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Fandom Danganronpa 2 ? But with a twist! [LOOKING!]

The Stolen Relic

"There Are no Men Like me."
This isn't a complete interest check. I have decided not to include important infromation as I do not want to spoil the entire plot line I have an idea for. Besides, Im not sure If people will even be completely interested, so Until I see viable interest I will keep silent for now on the main details.

Im looking for an interested party that would be okay with a Literate/Novella style Danganronpa Rp, This will feature elements from the first two games, and the anime, staring the canon cast. It will have canon elements, from both the first two games, But instead swapping the roles.

This will be a two (three part rather?) Rp, with multiple chapters. We will be Swapping the the DR2 Cast, with the DR1 cast. Hajime's group will have already played the killing game inside the school, and the survivors become apart of the future foundation.

Makoto's group actually become remnants of despair, and cause havoc and chaos in the world, spreading despair before they are captured by the future foundation.

The survivors of the first game will feature 5 of the group from Goodbye Despair. Hajime being one of them. I will allow people to pick who they wish to see alive, but tbh My Ideal group is Hajime, Gundham, Sonia, Kazuichi, Chiaki and Nagito (With the Possibility of Ryota Mitarai and the ultimate imposter being apart of the survivor tally. Maybe even disguised as someone other than Togami lmao)

I am Very good with Most of the cast, But Ill probably Claim Gundham and Mondo before anyone else of the cast members.

Ships can also be discused later!

If your interested, comment a character claim below! If enough interest is drummed up I will mame a full detailed post for the different groups. Three different rps will more than likely take place so there is a good chance youll get to play Multiple characters if you wish!
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vanitas and noé are currently kissing
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i am definitely interested! i can play a bunch of characters like makoto, ibuki, sayaka, and many others!


Kevesi Soldier
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i am interested and would be interested in playing chiaki, aoi, sonia or kazuichi


in the still night with cicadas
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hello! i would be interested in playing hiyoko if she’s not taken

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