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Fandom Cyberpunk 2077 █ Canon x OC █


The Almighty Panda Eyes
Hi! I got hit with the recent hype and have picked up Cyberpunk again. Once again, my interest in writing for it has reignited v-v


So, right off the bat, I'm into Canon x OC pairings and doubling. Happy to write whatever you want for your end, but this tends to be my preference for me.
On that note, I also prefer MxF for myself as well -- again, willing to write anything for you, so no worries about me not doing FxF or MxM<3

I tend to be very wordy, but can't give any concrete numbers. Think multi-paragraph, sometimes reaching novella length if I'm feeling particularly awesome that day.
I ask for a decent grasp on the English language, but we're not writing essays for grades; we're here for fun :D

No real limits for myself, but tell me yours! I don't wanna make you uncomfortable.
I've got ADHD. My mind is all over the place, and sometimes I forget to check this site. Frankly, Discord may be better to keep in contact with me -- I'm happy to give this at request!


I don't quite have too many plots, but I do have a few vague ideas bouncing around in my head. I'd love to throw them around or hear anything you've got! The biggest one so far is taking it more towards it's TTRPG roots and develop a ~party~ of sorts. Whether or not they'll follow main plot or do something else, that's up to us!

Character-wise, I've had experience writing for Johnny Silverhand and Viktor Vektor - I'm more than willing to try my hand at anyone, though! Just throw your interests my way, and I'll do my best to portray them well o7 For myself, I'd ask that you write for Takemura. That weird bug Cyberpunk had that didn't let him be an option in the game - really weird. Hope they fix that soon \o/

Love to hear from you <3


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