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Fantasy Dark Medieval Fantasy 1x1 RP

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18+ Only. No NSFW. Semi-lit to lit. Original characters.
Dark Medieval Fantasy! DnD free form realms only. I can go anywhere!
Bonus Points You Are: Drow, elven, dark RPer, or a villain!

Name: Katherine Tirnel of Cailean ((Kit))
Race: Half Moon Elf - Half Drow ((Teu-Tel-Quessir - Ssri'Tel'Quessir))


The space where she stood was clear. Twenty feet in any direction the trees gave way to the grass and stars. She was high up, the air thinner here. From the spot in which she stood, one could see the forest below. Lights dotting an otherwise seamless landscape, revealing where the elves lived.

There was no music. She needed none, for the rhythm of the world around her provided all she needed. The rustle of wind, her heartbeat, the sounds of the birds, and wildlife. The young elven woman stood tall as her blonde hair caressed her back in waves. Emerald glowing eyes peering upwards at the stars.

Silver sheer fabric hugged her curves, adorning her scantily clad body. Bells wrapped around her left ankle jingled as the woman began to dance. It was Romani inspired as she dipped low and twirled. Her arms and feet telling a story. Her voice soon joined the music of the realm. Soft and saddened. It had no words, for emotion was all there was to speak of.



I uh, Unit 01 from Evangelion and i have hooked up
Im down,
We might have to talk about plot details and such
I do have an Oc
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