero's Odds and Endgames, announcing with a celestial tingle the arrival of a new customer to the specialist magic shop located in the back streets of violent Luskan.

Thero, the man himself, looked up from the counter where he sat reading a rather dry history on the early Elven migration to Faerun. His eyebrows shot up in surprise as he caught sight of the person entering his shop.

A young woman, in her late teens or early twenties perhaps, slim and fair of skin, with golden hair pinned up in a bob behind her head and a smattering of light freckles on her cheeks stared wide eyed at all the diverse objects of arcana on his shelves. She wore the simple clothes of a peasant woman, a match for the doe eyed stares she was giving to his inventory as she moved slowly down the first aisle.

Thero was instantly wary. She looked innocuous enough, but that very thing rang an alarm bell in his mind. An unarmed pretty peasant woman made it through the twisted backstreets of Luskan where killers hung on every corner, unharmed?

Thero's shop catered to a very specific type of clientele; men of means whom needed expensive magical solutions to difficult problems and who desired discretion as well as aid. Thero began whispering a series of divination spells under his breath. It was possible the 'woman' was an illusionist or shapeshifter come to kill him and take his inventory. While nothing of real value was kept on the shelves the spell guarded back room had several items of real value.

As the woman stopped to examine a set of blown glass fairies, beautiful but worthless to anyone who knew the Art, he finished his inspection. No, this was her true form and she had not an ounce of magic about her. She could still be a thief ready to bury a dagger in him when he turned his back but he was unconcerned, his personal wards defended him better than a suit of platemail.

"May I help you young lady?" He called to her.

She was on the other side of one of the closer displays now looking at a fetal pig in its' glass jar of preserving fluid. From his viewpoint the glass and liquid expanded her pretty face like a funhouse mirror.

"I'm looking for a love potion, I want one badly." She said in a matter of fact way he found disarming.

"Do you desire the potion, or the affections of a person?" Thero inquired wryly, tugging on his goatee.

"The potion." She replied instantly, she approached the hard wood counter and scooped up the rare and expensive pen Thero's kept for his notations. She began to walk it across the knuckles of her left hand, flipping it into her palm when it completed it's rotation then flipping it back to begin the knuckle journey again.

Thero's frowned. "I can procure one, however it will be extremely expensive, and you pay in advance."

She leaned slightly forward over the counter, her clear blue eyes fixed on his own. The pen danced lazily across her hand, its sharp point catching the light and glittering like a tiny spear of gold.

"Ok." She said in the same tone, one both matter of fact and sincere.

She had no fear of him, despite his Archmage powers and his dangerous reputation and that irked him, not least because he didn't know why she wasn't at least cautious. Was she secretly dangerous? Or was she just a soft headed fool?

Secure in his powers and curious he named an outrageous price, far beyond the value of the already expensive potion.

Her eyes became half lidded in a knowing and exasperated look and while she remained outwardly calm the pen's circuit became faster and faster in her hand, until he thought surely she would cut herself.

"And put down my pen." He demanded, his voice slipping from the half friendly tone of a bartering merchant to the steely willed command of an Archmage.

She slammed the pen down on the counter with a loud bang, but Thero's didn't flinch.

"Ok." She said politely, her favorite word, a wide grin encompassing her face, whatever tension she had felt dissipated. "I will bring you your payment tommorow."

He noticed she had nearly perfect white teeth as she grinned at him and turned away, walking causally for the exit.

"I don't lift a finger until I'm payed in full." He called after her.

She continued walking away without response.

His brows knitted after she left. He was genuinely curious if she would show up with the money or not.

"Luskan" He scoffed to himself, shaking his head.

A brief and slightly odd encounter, but nothing noteworthy in the dangerous City of Sails.

He went back to his dry histories.

GM Angel

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That night Thero locked his shop up with whispered spells and password armed wards and traps. He carried his notebook and his pen in the crook of his left arm as he strolled out into the back alleys of Luskan.

The city's normal pungent odor of smoke and waste was being blown away by a fresh sea breeze off of the ocean.

As he walked he took slow deep breaths, tasting the salt on the wind. He stopped for a moment and stared up at the sky.

The cloudless night revealed a million stars, their soft glow bathing the world in their gentle light.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment as the fresh wind caressed his skin. This is what life is really about. He thought. He was so caught up in the intrigues and power struggles of the mighty he often forgot to slow down and enjoy the simple beautiful moments life often offered that went unnoticed in his busy days.

Releasing his breath in a contented sigh he opened his eyes and almost jumped in startlement.

Before him stood the young blonde woman he had made a deal with earlier in his shop. She was wearing less than before, now clad in a sleeveless jerkin and shorts. As she stood smiling at Theros she slowly wrapped her left hand in some kind of strap or bandage. Her right hand was already wrapped.

"Have you come to pay me early?" He snapped irritably at the woman.

"Naw, your price is ridiculous, I changed my mind about buying the potion." The woman said casually, having finished wrapping her hand she was now stretching playfully, like an athlete before a big game.

Thero was already encased in enough defensive magic he could withstand a dragon attack, but he called a few quick attack spells to mind.

"What do you want?" Thero demanded of the girl flatly.

"Hmmm." The woman pondered as she cracked her neck. "I want my childhood back. I want loving parents. I want to find a loyal boyfriend who isn't a piece of shit, but for now I will settle for taking all your magical treasures."

Thero went to attack first but there was a flash and a shocking explosion in his under arm. In pain and confusion he stumbled as he felt wetness splash him. Was it his own blood? No it was...ink. His pen had exploded! His sharp mind flashed back to the girl playing with his pen at the shop, she had done something to it! Worse, there was something else coating him, some kind of black dust. Whatever it was it ate through his defensive wards with great alacrity, obviously some kind of anti-magic substance.

As Thero reeled the woman sprang at him like a leaping deer and landed a dozen blows on him before he could even right himself. His already damaged wards crackled and spat sparks, failing. He reached for a wand, thinking perhaps its magic wouldn't be as disrupted as his spells. As he raised his arm the woman, clearly well trained in unarmed combat, lashed out with her fingers in an odd position, fingers clustered over thumb to create a sharp beak-like fist.

The wand flew from nerveless fingers as the bones in his forearm shattered from the impact of the beak like fist. Agony like he had never felt flooded through Thero and he fell to the ground screaming.

The woman stood over him, a gleeful grin on her face and the Archmage saw for the first time the predatory malice within her eyes.

"Don't pass out now." She told him. "We are just getting started."


I love Emilia
Sometime this weekend I'll sit down and create it. I come up with the character while writing down and making choices for the character.


The Void Prophetess
Undecided between rogue, fighter and warlock so I am willing to see what everyone chooses first.


Behind that Crazy Premise
I would love to join. I have a potential druid (which I guess is already taken), a bard or a sorceress.


I love Emilia
I'd give it till the weekend, you never know people's situations irl. I'm having the same issue with someone who posted the interest check in the game I'm dming now. They haven't replied yet and only have seen them on twice since posting the start.

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