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Fandom Danganronpa 1x1? Yes please!

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Anime, AU, Horror, LGTBQ, Mystery, Romance


Hey, I’m akamatsu! So I’m looking for some Danganronpa Roleplays! I have to list out a few things first though!

— Please be 18+ of age

— I can write up to 6 paragraphs.

— I can do Canon x OC, OC x OC, and Canon x Canon

— I would like for us to double up or even triple up for Canon x OC

— LGBTQ+ friendly! I will do any gender pairing. M/M, M/F, F/F, you name it.

— help me Plot please!

— don’t ditch without warning.

Canon x Canon (bold is who I want to play!)

Gonta x Himiko (this is my OTP that I really want to do!)

Tenko x Himiko

Mahiru x Peko

Byakuya x Makoto

Mondo x Byakuya

Gundham x Sonia

x Kyoko

Kaito x Kokichi

Kaito x Maki

x Kazuichi

Leon x Chihiro

Sakura x Aoi

x Mikan

Mondo x Kyoko

Korekiyo x Rantaro

Gonta x Kirumi

Ryoma x Kaede

Canon x OC — characters next to the * are who I want you to play for me. I’ll play anyone not listed in return!

* Leon Kuwata
* Human!Monokuma
* Hajime Makunouchi
* Shinji Kasai
* Yuri Kagarin
* Tenko Chabashira
* Korekiyo Shinguji
* Mondo Owada
* Hifumi Yamada
* Byakuya Togami
* Male!Mikan Tsumiki
* Gonta Gokuhara
* Kaito Momota
* Akane Owari
* Sakura Ogami
* Sonia Nevermind

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