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Fandom Danganronpa V3 MxM roleplay

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Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Audacious Minacious

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I'd like to do a NDRV3 roleplay with someone. The characters I'm mainly looking to play against are Shuichi, Kaito, Rantaro, Kiibo, or Gonta, but I may make exceptions for other characters!

I have a few premade starters that I'll list here.
This one takes place in the killing game, where he's able to go through with his plan and ends up dying, but he gets a little more than he bargained for when he is stuck in limbo, with one of his 'classmates' able to see him. (This one would work better with a character still alive in chapter five, but we can always make an AU for your character surviving or make your character a ghost as well!
This one's a pretty classic vampire AU, in which Kokichi is secretly a vampire, which is the grounds his secret organization was built upon. Any character could work with this, and it can be set in the killing game or in a non-despair AU!
This one is another cliche, where they knew each other in high school and they go to college, and unknowingly end up as roommates who have to deal with each other. This one can also work with any character!
This one is more of a basic slice-of-life one than anything, where it's winter break and Kokichi decides to get up to some mischief by throwing some snowballs at his friend's house. Little does he know, though, the window is open and he threw the snowball right into his bedroom.
This starter involves Kokichi getting into a car accident and going into a coma. It's kind of dark, so it's probably not for everyone. This one requires them to have a pre-established dating relationship.
In this starter, it's set in a HPA AU where Kokichi has a crush on your character and shows up in his room on a whim. Any character works for this one!
This one is where the two are kind of rivals, and got into a fight. But the moment they touch, by accident or on purpose depending on the character, they can both suddenly see color.

Feel free to pitch any ideas you have!

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