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Fantasy Cyberpunk Fantasy Pirates (open)

What should we call it?

  • Cyber-Pirates

  • Fantasy Pirates: Cyberpunk

  • Pirates of the Abyss

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Magical


Roleplay fanatic
Fantasy pirates (from a few years back) is returning to the site, but a little different. This time with more science fiction added in and all new characters. Its kinda cyberpunk.

the world of earth is gone.

Humans are near extinct.

creatures of fantasy are real and have moved to other planets.

there are different types of pirates
Different types of pirates:

Scrappers: kill others and take their body modifications to barter as whole items to other people.

Scavengers: take old broken down ships and sell/modify the parts for a higher value.

Looters: tend to leave the other ship’s crew alive while taking vital supplies.

Militias: bounty hunters that are sent after people by planetary governments in order to bring a form of justice. They may prefer to bring back the person, either dead or alive depending on the mission at hand.

Hostiles: tend to take in entire ships and use the crews electronics and flesh for their own use. They try to make use of everything and auction off the remains.

Friendlies: wonderers that can make their own supplies and don’t necessarily need to trade. They act friendly, yet cautious around other ships. They have no intent to harm or help others.

Marketeers: they are mostly friendly and only want to trade goods with others. They aren’t big on confrontation and prefer to stay amongst themselves, but dont mind occasionally trading with the other types. They may offer other services than just trading.

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