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Dead Writer
Salutations! Welcome to my little space on RPN - been awhile since I have been here, but I am back and ready to rp once again.

Looking for two rp partners - [2/2]

I am looking for a partner that can deliver quality, quantity isn't a concern for me, solid paragraph or two is good enough for me!
I am 25 - working fulltime, so I ask for patience and especially with the ongoing crises, I have been busier as of late.
However, you can expect a response every 1-3 days, depending on the margin.
Contribution! I'd like for my rp partners to contribute to what we are doing, evenly with us both moving forward to create a bigger picture.
Fluff or complex? You know what, either is good with me— sometimes we all just wanna rp fluff, platonic or slice-of-life.
I am here for both, as well as the gritty dramatic angst and emotional rollercoaster ride.

I am preferring my partners to be somewhere 18+ if you're wanting more mature themes [violence, horror, etc]
Discord, google docs, RPN, are all platforms I am willing to work with.
Anything else is a hard pass, [however, some sites are necessary and I'd be looking to expand outside of what I use - don't carry the expectation that I will]
ROMANCE - LGBTQA+ friendly here, I don't have a problem with what gender I play or romance coming into the equation.
I like romance and platonic friendships/dynamics are just as valid, enjoyable to play.
I would prefer to build a romance on development, of some sort, a foundation to work from.

My interest and motivation severely diminish in the face of a one-liner, more so that my imagination struggles to fill in the voids.
I am looking for partners, who can handle a bit more in the writing department.
Communication! If you're intending on disappearing for a week, heads up, you know dude? I don't mind waiting a week, either, or if you're no longer interested - don't leave me hanging on a response. We aren't obligated to remain as rp partners, or chatting ones, a little politeness is all.

Favourite genres;
Fantasy / Medieval / Dark Gothic Fantasy
Dystopian + Cyberpunk,
Soulmates [romance + drama],
Sci-fi elements, I love working with this one!
Violence [fine with me to a degree, if necessary for the plot],
Schools or Academies,
Forbidden Romance [Princess/Knights, etc, hunter/demon - that type of juicy angst]

The Originals,
The Dragon Prince,
Letter to the King,
Black Bulter,
Tower of God,
Walking Dead,
Vampire Wars,
Black Sails,

Please note, that these fandoms, worlds I'd love to use and build with original characters; I don't like playing
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Vertighost v.2

Jack of Some, Master of None
Hey! I'm interested in the genres moreso than the Fandoms. Do you have starters or would you like to hear about some of mine?

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