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Fandom Dad-zawa- In search for Eri and Hitoshi

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The son of Hades demands respect and a Happy Meal
Heyo all, as many RP partners of mine know I'm in a really big in to the slice of life RPs as of right now and my favorite is Dad-zawa. I usually do Aizawa and Eri... But I figured it could be fun to add a sibling dynamic to the plot. I've done some research, not a huge amount, on Hitoshi. Apparently his parents aren't ever shown in the anime and I don't think it's the manga, and that's why people like him and Aizawa for the Dad-zawa. If any of this isn't true please let me know. I like Eri for it since Aizawa since he can deactivate her quirk of need be and it feels like a opposite attacks sort of thing.
So for Hitoshi since I don't really know his backstory, here something I came up with.. maybe he's a orphan and he got accepted into school through some sort of scholarship. For the RP Aizawa would already have been adopted when Eri comes into the picture.

Now fore Eri... We would deal with things like her social skills, schooling normal slice of life things. Then (for both of them) we would do more of the anime stuff like her quirk training and what not. But then for Eri maybe more serious things like night terrors of her lending back with overhaul, and maybe her struggling with Aizawa being a hero and having the possibility of death when he goes out to do hero duties.

I can play either Aizawa or Eri, don't quite know Hitoshi enough to do that role. So if someone wants to play Aizawa that's fine too. If you're interested please PM me.

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