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Fantasy Dance in the Dark

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Hello, darlings!
We all know what we're all here for. So let's get started, shall we?​

The name is Kat, and though I may not have a high post count (yes, I lurk) I've done my fair share of rping. I created this since I have a craving and I'll be honest, I'm lazy. Rather than searching through the droves of posts around here, I figured why not have those interested in what I'm into, come to me? Here's some facts to streamline the process:

♡ I've had about 14 years experience.

♡ Currently I can be a bit busy and post about twice a week (more if I can) If I can't, I'll do my best to give you a heads up.

♡ My posts ranges from 5 to 7 paragraphs in the beginning, to 3 to 4 once the action gets going. I'd rather not go into insane detail about how the sink is dipping incessantly in my characters kitchen as they struggle to get up from a gaping wound in their side while their killer is lording over them with a butter knife. I just find it unnecessary to fluff up my post when the action is fast paced.

♡ That being said, I typically match what I'm given. Give me substance and I'll return the favor!

♡ Right now I'm only looking for M/M

♡ Typically I enjoy playing the more dominant character in the pairing, but adore a challenge.

♡ My characters are built with flaws and I celebrate that. I want to challenge my partner and in turn, I want them to challenge me. Shut me down with vicious one liners. Don't let me get away with anything.

♡ OOC chat is rad and usually keeps me around more (if we're being honest) I'd like to at least freak out about how character x said that one thing that made character y internally turn into a puddle on the floor. Also plotting together! Let's make our characters suffer, yeah?

♡ I curse. Like, a fuck ton.

♡ The plots you see below are riddled with dark themes.

♡ Comedy will always find a way into my writing, so I hope you're alright with that. I enjoy torturing my poor creations.

♡ I'll need an 18+ partner. Because dark themes.

♡ My writing samples can be found here: samples

♡ Please send me samples of your writing so I'll know if we're compatible.

♡ Fun fact: I'm obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons.

I think that's about it? Now let's get to the good stuff. Below are two ideas I've come up with that I'd love to play in. There's more info and world building to be had, but I'll save the rest for later.

The Cult of Angels
Genre: Horror | Suspense | Dark Romance
Setting: Victorian Era

There’s a cult that everyone knows about but no one speaks of except in quiet whispers in corner booths and dark alleyways. Rumors abound as only the elite seem to be involved, those without money or influence left to speculate. People go missing all the time, but when it seems like it might be connected to the upper class, it’s usually left unaddressed and unsolved.

But what’s the truth of it? What’s really going on?

The cult is curated around a being that calls itself an angel, offering the desires men are too weak to resist; immortality, power, the gift of flight. None but the Throne, the Divine has any direct contact with it, but according to them it shows itself in dreams; induced naturally or through substance. They speak of a light so white it leaves them temporarily blind, a honied voice that elicits feelings of warmth and calm. They get drunk off its presence, coming out of their trance dazed, blind, and intoxicated. When other members pressed for details like physical description, only one they managed to remember; golden eyes that seemed to glow like a lantern in a fog. Everything else, gone. It’s almost like they were conversing with an entity that didn’t possess a form they could comprehend, so great was it.

The higher ranked members of this cult have devoted their lives and fortunes to it, creating chapels in their estates dedicated to the being. Offerings of white wine, berries, pastries, and expensive meats rest on elaborate altars, placed daily by dutiful servants caught up in their lord's fanaticism.

This being requires a sacrifice every so often, and communicates when the time is near to the Throne, the Divine, along with a curiously accurate description. A Collector bags them and the festivities begin.

The Very Unwelcome Hedonistic Carnival
Genre: Urban Fantasy | Suspense | Romance
Setting: Modern, 1920s, or anything really

In the mostly mundane city where our story resides, nothing interesting happens. The ruling class of arch mages keep the peace from their glass towers while the lower classes toil below, finding enjoyment in the little things. The elaborate parties and stuffy obligations are not for them, and most are perfectly content in this reality. Colors abound on the streets and songs are sung in crowded taverns; a stark contrast to the quiet halls of the Mages Towers, where the only vibrant colors are the spells the mages weave through the air. Even then, their movements are over practiced, mechanical and lacking life. Nothing terrible exciting happens in this city, and mages like that just fine.

And just like that, a carnival comes to town. They don't have permits and they certainly don't intend to go quietly into the night. Lights pulse the city with life and colorful characters play in the streets, tossing fire or juggling swords. A colorful barker stands atop wooden crate, tossing flyers and beckoning curious eyes to step inside and see wonders beyond their wildest dreams. They are loud, unashamed, and dance around fires consuming all sorts of earthly delights.

Well, the mages are in a tizzy. With the peasants down below utterly enamored, they need to tread lightly. Meetings abound within the towers as they try to work out how to best get these newcomers out of their city.

And thus concludes this post. I hope you liked the ideas!

Please PM me with samples of your writing if I didn't scare you off. Bonus points if you make me laugh in your message. First impressions make a difference.

I promise I really don't bite. My characters do.
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