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Fandom Darkness [Homestuck-Inspired]


The Purple Soul

The day is April 14th. Yesterday, the anticipated game SBURB from SkaiaNet was supposed to be released. However, GameBro and GameGirl magazines ripped the reputation of the game so badly, its prices went down and so did its purchases. Only a few children really wanted the game in the first place, but now there leaves a gigantic hole in the gaming industries current production rates. So, in place of SBURB, a new game was hyped up and released on the day after. Darkness. In the style of the old retro-style adventure games, critics say that its one of the most anticipated games of the year (alongside the failed simulator).

You get home from school, high school to be exact (if you enrolled in it that is), and are excited to play. You've gathered a group of people online to play together, which consists of ones you do and don't know. The six of you have all probably gotten the game in different ways, so that seems to be your only obstacle for now.

However, at the core of the planet, somethings seems off... plate begin to move and crack subtlety as something begins to awaken beneath the earths crust...

Hello, everyone. In (late) celebration of 4/13, I've decided to release an Idea I've had for a while about a rival game to SBURB. The concept, to me personally anyway, seems pretty cool especially the darker themes I'm utilizing for it. I'm going to have only about six players, with an equal ratio of male to female.

Some people who might be interested: Noivian Noivian Verdana Verdana Eibon Commoriom Eibon Commoriom

SLOT 1 - Eibon Commoriom
SLOT 2 - SerbianMounted
SLOT 3 - Noivian
SLOT 4 - Quincnx
SLOT 5 -

SLOT 6 -
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Don't take yourself too seriously.
Weeeeelll if you need a fifth i'm around to do the do.

Amongst other things.

But if not this one can leave and go do something else.

But if you do want the Ori to do the do you best do what you can to let me know.

Doo dodo do dooo


Don't take yourself too seriously.
And also comes with protection against ghosting.

Which is a sad state that we live in here in rpn.


Watermelon king
If you do another one of these I'd love to join. Feel free to hit me up.
even as some random villain! XD I'm kiding, but u get the idea.

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