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Fandom Dark Souls 3.5: Ashes of Astora

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, AU, Supernatural


The Cursed Prince
This is interesting. I just have a question, what is the literacy requirements? Casual, semi-Lit.?


Flirty Fighty Prince Boi
Right... Probably should've dug this old thing up to display my interest rather than just dropping into the OOC. Perhaps the bump my comment gives may even draw more interested souls to this dark place.

In any case, I restate my question should thou hast not beheld my intrusion upon thine ash drenched OOC chat. Is this rp still accepting new vessels, disturbed from the sleep of death?
I shall also tag the keeper of this cursed chat, for I know not whether a comment bare of their sign will draw their attention. @Unbreakable Patches

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