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Fandom Dark Souls 3.5: Ashes of Astora

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, AU, Supernatural
The times of Armageddon are upon us, as the world rescinds into its never-ending woe. The eternal struggle between the burning land of fire and the shivering cold of darkness play their cards in this inevitable battle, to send the world back to blackness or to prolong its pitiful fire just a moment longer, until the next most powerful warrior strikes you down to make the same choice.

We can no longer make this choice.

An unkindled most powerful has stolen away the First Flame, and traveled to far away lands to use his power for horrendous gains. With an army of the undead at his side, he will take the world by storm if we do not intervene. We of Lothric are to blame for this putrid excuse of a knight, and it falls into our hands to bring glory to our homeland and peace for the world. Return the First Flame, or we shall not see the end of our times come to pass. You all know what’s at stake here, the very few of us left sane, so do not squander your chance to redeem yourself!

With a sudden jerk you find yourself rudely awakened, as if it were all just a bad dream. With the feminine voice still bouncing between your skull, you realize that all that surrounds you is nothingness, pitch black. There is no feeling in your body, not an itch or even the cold embrace of the blackness. It’s almost as if you were between being awake and asleep. Then you hear a sharp crack and the silence is broken, along with the darkness as light begins to pour into your world. A relatively small world, you come to realize as you find yourself sitting in your own coffin.

Oh, that’s right. You died not too long ago, didn’t you?
So what demon-riddled hell awaits you now?

Dark Souls 3.5: Ashes of Astora

Welcome to the world of Dark Souls, the poster child of grim and desolate. You and a few friends are new Undead borne from the never ending cycle of rebirth and death, and a very intense hatred for a very specific knight, the player character of Dark Souls 3 as a matter of fact. In this world, the third of the three endings of Ds3 has occurred, meaning that the knight has the first flame to do with as he pleases and that was generally not alluded to in the game.

Players starting off will have a choice of the main Dark Souls classes, including:
Knight.....................................(High defense, moderate damage)
Warrior.....................(High damage, moderate defense, strong)
Thief.......................(Low defense, High Damage and Infiltration)
Herald.(moderate defense, moderate damage, self heal spells)
Cleric...........(low defense, moderate damage, party heal spells)
Sorcerer..................................(low defense, high damage, range)
Assassin.................................(Stealth, low defense, high damage)
Pyromancer.......(Moderate defense, Moderate damage, range)
Mercenary............(High damage, moderate defense, dexterous)

You may not be the strongest undead ever raised, but every quest has to start somewhere. The goal is very simple. Traverse the world, fight the strong and gain souls. The stronger your foes the stronger you will become through triumph. Eventually, if strength and destiny favor you, then your adventure will come to a decisive finale, as you take on the unkindled knight.

This world is unforgiving, so you must adapt to its will, or die trying. Failure is not an option and to quit is to go hollow.
Will you survive? Or will this cursed land swallow up another victim?

Any number of players are welcome to join, though there will be a limit if this actually gets some dedicated players. I'm not exactly a college level English professor, but I do hope that we can keep a post standard. More than just one liners, at least.​
hadn't gotten any responses so I was losing hope. We can start with the people who have already expressed interest, or wait for another player. It's up to you guys.
Unkindled, since they usually only turn up when lords aren't doing their duty of linking the flame.
(but if you wanna be undead that's cool too.)

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