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Multiple Settings Dark Arts, Bad Role Models | a steampunk crime supernatural seinen?

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The Crimson King

“Have you ever seen the sky? The real one?”
Kaien. The 757th Hierarchical City of Kaien. The underside of a once grand Empire. The center of all the Mountain’s vices and illegal trades. A stronghold for the Empire’s most dangerous crime families. While it’s not particularly underdeveloped, unlike a small handful of cities that rank higher on the Mortal Level Hierarchies, the overall low level of the city’s inhabitants’ spiritual energy leads to negative energies manifesting in populated areas. One of which is Absence, a volatile energy that is said to be the link between the world of the living and the Other Place. This means unwanted guests. What remains of the once living is not an uncommon sight in Kaien. It’s a place where the living dead are prosecuted or exploited by those in power... and aberrations not of nature’s creation roam freely.
Their Eminence’s light does not shine here.
This city is diseased.

At the peak of the long forgotten War Of Fates, of which all was determined, the last of the Evils borne of the Primordial Sea was imprisoned in a cage, built from the broken bodies of the Once Mighty, of His Ancestors. The constructed shell, a carcass, of Behemoth, Blackened Cur, to which the Beast sunk to the bottom of that Deepest Ocean, Prim, the weight of Sin plummeting away. But it could not be done. Fate had other plans. Man had not foreseen the stirring of those same Evils that boiled the sea, and filled ever higher that terrible Ocean, it’s frothing, reddened waters burning the land away. Man could not stand to take Evil’s cruel lecture of control, of defiance in the face of His long foothold over the Wilds, over Nature. A Revolution arose, to rebel that Evil. A birth of constructions, of steam. Man built cities atop that Great Mountain, and when He has no room, He continued His work, beneath them.
Yet he’s forgotten the Sky. His place. His calling. A second time for determination will come, come again.

“There is... a prophecy... of sorts.”

“It’s not really, like, written down anywhere.”

“Well, I mean, it is, but the message is vague. Bad translation or something.”

“But it, uh... it’s important... I’d say.”

“Our families. All of them. That mojo we’ve got...”

“Those... ‘Guardians’... and their magics...”

“They’re not just fancy party tricks our boss’ grandpa’s taught them.”

“There was a War... long time ago. Who knows how long.”

“I think this is what they’re for.”

“This prophecy.”

“Some shit’s sure to go down. Not sure what, but I do know...”

“They’re gonna write some stories about this one.”



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Graphic Fanatic
Yoooooo 👀 It's been so long since I've joined a steampunk RP.

Quick question, do you have any posting requirements like, say, times per week or length-wise?

Also, the RP going to be more freeform or is there a more structured plot every character is going to have to get on the bandwagon for?

The Crimson King

Hmm, not really. I personally find it quite hard nowadays to put my thoughts down. Write what you can when you want.

There will probably be a small extent of freedom over what your characters are doing before the plot really starts to kick off, but there will more than likely be a small bandwagon incentive. I by all means encourage freedom of character action outside the main story, but there is an overarching plot that will eventually come to fruition, in spite of whatever each character is doing at the time.


I pull levers
Super interested in both the lore and setting, count me in. I would definitely like to know more about the "haunting" of this city, is there a mix of living and dead roaming the streets? How are the dead prosecuted and taken advantage of?


Sardonic Writer
Steampunk has been sadly missing from my life and this setting intrigues me very much. I look forward to seeing more lore.

Interest yes.

The Crimson King

Hello out there! We’re still open, so to say, there’s still room at the Cool Kids’ Table after we got featured in the January Newsletter. Come on in, we’d be glad to have you!


Shadow Prince
I'd be interested. When you say Cyberpunk, I'm assuming it will be the typical futuristic and body augmentation setting right?

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