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Hey everyone, just decided to make a quick post that I'm interested in finding a couple partners for a dark Fantasy roleplay. I'll list out a couple things so it's easier to see what I'm exactly looking for, more or less.
  1. Romance involved. I love when romance is involved in RPs. It makes me feel like our characters have grown over the course of the RP. That being said, I don't mean that it has to be forced. I'd also strongly prefer my partner to be female. It's just a personal thing, seeing as romance is involved.
  2. World development is important. We'd want the entire world to feel fleshed out and alive. It makes the RP that much more enjoyable to me. Allows for a broader sense of scale and all that.
  3. Dark elements. Things like murder, rape, genocide, etc are all on the table for me as long as they are done in good taste. We'll need to follow the rules of course, so we don't need to go into super graphic details about a lot of that stuff. Just being comfortable with the idea and have some form of willingness to preform these things in the RP to some degree.
  4. Writing length to me is important. I typically write 3-5 paragraphs. So, I would like someone who can do roughly the same. I don't mind if you reply every once in a while with 1-2 paragraphs, it's no big deal. People get busy or have writer's block/lack of motivation.
Anyway, I think that covers really everything that I wanted to mention. I'm pretty flexible and stuff, so feel free to PM or whatever about any ideas or questions you have.
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Hello! I'm highly interested in roleplaying with you. ^^ I think I match up to what you want in a partner, I certainly hope I do, haha. PM me if you wish to RP. c:
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Hullo! ^-^ If you're still looking for partners, I'm definitely interested : ) I will have to say my posting speed is a little on the slower slide, with posts average about once per week, sometimes twice? I'll always let you know before hand if I disappear for a longer length of time.

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