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Hello there fellow Danganronpa fan.If you are still a fan of Danganronpa and you are still alive,then I would like to do a roleplay with you.I can go with either 18+ or not.(I prefer 18+ heh.)Also I’m currently obsessed with a certain ship: Oumota.I can go with any kind of plot: the dystopia plot or another plot like school life for them before the destruction of Earth....oooorrrr,the destruction of Earth never happened and they just had their normal lives again.Anyways,I’d want to do an Oumota ship even though it’s gay,and I’d play as Kokichi.Send me a PM if you want to do it.
Oh, I love Danganronpa!

I've played DR1, DR2, Ultra Despair Girls, and V3. I've also watched the animes!

Alas, I'm a Komaeda fangirl. Kork was my first maxed in V3, and my first disappointment. But, yeah, I'm just super into it. It's been one of the best anime rides I've ever taken aside from mononoke.


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Ah,finally,another Danganronpa fan.I am also a fan of Nagito Komaeda considering the fact of his obsession with “the hope that will finally overcome despair”.


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Another danganronpa fan here. And I'm really fond of Kokichi and Komaeda too - they're jerks but they made the games so much more entertaining x]
I'm a Danganronpa fangirl! I've watched the entire anime series and I've played some of the games. I'm in the process of the 2nd issue I believe. It's addictive for sure. I've got to say Nagito is an interesting character and I still liked him through everything. And I have such a soft spot for Fuyuhiko.


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If anyone here wants to rp,either if you have Discord or just here,try to approach me and we’ll talk it out.If you plan to do it on Discord,my name and tag is Oumota Bish#0189.And yes,I love Oumota.

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