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D&D e5 Intro ( closed atm )

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D&D 5e


If you'r looking for crazy look no further.
Good day all!!

D&D 5e is getting more and more popular at the moment. However... many people don't wanna join a group of people they don't know... and no one can blame them :/ jumping into a group of random new people where you have no idea how high the creep factor might lie is no easy feat.
And then there is the fact that the rule book of D&D looks like you might need to take a week of vacation just to read the damn thing.

So many people that might find it interesting to play a game filled with adventure, dragons, and mostly heroic madness, lose the will to live... I mean to learn.

So, I'm looking for those people :) and to play some 1 on 1 d&d with them. I'll be providing a nice story to get to know the basic work of d&d, and guiding you through all the motherfucking rules without it becoming a study for rocket science.

And to try and keep everyone in their concert zone I can do this over PM's, or discord. Completely up to you if you wanna voice chat or type.

So I hope I might see some people that are interested, if not... I wish you a good day and good luck with whatever you are looking for!

PS: I have around 7 years of DM and RP experience ^^
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Luna's Concubine
I hesitate to voice any interest in this, because every other DnD game I've gotten into has fizzled in one way or another. But I would certainly be willing to give it a shot if you are. Anything I would need to know about the game or stat determination that I would need to know before pondering a character?
I've always found D&D interesting tho I never had anyone to play with. I would love to learn how to play! Btw I'm not only new to D&D but also to this website. So please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.


tentatively interested - i keep ducking in and out of trying tabletop stuff but, hey, i'm not doing anything here atm

by 1x1, do you mean you're doing like a session 0 type game with one other person - how long do you expect the campaign to be, and how many players would it include?


Hi there, I've always wanted to get into D&D, but for one reason or another just haven't been able to stick in with the right group. I've some idea of how everything works, but you should still consider me to be very much a noob. So yeah, If you'll have me I'd be happy to join in.

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