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Hope's Peak High is recognized as the most prestigious school in Japan. Those who are chosen to attend are the elite of the elite in their expertise, and nothing less. Those who strive for perfection strive for Hope's Peak as their life's goal, and that is a known fact. However, there has always been a mystery surrounding the school: nobody sees how it operates on the inside, besides those lucky few who are chosen to enter its doors. When a number of students are chosen each semester, they are all closed off from the rest of society for their days in the academy: that is the sacrifice they surface. And in the end, many give up their freedom to attend the academy and hone their skills. To be proven 'better'.

Everyone expected to give up their sovereignty. What they didn't expect, was to give up their lives.

I. Follow RPN's
Community Guidelines. This one should be pretty straightforward, but always follow RPN's rules and regulations. This should be applied in any situation.

II. Don't be a dick. You should respect your fellow players, always. In character, aggressive interactions are a completely different story, but when it comes to actual interplays between your roleplay mates, do not demean them for any reason.

III. Discord is recommended, but not required. This isn't really a rule, so much as it is a general counsel. We will most likely be using Discord for things such as Class Trials, seeing as those are integral parts of Danganronpa and are a bit hard to carry out in a roleplay. However, it is completely understandable if you don't have Discord, as information discussed within the Discord will most likely be provided within the roleplay itself.

IV. It is advised you make two characters. Seeing as this is a roleplay based on Danganronpa, there is a good chance your character will be killed off. For that reason, it is suggested you create two characters for roleplay's sake, but if somebody cannot handle more than one character, I completely understand. You can also make a second character after your original player is killed off.

V. Please be active. This is most likely going to be a long-term roleplay, as the game it is based on has a relatively complicated and long-lasting plot. So, it is implored that you are active. If you are to leave for any reason, please inform me.

VI. This roleplay deals with mature subject matter. I am relatively young myself, so I am not going to say you have to be 18+ to join this roleplay. However, this roleplay will go over relatively sensitive subject matter, specifically murder and violence. If that type of content squicks you, it is highly advised you do not follow this roleplay.

VII. This roleplay requires at least semi-literate skills. Replies don't have to be ridiculously long, but I ask for no one-liners and at least semi-literate writing ability. This means a limited amount of grammatical or literary detractors. I'm not saying you have to be a novelist, I am just asking for something that constitutes a moderate reply.

VIII. There is no character limit. Despite the fact Danganronpa usually constitutes only fifteen students, this roleplay will not have a student limit for its own sake. This means as many people can join as they want, and they can make as many characters as they want.

IX. Have fun. If you do decide to show interest in this roleplay, I thank you greatly, and I hope you will have fun when it gets on its feet.

If there are any questions or concerns to be addressed, please leave them below and I will answer them to the best of my ability!


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