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D&D 5e City of Shaldra~Zin


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Rays of Sunshine
@Umber while I appreciate your defence, I was talking about my decision to be a half-orc bard lol
Oh! Right, was wondering why you didn't answer that, course you did answer it and I just misinterpreted what you said. I appreciate you stating that you appreciate my defence.

May I ask where the Dwarven princess who stole the half-orc bard's heart is?

Oh and I think you may have missed @Cyan_ 's post:
[Insight: 14] Cade's face pulls into a frown, upset by the theft, but allows Brazensong to guide him. "The boom," he says quietly. He squints, the sound of screaming piercing his ears. "We should go help them," he says immediately (although his words are still coming out delayed). He gulps down a piece of orange, suddenly realizing how hungry he is...


Rays of Sunshine
People re-read my post for It has been edited with major edit-tations! Because!.. well you will find out in Grim's post. (The Pirate mafia abducts him.)

This is an implicit spoiler (for Grim's post) don't hover over it! or else...
I find it kinda hilarious that the slight irrational fear I gave to Calvin, something that I added on a whim, turned out to be so prophetic.

This is a fairly interesting, and relevant to this setting, video that I have watched recently:

  • Is Calvin's familiar dead/hurt?
  • Was the unseen servant destroyed?
  • Should I of asked the above two questions via the RP?
  • How many hit points does Cal have?
  • How are familiars going to work? Are they going to dumb or are they going to be sorta their own sort of pseudo-character à la third edition?
  • Does this setting have a Hogwarts?
  • (This is a question to everyone so: @Grimsvald , @Cyan_ , @Omnivorish and, last but not least, @Greenstalker ) would you like me to write down some more background detail of Calvin's family that I recently came up with?
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Elder Member
As far as I know unseen servants cant take damage can only be unsummoned if you are knocked out. Which you were.

Your familiar is dead unless you put it back on yourself when you were thrown out of the temple.

This thread is better for ooc chat and questions.

Put yourself at half health.

If your familiar is just an animal like hunter companions or something found and befriended, they are dumb. If the familiar is given by god or patron like warlocks or paladin steeds, they are smart.

Magic is too abundant for a hogwarts. All schools would have those classes available.

I find background is best delivered between players through in character means. But that is up to each player.


Rays of Sunshine
  • Well they have 10 AC and 1 HP and doesn't require concentration to maintain so I'll have to disagree with you on it being unsummoned when he is knocked out by raw (ruling that it is destroyed when knocked out isn't unreasonable, the spell could require some sort of mental awareness to maintain itself that is not quiet concentration.). Though it would have been destroyed in the explosion, Calvin wouldn't think to order it to move away.
    Here's the quote from the spell's description: "It has AC 10, 1 hit point, and a Strength of 2, and it can't Attack. If it drops to 0 Hit Points, the spell ends."
  • Grobs remained on Calvin's head.
  • Rounded up or down? (Calvin has 9HP).
  • They familiar was summoned using the Find Familiar spell. So I guess it is smart? Though that doesn't square with the fact that the familiar gets the abysmally low int of the form it takes. The main reason I want an intelligent familiar is because I read a fanfic (Harry Potter and the Natural 20, the start is the weakest part of it) that has a familiar as a distinct character and I liked the dynamic between it and it's master.
  • Huh, that's a take on that trope I haven't seen before. It does make sense.


Elder Member
I was thinking of Faithful Hound rules.

If you didnt lose the frog during your tumble, its fine.

Round your hp up. You may need it.

Your family is smart enough to talk with. It might not win any awards or solve any puzzles, but feel free to have a chat with it.


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We decide where we go; we decide (mostly) where the plot's going. :P If there's no affirmation nor argument, Cade'll just pull us to the plot point no problem.


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The explosion was the temple at the north end of the city. If that is where you want to go. There are also safe places to go if you want to hide.


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I wanna check out what's going on in this temple.

And 'hide'? What do you take me for, some kind of rogue?
Yes :P
@Umber: I don't mind either way but Keaxusha himself would be interested in your characters family background because well it is a tabaxi thing. Now I wonder what it could be like playing a tabaxi bard storyteller. (never played a bard before and this is my second tabaxi first one was created for more of a fit to situation)

On familiars thing Find Familiar has this particular line: "When the familiar drops to 0 hit points, it disappears, leaving behind no physical form. It reappears after you cast this spell again." so it does not really die just 'poofs' for familiars intelligence there is also this line in the spell "the familiar has the statistics of the chosen form, though it is a celestial, fey, or fiend (your choice) instead of a beast. " in other words it is not any more intelligent than a normal representative of its species but some of them have really high wisdom which is something people often miss.

One thing I found strange is cat not having darkvision. I mean whoever stated cat obviously never owned or met a cat i suppose. They can clearly see in darkness better than some nocturnal hunters.
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Rays of Sunshine
@Grimsvald Sorry, I kinda burnt out and stopped going onto RPN.

Though I do have a question: how many suits of amour are attacking us and are both guardsmen incapacitated?

EDIT: Well crap. I just lost the post I had written.
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You started with 3 guards. One has been pulled into a building and possibly killed. Another has been attacked, but you are fighting them now. The 3rd guard has not been hit at all. The last guard is still shielding you from debris.

1 armor is attacking you.


Rays of Sunshine

You started with 3 guards. One has been pulled into a building and possibly killed. Another has been attacked, but you are fighting them now. The 3rd guard has not been hit at all. The last guard is still shielding you from debris.

1 armor is attacking you.
Ahh, there are three guards. I thought there were two.

The number 19 is cropping up a lot. It's kinda getting spoopy.

@Cyan_ Here a mention in case you missed the recent posts.


Rays of Sunshine
Should we post again?
Also is Calvin's familar within 30 feet of the amour?
Is Calvin himself within 30 feat of the amour?

P.S. I messed up and thought Cal's spell saving dc was 14 instead of 12. I've corrected it now.
Go ahead and post again. I want to keep things moving.
Your familiar is within 30 of the first armor to attack the group. You are within 30 of the one attacking now

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