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One x One Dark Souls: Second Flame Characters



I'mma Die On Top

Name: Aldrin
Title/Nicknames: Sunless, "Farm Boy" -- sometimes teasing, sometimes not so much, mostly only the Darkmoon Knights know his origins.
Covenant/Allegiances: Blade of the Darkmoon
Home: Anor Londo
Age: 25; though he’s rather uncertain, he was alive when the flames died and there seemed to be an endless period of stagnation where he couldn’t die.
Gender: Male

Appearance: Aldrin stands at 6’1”, with fair skin and sharp features. His hair is nearly white-blonde, and falls just a bit over his shoulders, more wavy than straight. He has green eyes. He has a medium build, not lean, nor considered terribly broad and bulky.

Attire: Wears the Sunless Armor, Sunless Gauntlets, Sunless Leggings, and Mask of Judgment.

Weapons: Sorcerer’s Twinblades, Judgment Talisman (Velka’s Talisman, but her name has been lost)

Rings: Séance of the Darkmoon, Clear Bluestone Ring

Items: Estus Flasks (10), 1 Divine Blessing

Miracles: Seek Guidance, Darkmoon Blade,
Sorceries: Soul Arrow, Great Soul Arrow, Homing Soulmass, Soul Spear, Hush, Hidden Weapon, Repair, Shockwave

Skillset: Swordplay, Ambidextrous, Capable with sorceries – able enough to use miracles but not really trained (aka INT is much higher than FTH), Agile Fighter (DEX over STR), actually intelligent and aware of some of the goings-on in the world.

Backstory/Personal Lore:

Aldrin was born human, not in Anor Londo but in the Fivefinger Delta. However, he always had a problematic relationship with his family; his father in particular reviled him for being unlike his older siblings, for his “feminine” tendencies which were of no use on a farm, apparently, and that was all he was meant for. He heard in passing of the Blades of the Darkmoon, and at the tender age of 11 ran away from home to seek them out.

He thought they might be more willing to accept his interest in magic and scholarly endeavors.

Though they were a bit surprised to find a child on their doorstep, he was nonetheless accepted into Anor Londo. That acceptance helped build him into a knight his father would have been proud of, but also a skilled sorcerer. He never could quite get the hang of miracles, but he was taught two – one so he could seek guidance from Gwyndolin and the other Gods, and the other so he could have the full power of the Darkmoon at his back.

Then, the dark fell.

He doesn’t remember that time well, it seemed both endless, and like a second. Everything seemed groggy, though he recalls a certain panic from Gwyndolin, and even swears he saw Gwyndolin speaking to what everyone knew to be an illusion of Gwynevere, begging her to come back and help them.

Not even the false illusion of a sun held in Anor Londo at that time.

They watched dragons return, first as bones, and then as scaled beasts, but they had little interest in anything at all. Until, of course, disparity returned – first as a chill, with the arrival of a stranger to the land, and then as light dancing across the horizon.

Gwyndolin came to Aldrin then, and told him he was a capable traveler – moreso than the rest of the Darkmoon Knights. He needed to go and find the source of the light, and bring it back there. He also needed to find the Lordvessel, lost years ago when it was given to a Chosen Undead. Aldrin agreed, despite his misgivings. To better help, Gwyndolin also introduced him to what little flame had sparked outside of Gwynevere's chambers, and tied them together. Though Aldrin has not died, the curse burns upon his back, so that if he should die, he will find himself restored. Thus, Aldrin has set out from Anor Londo to pursue the light, and hopefully help to restore the Age of Fire.


I'mma Die On Top

Name: Mirasol
Title/Nicknames: Unkindled
Covenant/Allegiances: Warrior of Sunlight
Home: Astora
Age (at death): 29
Gender: Female

Appearance: Mirasol stands at 5’3”, with lightly tanned skin and copper hair that falls past her shoulders, mostly straight. She has a lithe, light form, with freckles across it, and gray eyes. Also has a scar from her last wound, a black scar rather than anything normal, that runs diagonally over both her abdomen and back (exit wound).

Attire: Targray’s Armor (only with white cloth), Monastery Skirt, White Gloves and White Hood (take the Black Set from DS2 and make it white/gold instead).

Weapons: Sunlight Talisman, Black Dragon Sword

Rings: Ring of Favor (broken), Ring of the Evil Eye

Items: Estus Flask (5), Sunlight Medal (1),

Miracles: Heal, Soothing Sunlight, Caressing Prayer, Wrath of the Gods, Homeward, Lightning Spear, Great Lightning Spear, Sacred Oath, Perseverance, Tears of Denial, Sunlight Spear (finds this difficult to use, it was learned as she burned)

Skillset: Stronger than she appears (STR over DEX), Very faithful, generally speaking a rather optimistic individual who’s hard to keep down – something of a skill, adaptable, Skilled with swordplay, skilled with miracles.

Backstory/Personal Lore: An Unkindled, woven back into life by the flickering flames that have tried to restart, and so without the Curse, but still unable to die, life tied to the flames. Prior to her death, she was a priestess of Astora who worshipped the gods. She was set to be married to a knight, who proposed to her with the Ring of Favor – though it broke as soon as he took it off his own finger. He always promised he’d have it fixed one day. She wears it around her neck, broken though it is, as a memory.

It was a memory that served her well; she never did get to marry her love, for the dark overcame Astora. She tried to fight it and push it back, but succumbed.

The Curse brought her back, and she was happy to see the dark was pushed back – but she, also, had to leave, lest she harm her loved ones. She promised that, as she was Chosen to be undead, she would make sure this didn’t happen again by taking pilgrimage to Lordran to link the flame.

It was…more difficult than anticipated.

She had to learn how to use souls, how to travel, and how to adapt to ever-changing situations and terrible foes that stood in her path. She grew strong for it, and the ring always served as an anchor to keep her from going hollow, eventually letting her reach those flames…and to die amongst them, after getting rid of the entity that stood in her way – so like Gwyn, and with such a powerful lightning spell she couldn’t help but remember it.

The flames burned it into her, but still, she wasn’t enough to link the fire.

When the flames burnt out, her ashes were still there, and when the embers jumped up again, it breathed life back into her as something not seen before – an Unkindled One, at no risk of going hollow, but tied to the fate of this new fire.

Sensing this was a new fire, attuned to it in a way, she’s recalled the stories of old, and how souls spring forth from new flames. She knows that means power, and she has to find these souls to help bring the flame back!

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