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D&D5e Isekai: The Nation of Hecate [Closed]

Dice System
D&D 5e


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra

Did you die? Or were you perhaps whisked away in the middle of your everyday life, light engulfing you after a strange glowing patterns appeared on the ground beneath you in a vaguely circular shape (you know what I’m talking about)? Well, I suppose the difference may be more technical than anything- Either way, your chances of returning home for dinner have been substantially reduced.

unnamed (2).jpg A goddess presents herself before you, proclaiming herself , and announces those of you who perished will be given a second chance at life in a world of fantasy, reincarnated. Others instead will instead be given a chance to be summoned into that same world, but should they refuse they will be returned to their previous lives as though nothing ever happened. For those who accept either offer, however, they will also receive a task as recompense for this gift: They shall build together a kingdom with which to, if not promote her worship, then at the very least provide refuge for those of her followers who are persecuted in other countries. Naturally, building a nation from nothing is no easy feat, but she will grant the brave souls to take her up on her offer the following benefits so long as they stay on task:

1.They will be able to access the world’s system of jobs, levels and the like through a “menu” of sorts.
2. Your lives, at the very least, will be guaranteed. If one dies and is not revived by other means within a day, they will be returned to life at the place of their summoning / reincarnation
3. Each participant shall receive a relative boost in power relative to the average native inhabitant, as well as an individual gift chosen by the goddess.

Now go on and make your choice. Will you join the efforts of establishing a new nation in a world of fantasy?

OOC Info

Hello everyone! So, a little more info more on the OOC side now. To summarize, this will be, as the title suggests, a relatively light-hearted isekai D&D 5e game focused around the characters working together to establish a nation of their own. That said, there will be a few changes to the way a regular game of 5e would work, specifically there will no DM per say. Every player will have DM powers to an extent, allowing them to add stuff to the setting and making subplots themselves. That said, I will be taking the majority of the responsibility to do so myself. Many decisions will also be done as a group via a vote, namely what to allow or rule in some circumstances, such as to determine whether we will use Tasha's custom lineage rules for races. My own vote will be as weighted as anyone's except in case of a tie.

I will leave here in a spoiler a little more info regarding how we will do some things, though of course, feel free to ask anything you'd like!

-What will be allowed: Any official content, plus UA, and homebrew will be decided based on group approval. I reserve the right to veto homebrew classes (not subclasses) though. Reflavoring, especially to make it more anime-themed is both allowed and encouraged! (oh, and both feats and multiclassing are also in).

-Players will start at level 4 and there will be slightly modified rules for point buy and rolling for stats.

-The group will be relatively small, consisting of 4-5 people myself, Xcelgamer Xcelgamer and Juju Juju included.

-Post requirements will be one post per week, 400 words, or during times where initiative is called for 200 words every 5 days.

-There will be a discord OOC. Any rolling will be done in this OOC and not accepted if done anywhere else.


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