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Fandom [Danganronpa] A body has been discovered~

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ, Romance


We deserve a soft epilogue, my love
Hi folks, as the thread title suggests I am looking for Danganronpa writers.
I have played all the games, but I'm only looking for roleplays for SDR2 and V3.

Here is a short intro!
My name is Jewel.
I am in my early 20’s and would prefer if my partners are 18+
I live in the PST timezone and have a decent amount of time on my hands because of this whole COVID situation.
I love OOC Chatting and talking about our characters and Danganronpa stuff 😊

Time for some roleplay deets!

I’m mainly looking for Canon M/M and M/F pairings.
But I'll do FF or OCxOC if we're doubling. Sorry, bad experiences with OCxCanon ^^;
I am also confident I can write most of the characters. Please ask about this!
My main boy is Nagito (Duh) but I also love Kokichi. I know, I’m basic.
I’ll list some simple rules and ships below!

I’d love to double, as long as you write something for me too 💚
I require romance in my plots, so please be okay with that
I also require an action-y and adventure-y plots, please be comfortable with that
Sorry, but I don’t do slice of life ^^;
Please give me enough to work with, and also move the story forward! I don’t want to be doing all the heavy lifting.
Like the above, please help me plan the roleplay! Come in with some suggestions.
Please be relatively active, I don’t expect replies everyday, but I would love a couple a week
I am not ghost friendly, please just let me know if you’re going to disappear. If you want to switch up plots or ships, I am okay with that as well, just let me know please!
Please DM me directly and also include your favourite colour so I know you read the rules :3

Ships I want. I'm always updating these~
Blue are characters I want to/can play!
Nagito x Makoto
Nagito x Fuyuhiko
Nagito x Gundam
Nagito x Hajime [Craving!!!!!]
Nagito x Izuru [Craving]
Nagito x Kazuichi [Craving]
Nagito x Miu
Nagito x Rantaro
Nagito x Shuichi

Nagito x Chiaki
x Mikan
Nagito x Sonia
Nagito x Angie [I have been convinced by an RP pal xD]
Nagito x Kaede

Kokichi x Kyoko
Kokichi x Nagito
x Peko
Kokichi x Maki [Don’t judge, a friend got me into this >3<;;]
Kokichi x Rantaro
Kokichi x Shuichi

I am also open to other pairings, I love exploring crack ships and such. Please let me know if you have some neat ideas!

In terms of plots, I recently found out about this delightful RPG list: Big List of RPG Plots
Feel free to pick some out and DM with what you found interesting!
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