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Fantasy Dark Medieval Fantasy


Unrefined Acquired Taste
The Bit About Me
-I have no character in mind, no twisted plot already set in place just a mood and a theme.
-I play male characters between the ages of 25-35 (side characters will vary). I prefer your main character be between 20-40
(unless otherwise discussed I.E. bodyguard situation.)
-I would like if we could create the world together OoC.
-I'd like a long term commitment, rarely do I write anything short.
-I do not require a word count nor am I very picky but I do request that you at least give me something to work with. I want to write a story with someone. We may not be compatible together and that happens, I think no less of you as a fellow writer.
-I am okay with romance M/F & M/M however I would prefer that to be a sub-plot. I do not intend to chase your character for love nor do I enjoy them fawning over each other throughout the entire plot. An interest in each other, maybe an obvious attraction but none of this "I love you" from the beginning.


Now to the Theme:

I left the plot as open as it could be because I want to know what you were hoping for when you saw "Dark Medieval Fantasy"

You were indeed lurking for something even if you were not fully aware yourself and I'd like to fulfill that desire.

I am not asking for a plot just an idea that you want. We can plot together but if you have a plot already written up and would like to share it with me do so, the worst I could say is: "That's just not what I was interested in."

I would prefer that our characters did not know of each other as I would like to learn about your character from a blind perspective, they can know of each other if that's the sort of setting you desire, maybe even heard rumors to give our characters an idea of each other but never fully met before.



My sample writing is on my profile, it's a google doc link.
I try to reply once a week if not more but I write my own novels and sometimes they take front seat of my mind.

Instead of commenting below, directly message me, unless you have a question that you believe everyone would benefit the answer to.

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